Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 22 - Lunchbox With Love
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 22 - Lunchbox With Love
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya pulled a smile. “Boss Ye, I will not answer this as it is a personal question.”

Third Young Master Ye crossed his arms, and his deep glance swept over her face twice, slowly moving down and settled on the lunchbox. Ning Ning made two chicken wings, beautifully arranged in the shape of a heart.

They were stir-fried with fresh green asparagus and garnished with little chilies. A small red persimmon was placed in the middle of the chicken wings as decoration.

This indeed seemed like a lunch made with love!

Third Young Master Ye raised the corners of his lips and mockingly watched Cheng Anya with a seemingly joking yet malicious gaze. Cheng Anya followed his gaze and saw his flushed face, her heart thumping.

Such a big ham!

What kind of hammy drama was this! There must be some mistakes here!

“Is the food in the canteen not tasty?”

“I am used to eating what he prepares for me.”

“He?” Third Young Master Ye knitted his eyebrows and begun to squint. One could not tell the emotions in his voice, but it sounded a little weird. “He?”

Cheng Anya coughed twice and nodded. This weirdo Ye was not having his lunch for the most trivial of things. Anya looked at her lunchbox, inhaled the aroma of the meal, and salivated.

Aren’t you hungry? But, I am!

Third Young Master Ye laughed even more coldly and thought, ‘Hmph, what a miracle for Yang Zekun to cook for Anya. What affection is there to show when people already know you two are an item?’

“The food sure looks good,” Third Young Master Ye said patronizingly.

Cheng Anya’s lips twitched violently. What was he trying to imply? Third Young Master Ye’s thoughts could not be fathomed, and Anya pondered on the reasons for his earlier statement.

Third Young Master Ye, proving words with action, gracefully took the lunchbox and helped himself to a chicken wing in it.

He took a bite of the asparagus and it was delicious. The lunch was very well-prepared. Although it was homemade, it was very delicious.

Cheng Anya was stunned and it took her a while to regain her senses.

Damn! How dared you steal my lunch!

“President, what are you doing?”

“Having my lunch! ”

“That is my lunch.”

Calm down, calm down. Being impulsive would not help her here.

“I am hungry!” This lunch was so delicious. Yang Zekun did not overstate his ability. Heck, he even knew how to cook! Damned be such perfect men!

Ning Ning, who was in school, gracefully sneezed.

As Third Young Master Ye ate, he noticed Cheng Anya staring at him angrily, a look that seemingly wished to devour him outright. He paused, raised the tips of his eyebrows, and took a bite of the chicken wing.

Third Young Master Ye gracefully left Anya in the lurch as he gracefully stood up and took the lunchbox into the president’s office.

Anya thought to herself, ‘Third Young Master Ye is way too cute in expressing his jealousy!’

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