Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 208
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 208
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Fourth Young Master Tang burst into laughter. “The other day, Lin asked me when the three of us should gather so that you could show us your darling son. Since you’re in City A, it isn’t too far and meeting up a few times a year is definitely possible. How boring.”

When it was leaked that Third Young Master Ye had a son who was seven years old, Fourth Young Master Tang almost fell out of his chair out of shock. He had originally thought that it was Third Young Master Ye’s karma due to his philandering ways. Nobody expected a campy love story and the photo that Third Young Master Ye himself released to the media. Fourth Young Master Tang finally believed that all things were indeed possible.

He sure hid information about his child and wife very well to the point nothing could be found out about them. Hats off to Third Young Master Ye for keeping this information secret.

“We’ll see again!” Third Young Master Ye laughed as he scrolled the mouse wheel whilst looking up Ye Wei. She had a stellar record despite acting relatively infrequently. Once she acted, some famous person would fall.

“Ye Wei…” Third Young Master Ye pondered upon the name with mixed feelings. Where was his Ye Wei?

“You’d better stay careful this while. Nobody can escape from this woman if she wants your life. Don’t look down on her!” Fourth Young Master Tang warned in a deep tone. “Once Black Eagle and company received the news, they were already en route to City A, ETA two days. We’ll draw up more detailed protection plans after they reach!”

“I know. I’m afraid nobody would dare to look down on her. If it was just Ye Wei alone, it was perhaps not that bad. Things became a lot tackier with Eleven’s involvement!” Third Young Master Ye nodded.

Third Young Master Ye admitted that he was always arrogant and proud as he had seen plenty in the past ten-over years. Having braved violence and turmoil in his youth, he was never afraid of death.

Fear did not exist in his lexicon.

But arrogance was still arrogance, and pride was still pride. He never flaunted his superiority when he shouldn’t!

With Ye Wei out for his life, the Dragon Gate would have to be mobilized to protect him. How could he alone avoid getting killed!

“Who would have such wealth to pull this off?” Fourth Young Master Tang bit his lip and had a eureka moment. “Could it be Louis?”

“Unlikely!” Third Young Master Ye said plainly. If Louis wanted to off him, he did not need to endure such hassle as he had a bag of tricks. Given Louis’ attitude, the odds of Louis offing him was not high.

“Let me run another detailed check!” Fourth Young Master Tang said deeply. He could not sit on the fence and leave his good friend in the lurch. “Ye Wei is currently in the Bahamas. I’ll keep tabs on her movements and let you know when she is in City A!”

“Okay, transfer the money tomorrow!”

“I know!” Fourth Young Master Tang said. He turned to suggest. “Yang Zekun is backed by Louis, and the capital that Lin and I are providing you will last you a while. If you are looking to out-endure the competition, you will need to find a bank willing to finance you. The two of us are only able to offer you some spare capital that is, compared to what Louis can offer, utterly inadequate. If you can’t find a bank that is willing to finance you, Lin and I can transfer some capital to you under our own names.”

“Thanks in advance. I’ll think of a way out, and hopefully, we won’t have to get to that stage!” Third Young Master Ye replied deeply. He understood the implications better than anybody else but would not believe that all the banks would deny him a loan. If worse came to worst, he would contact foreign banks!

After he ended the call, Third Young Master Ye massaged how eyebrows. He was slightly tired!

In the secretariat, Cheng Anya picked up Klose’s call. As she thought of transferring the call to Third Young Master Ye, she heard Klose’s perverted laughter. “Hi, Little Anya! Big brother is looking for you!”

Cheng Anya trembled as she was busy to the point she did not have the time to play sister to this perverted brother. When she recalled the absolutely miserable year she had when she was his secretary, Cheng Anya felt a deep sense of liberation.

“Mister Klose, it’s office hours!”

“I know! I am looking for you regarding official matters!” Klose laughed unintentionally. “Little Anya, are you interested in returning and becoming big brother’s secretary when MBS collapses? Double the salary and good perks. Do you want to consider it?”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence. Mister Klose was kicking MBS when it was down and trying to possess MBS’ possessions. That was his ‘official matters’?

She should not have held such high hopes toward him!

“MBS International will not collapse!” Cheng Anya said decisively. She believed that Third Young Master Ye would endure through the trying times. With a son to count on lest he fell, who should MBS International be afraid of?

“Oh, that is not a given. Rumors are rife that no banks could grant MBS a loan. While Third Young Master Ye may raise a substantial sum of capital due to his connections, how could he gather the capital to fight Yang Zekun when Yao Hua and the Yun Enterprise are supported by a capital-rich Louis?

“Oh, you seem to remind me of something. Aren’t you extremely rich, Mister Klose? Why don’t you contribute a bit too?” Cheng Anya asked flatly with a slight mockery. He was a typical miser and ingrate who loved watching the world burn. However good one’s personal relationship with him was, they should not expect him to contribute during such a murky situation.

Hoping for Klose to contribute was outlandish.

“Big brother is recently very poor!” As Cheng Anya expected, she heard cries over the phone…

“Klose, if there is nothing else, I am hanging up! I am very busy!” Cheng Anya said plainly as he was wasting her time.

“Wait up! Although I am poor recently, I have managed to get you in touch with a creditor. How’s that? Good enough of me?” Klose said smugly as he tried to win her over by doing something great.

Third Young Master Ye and Miss Cheng should kowtow to him!

“Is it real? Who?” Cheng Anya was excited.

To be able to find a bank that was willing to finance MBS in such dire straits was undoubtedly good news for MBS.

“Remember that Frenchman?” Klose asked. “He is in City A now, and I am on good terms with him. I spoke to him about it last night, and he said he would consider it. He is only hanging around in City A for three days, so act quickly!”

“Why don’t you tell Third Young Master Ye yourself?”

“I am not afraid of him asking for money, and damn it, he doesn’t know how to be polite and will skin me. Be a good girl and tell him, okay? Am I good enough?”

Klose was the least guilty and felt he had done something great.

Cheng Anya broke into laughter. To ask her to play telephone to Third Young Master Ye for fear of him asking for money was a… cute reason!


However, one must say that he was indeed nice enough. Such was his character that one could not hope for him to contribute a single cent of money. To be able to help them get in touch with a bank was already very good.

It was much better than others who simply stepped away!

The saying ‘it takes adversity to know who your true friends are’ rings true. Regardless, Klose was indeed perverted and a miser.



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