Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 215
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 215
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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That night, Louis, who was staying at GK five-star hotel’s president suite, received news about the bank transaction. He immediately logged on to his bank account to transfer the money to Yao Hua. However, who knows, the system told him that he had insufficient funds.

He then checked and realized the amount of money in his bank account hadn’t changed at all. He was very confused as he had received the email!

After reconfirming the news, Louis noticed that something was amiss. He immediately called one of the high ranked managers of Swiss Bank and asked him to check the sums. After a while, the manager told him that there were no funds transferred that day.

Louis felt weird and shocked. He knew something wasn’t right. The email wasn’t sent out by the bank either.

There was no such thing!

The relationship between Louis and that manager was apparently very good. Swiss Bank had always deemed privacy protection as important but the manager was willing to break the rules and told him about the transaction. There was indeed a sum of money transferred out from the Mexican officials, but it was not transferred to his bank account.

It was not a small sum of money and Louis suffered from a double loss. How could he not be angry?

He even thought that it was the government officials playing tricks with him. He was furious!

“Mister Louis, I swear the money had been transferred to your bank account. I’ll send you the receipt!” The manager from Mexico spoke ineloquently in English with a strong Mexican accent and a trembling voice. A Swiss Bank receipt was issued to Louis and the manager checked the transaction of the day as well.

The bank account that the money was transferred to was indeed not Louis’. However, according to the person in charge of the transactions that day, the records did not match the information that he had received!

After confirming with three parties, Louis finally realized that someone had tampered with the data and robbed the money!

He immediately reported this case to the police!

This alarmed all the high ranking officials of the Swiss Bank. The last time they had someone hacked into the Swiss Bank system successfully was decades ago and the hacker had been discovered even before he could do anything, after which he gave up and left. But this time, the hacker had successfully tampered with the data without anyone noticing. The high ranking officials of the entire UBS started to panic and immediately carried out a thorough check of the transaction records of that day. Because Ning Ning had divided the money and put them into several accounts, they took a longer time to collect and collate the data.

When they found out, Chu Li had already transferred the money out. It was impossible for them to track the whereabouts of the money.

Louis was furious and wished he could tear Chu Li into pieces. His jade green eyes revealed a fierce gaze like a strong wild wolf emitting a bloodthirsty and strong aura.

The international terrorists simply did not put him in their eyes. In the past, he still had some considerations, but this time, he wouldn’t!

He had enough capital to fight with them. If not, he wouldn’t have dared to rob Chu Li’s goods so openly. In the diamond smuggling market, Chu Li had occupied a large share. He had earned many profits just from smuggling diamonds since a few years back and he just had to snatch all his customers. Louis held grudges as he had conflicts with Jason even before this. Chu Li, Jason, and Black J were in the same terrorist organization and he did not like that.

Louis called the headquarters and demanded them to dispatch troops to bomb both the arms and diamond factory in Italy, owned by Jason, Black J, and Chu Li.

His competent assistants looked at each other. ‘The terrorists finally declared war officially?’

Although they were confused, nobody dared to question his orders. They had all witnessed how cruel the man was during the power change ceremony.

Moreover, those heartless and cold men were characters who had experienced many life and deaths. The only thing that could fire them up was… a war!

Actually, there was always an unspeakable war going on between the international mafia, international drug dealers, the arms dealers, and the diamond smugglers. It’s like how the drug dealers could be involved with the arms, the mafia would need the help of the arms dealers and diamond smugglers to earn their profits. Although they do help each other, they were still competing with each other in secret. The fight was bloody and cruel as they would start bombarding each other once any conflict sparkled.

This was the real, bloody, and cruel world.

It was also the world that was the farthest from the civilians.

In that world, only killings, wars, smokes, and desires existed.

Everyone wanted to be the king of the dark world.

Midnight, in the chatroom!

‘Perverts Gathering’

Jason: Louis, this sicko, really bombarded our factories. F***! Chu Li, your prediction was on point!

Desire to see the world in chaos: Don’t you know how long I have been working with him? Bai Ye and I had always been in control of the diamond smugglings and Louis, this brat, dared to go against us with his antics. Know the enemy, know yourself, and in every battle one will be victorious. He could only pull this kind of tricks.

Genius doctor: Selfish and narrow-minded. No wonder he had to vent after being at a disadvantage.

Smiling angel: He deserves it. Who else is as despicable as him to be in cahoots with the Mexican government and reported us to the police? Retribution, this is his retribution! He had suffered huge losses this time!

Black J: He deserves it!

I am an anti-terrorist elite: Mexico and Swiss had borrowed all the computing geniuses in the FBI and swore that they would catch this thief that hacked into UBS!

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Dear Sir, how awful is the term ‘thief’. Be careful that I’ll block your account!

