Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 209 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 209 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Harry was the CEO of French financing bank which immense capital ranked it the third-largest financing bank in the world. It was also France’s largest financing bank.

When Cheng Anya was working for Klose in London, he had received Mister Harry before. He was a romantic and calm middle-aged gentleman. When he was working on a proposal with Klose, Cheng Anya brought him around each landmark in London for an entire week.

Harry was full of praise for her performance. Hence, she was not inconvenienced whenever she called Harry. She briefly introduced MBS’ current situation to him and sent him a brief on the report as well.

Cheng Anya analyzed MBS’ current situation in the most objective manner and Harry agreed to discuss details. During the discussion, he was 80% willing to collaborate with MBS. That left Cheng Anya extremely happy.

After asking for Third Young Master Ye’s opinion, Cheng Anya called Harry a second time.

Both parties were to meet at the Greenray Golf Course!

“Have you collaborated with Harry before?” Cheng Anya asked Third Young Master Ye.

Third Young Master Ye shook his head and curled his lips. This was his first time meeting Harry. “Klose has met him in person, so theoretically, all should be okay!”

As he checked out Harry’s background, he asked Cheng Anya about this French gentleman’s preferences and peeves.

Cheng Anya told him everything, and how she had an extremely good impression of Harry. Harry was not only romantic but also a calm and magnanimous gentleman.

“Klose, that miser!” Third Young Master Ye laughed as he flipped the information in his hands. He wondered if Klose had exaggerated to the point he did not dare to call him at all.

Cheng Anya silently watched on. Maybe he had scared him stiff! Wow!

Third Young Master Ye finished reading the information he gathered on Harry and lifted his hands from the table. As the workday was about to end, he stood up and said, “Let’s get ready. We’ll go for lunch before heading to Greenray!”

Cheng Anya nodded and prepared a few documents before following Third Young Master Ye. Liu Xiaotian smiled at her and applauded her for being able to get away from Third Young Master Ye’s coldness. Cheng Anya shook her head and laughed gently!

Both of them settled on a French restaurant near the Greenray Golf Course!

Cheng Anya secretly wondered to herself. Even if they were on business matters as superior and subordinate, she and Third Young Master Ye rarely had their meals outside. Could he have suddenly learned what dating meant?

A working date?

Or was he provoked by Louis?

Cheng Anya immediately killed all her earlier assumptions as Third Young Master Ye looked terrible. He was cold, solemn, and serious. Cheng Anya had a bad feeling about that.

What was with him?

“Third Young Master Ye, the old folks used to say that being able to eat is a blessing. Since it’s a blessing, it’s something you should treasure. You have been staring at this foie gras for five minutes. Are you studying the DNA or the atoms in the foie gras?” Cheng Anya asked with a smile. He was oddly quiet today. Had it been usual times, he would have jabbed back with a sentence or two. For him to be suddenly out of character, something must have happened.

Given his character, it was definitely not related to the commercial war with Yao Hua.

Third Young Master Ye looked up at Cheng Anya who was sitting opposite him. His heart violently struggled with how he should break the fact that he was about to be assassinated—albeit not typically—to her.

And the most vicious, swiftest female assassins in the world were out for him!

He did not know how Ye Wei would strike. Had this been some time ago, Third Young Master Ye would not have cared. It was game on for whoever who wanted his life!

However, he had Cheng Anya and Ning Ning by his side today!

He had to consider Cheng Anya and Ning Ning’s safety. Since he was virtually together with Cheng Anya daily from workplace to home, what would he do should she be wounded by bullets meant for him?

What could he do so that the mother and son would not be injured?

This thought preoccupied him ever since he knew Ye Wei was out to get him. Despite his mental struggle along the way, he could not reach a conclusion.

Once a person has a weakness, they must guard against this weakness lest somebody gets a hold on it. Besides, this was his fatal weakness!

“I…” Third Young Master Ye wanted to speak but stopped. He looked at Cheng Anya deeply. How was he going to break it to her? To a regular person, it was such a violent yet distant affair. “Anya, have you regretted ever since you know me?” He suddenly asked as he wiped a shred of pain from his cold gaze.

Cheng Anya was taken aback. She knew that Third Young Master Ye had something to say, and he would not have cared about showing such obvious weakness. Third Young Master Ye, in her heart, was a proud, arrogant, and domineering person whose shoulders could bear the weight of tenderness. Why was such a tough man showing such unease?

“What happened?”

“You answer me first!” Third Young Master Ye insisted.

“What kind of silly question are you asking? If I had regretted, I would have long brought my son to London and not stayed with you, no?” Cheng Anya smiled as she looked gently and firmly at him. She replied decisively.

She had never regretted knowing Third Young Master Ye!

He was the first man she loved, and he gave her a dream of love and taught her how to love another person. She was so blessed to be able to encounter him!

If not, Cheng Anya, in her whole life, would not have known what trepidation was and what love was.

“What a silly girl!” Third Young Master Ye said lovingly and suddenly smiled. It was indeed a silly question for a silly girl like her. How could he not love her?

Cheng Anya blushed and wondered why Third Young Master Ye became so sentimental so suddenly. They were of opposite characters, and she was still used to the mentally unsound and lovingly detestable Third Young Master Ye!

“Why did you ask that?”

“Both of you mother and son have led uneventful lives. That has changed ever since you know me. The humiliation, accidents, assassinations, massive python… Ning Ning and you almost lost your lives. Had you not known me, none of these would have happened!” Third Young Master Ye said plainly and calmly, “I seem to bring bad news to the people around you. My mother, my sister… One died because of me, and another drifted away because of me… If Ning Ning and you…” He struggled to hide the sadness in his gaze.

“Wait!” Cheng Anya interrupted his sad tone and squinted. She never knew that Third Young Master Ye had such a darkened heart despite what seemed bright and beautiful these years. Nobody could tell the blame or regrets he took upon himself, let alone the pain.

For such a strong person to have these matters of the heart… It really hurt… really ached Cheng Anya’s heart!

She could not bear to listen to it anymore!

“Didn’t you mistake something?” Cheng Anya asked quietly. “How could you blame yourself for all that has happened? While I have no right to comment on what happened to your mother and sister, whatever that befell Ning Ning and I was the result of hatred and envy from others. How are their hatred and envy related to you?”

Third Young Master Ye’s gaze calmed whilst Cheng Anya’s gaze focused. “Ye Chen, Ning Ning and I aren’t your mother and sister!”

We. Will. Not. Leave. You.!




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