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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 213
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Back home, Cheng Anya went upstairs to change. She felt awkward in that old woman outfit. Third Young Master Ye squeezed into the kitchen and poked Ning Ning’s small shoulder. “What happened?”

“Louis snatched one batch of our goods!” Ning Ning laughed coldly. His childish looks turned sinister and evil. “I personally bombed twenty tons of arms, Daddy. Say, what kind of concept is this?”

“What in the world?” Third Young Master Ye frowned. Twenty tons of arms? It’s enough to destroy a small country. Why did he not hear about this if it had happened in City A?

“But the Middle East region wasn’t very peaceful recently and they needed arms urgently. Mexico wanted a batch of arms, including rifles, explosives, bullets, and new machine guns. Twenty tons of them. They were supposed to be processed in the factories in the Middle East originally, but there wasn’t enough time to finish processing them because they were working on another batch. Hence, we could only let the arms factory in City A to produce them. It was planned for them to export the arms out by midnight and the person in charge had already loaded the truck at the port. However, the person in charge from Mexico did not turn up at all. Chu Li received inside news that the transaction had failed. The international police were waiting in City A, so it was too late to export the arms out again. I had no choice but to bomb them!”

“Was it Louis?” Third Young Master Ye frowned. ‘This guy really has guts. He dared to go against Chu Li? As if offending Jason wasn’t enough, he went on to offend Chu Li. Is he sick of living?’

Or was his power already strong enough for him not to fear them?

Ning Ning nodded. “The Italian mafia has an arms factory in Mexico. He desperately needed funds recently and snatched our goods!”

“How daring!” Third Young Master Ye sneered. He knew that Louis still had a limited amount of funds no matter how rich he was. The funds of MBS, Fourth Young Master Tang, Lin Yi, and Klose added up were not a small amount of money. How else could he have gotten his money? From the profits of the arms market!

As they all knew, that was the most profitable industry.

However, he had provoked someone he shouldn’t have provoked. How stupid!

Although the big three terrorists were in control of most of the arms market, there had always been people trying to replace them as this industry was very profitable. There were many arms dealers in the Middle East, Italy, and the whole of America.

Before Jason, Black J, and Chu Li had taken over the control of the arms market, the world’s largest arms dealer was either Britain or American. Russia had the greatest power distributed around the whole world. It had lost in the power struggle in the arms market a few years back and there were other people who wanted to make a comeback.

The relationships between arms dealers, the people involved in the political business, and the international mafia were all inextricably linked!

Louis was also an arms smuggler who provided weapons for some countries in the Middle East before and their relationship was good. This time around, they got played and Chu Li regarded himself as unlucky. He would definitely give him a taste of his own medicine!

Unless Louis could find a perfect excuse or compensate Chu Li with the same amount of profits, a war between the Italian mafia and terrorists would have to start again!

Fortunately, Ning Ning had designed the newest advanced blast system and had installed them during every arms transaction without anyone knowing. If anything happened, he would just blast the arms off, clearing the evidence and they would be fine.

If not, it would burden seven to eight large enterprises in City A!

Jason, Chu Li, and Black J had a few multinational companies under them so as to ease the transport of arms. They were all specially managed, especially the air and sea transportation. This was because the air and sea transportations were the main modes of transportation of the arms.

Such a large transaction involved many enterprises in City A. If the international police got hold of evidence, then Chu Li’s power in City A would be diminished!

“What about the loss?” Third Young Master Ye asked. He did not know what else to feel other than being impressed by Louis’ guts.

To be honest, Jason, Black J, and Chu Li were only in control of the arms market for a few years and their foundation was still not really solid. This happened often as there were a lot of people in Mexico and the whole Middle East waiting to replace them.

Even the first few arms dealers would face this kind of situation. Because this was due to the collaboration between the Mexican officials and Louis, one couldn’t possibly settle accounts with the Mexican government, right?

Moreover, killing one after another would not solve the problem at all.

Then, they would have to start from the Italian mafia!

However, if Mexico had a deal with Jason in the future, they were going to be at a disadvantage in terms of price. This would be the sacrifice they had to make if they made the wrong decision.

“Terrorist and the mafia having a contest with each other would definitely be chaotic and the international anti-terrorist organization must take action. Because of Sir, we had some considerations. A big war is going to start after all. If Sir is fired, we’ll be in great trouble too! So…” Ning Ning smiled coldly. “What a money face. Don’t you know who the money belongs to?”

“What do you want?” Third Young Master Ye looked at his son’s black-bellied expression and had a bad feeling about it.

Ning Ning’s eyes narrowed into the shape of a moon. “Transfer the money tonight. Louis won’t get a yuan at all!”

Third Young Master Ye kept quiet. Based on his son’s abilities, editing the bank data and transferring all the money to Chu Li’s account during the transaction was a piece of cake for him. It was equivalent to selling the batch of arms that had been destroyed!

Louis not only wasted his time and efforts, but he lost a big sum of money too!

It was really convenient to have a computing genius in the house. His son could do almost everything. How scary!

What else could he not solve?

“Baby, honestly, are you secretly helping me?” Third Young Master Ye puckered his lips and asked. His eyes narrowed and he probed him with his gaze.

Ning Ning pouted and showed an elegant smile. “Daddy, do you need my help?”


Daddy was so determined to save face. Ning Ning smiled calmly. “That’s right. You haven’t asked me for help yet, so how could I show off? Louis has really provoked us this time!”

It was all pure coincidence!

Humph, did he really need to put in so much effort just to help him?

Third Young Master Ye knew that the young kid would not lie to him and said with a serious tone, “I don’t allow you to intervene in my matters, understand?”

“Then, in exchange, you can’t intervene in mine too!”

Third Young Master Ye narrowed his eyes and hesitated for a while. “Deal!”

Ning Ning smiled sweetly and handed him the radish. “May we have pleasant cooperation, Daddy!”

Third Young Master Ye knocked his little head and looked at his watch. “What time do I transfer the funds?”

“Two hours more!” Ning Ning laughed and said. “I’ve already set up my computer and it will notify me if there’s any movement!”

His daddy did not allow him to help, but he had wanted to teach Louis a lesson since long ago. Coincidentally, he provoked the wrong person. Acting wildly in his turf? Louis was really seeking for his own death!

“Consider him unlucky!” Third Young Master Ye said and shrugged his shoulders. However, Louis would find different ways to get the money even if this sum of money was gone. What Ning Ning did would just destroy his confidence and pride!

‘Don’t think that he could do anything he wants as an Italian mafia godfather!’

‘There are plenty of people out there better than him!’

‘Damn it, City A is so chaotic recently. Have they forgotten the Chinese idiom which says that one would suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy?’

‘So much for complimenting himself for being knowledgeable about Chinese culture.’

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