I am an anti-terrorist elite: F***, I am really… Ning Ning, why don’t you just let them destroy Louis at once? Why waste so much effort? If you were my son, I would certainly abandon him at the Sahara desert!

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: It’s fun!

I am an anti-terrorist elite: …

Genius doctor: Sir, you are so despicable. You not only got rid of Louis but also caused the internal conflict in the mafia. How convenient is it for you to take them down when the mafia is in a mess!

Clouds floating in the sky: True. Sir had been playing dumb in order to take advantage. I am loving you more! So black-bellied!

Everybody: …

Jason: Why are you online?

Clouds floating in the sky: Why can’t I be online?

Everybody: …

Black J: I want to give Louis a taste of his own medicine. Doesn’t he have a diamond processing factory in London? Why don’t we bombard it too!

Desire to see the world in chaos: Forget it. I’ll just vent by robbing this sum of money! The two factories had been abolished anyway!

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Then, we shall bombard the mafia headquarters!

Everybody: …You are good!

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: A piece of cake. I’m so sleepy. Sir, please inform me of any movement. I’ll get ready. I shall take a nap first!

Jason: Baby Ning Ning, Ye Wei would reach City A tomorrow morning. Can you fall asleep this early?

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Why can’t I fall asleep? That’s my daddy’s matter. That proud daddy of mine doesn’t like me interfering in his matters!

Everybody: …

Clouds floating in the sky: Baby, go to sleep. I’ll sing a song for you in the morning!

Ning Ning smiled, shut down his computer, and went to bed!

When Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya woke up for work, Ning Ning was still asleep. Cheng Anya had the urge to kick him out of bed as Ning Ning had done that to her heartlessly when she refused to get out of bed.

Third Young Master Ye then said that he heard Ning Ning typing at two o’clock in the morning and pushed Cheng Anya out of his room while closing the door.

“Ning Ning might get kicked out of school if he continues to skip school!” Cheng Anya muttered to herself during breakfast.

“I did not agree to let him go to that stupid primary school at first anyway!” Third Young Master Ye sneered and said. “Who dares to kick the son of the third young master out of school?”

It’s the school’s honor that he was enrolled in it!

The corners of Cheng Anya’s lips twitched and she kept quiet!

She suddenly remembered that Ye Wei had arrived in City A that day. Was she going to observe first then take action or take action straightaway? Although Third Young Master Ye and Ning Ning seemed to be fine, Cheng Anya was a little worried.

On the way to MBS, Cheng Anya asked, “Third Young Master Ye, Ye Wei would arrive in City A today, right?”

Third Young Master Ye lifted the corners of his lips. His delicate facial features were full of interest and his mood suddenly brightened up. “Miss Cheng, are you worried about me?”

“Don’t you think that I’m more worried about myself?” Cheng Anya smiled and replied. ‘He really blooms easily when given a little sunlight!’

“Right, if I am killed by her, you shall accompany me!” Third Young Master Ye smiled lightly. He enjoyed how Cheng Anya cared about him awkwardly with words that were not her true intentions. For the sake of her and their baby…

He wouldn’t die so easily!

What did they take him as? How could he be killed this easily!

“Dream on!” Cheng Anya laughed. “There have been three cars following us from the start. Your men?”

She had already noticed them from the rearview mirror of the car right from the start!

Third Young Master Ye nodded and looked at Cheng Anya. “You’re quite vigilant!”

“I was stalked by perverts often after work at night in the past when I lived in London!” Cheng Anya said coldly while being reminded of the fearful days. She was scared of them after that mainly because they had no money and it was the red-light district opposite the place where they lived. All sorts of people were gathered there.

Luckily, they had only stayed there for a year!

“Consider the perverts unlucky to have met you!” Although Third Young Master Ye felt sorry for them, he said words that were unrelated to his sympathy. F***, he was really a genius!

As expected, Cheng Anya brought out her signature fake smile. With extreme sarcasm, she said, “Speaking from your own experience?”

Third Young Master Ye chose to keep quiet wisely!

The car stopped at a place near MBS. Third Young Master Ye said, “I’ll walk in from the main entrance later too!”

Cheng Anya nodded and alighted from the car. The parking lot was the favorite hiding place for killers and it was where assassinations happened the most. It was easy to ambush as the place was dark.

It was working hours and many MBS staff were rushing into the building. There were many people.

Third Young Master Ye went into MBS with the protection of a line of bodyguards.

“Anya, wait for me…” Liu Xiaotian’s voice could be heard from the side. Cheng Anya smiled, turned behind, and saw her running toward her. She was short of breath. Suddenly, a loud gunshot could be heard…

Liu Xiaotian was so scared that she screamed at the top of her lungs…

The sharp sound of glass breaking could be heard, followed by the scary screams coming from the crowd…

Cheng Anya’s expression changed drastically and she turned around immediately…

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