Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 220
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 220
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya became muddle-headed. She didn’t quite understand what Third Young Master Ye had said as her body was immersed in a kind of numbness and intolerance. A little unsatisfied, she rubbed herself against him and the parts where she had rubbed against spread the boiling heat…

Third Young Master Ye threw her black, ugly glasses away, revealing her bright eyes. They were not as bright as usual but were hazy as though they were covered by mist. They were so charming that they looked like water would drip out of them.

Third Young Master Ye’s heart rate increased. He didn’t expect that a pure face could look so attractive and charming. He hugged her even more tightly and kissed her to no end. It was not enough no matter how long he kissed her and it didn’t satisfy his strong desires which were running in his blood.

Only Cheng Anya could make him feel such strong emotions.

“Say yes!” Third Young Master Ye ordered in his hoarse voice. His gaze was dark red and fuming with fire. How he wished he could gobble her down. He pinned down Cheng Anya and demanded her to accept his birthday gift overbearingly.

He, Third Young Master Ye, had gifted himself as a present. How would he allow her to reject!

Cheng Anya had lost her mind after all the kisses. Third Young Master Ye’s devilish hands pulled up her shirt and boldly reached in, constantly igniting the flame. He was so aggressive that it looked like he would just eat her up on the chair.

“Let me go first…” Cheng Anya pushed him away and both her face and ears turned red. She tried to maintain the last bit of her sanity and said in a charming nasal voice. Her voice made Third Young Master Ye feel numb and ticklish as if her long eyelashes had brushed past his heart.

The two of them hugged, kissed, and rubbed. Third Young Master Ye was an old hand in romance and Cheng Anya wasn’t his match at all. She could only give up and surrender under this circumstance.

“Not letting you go!” Third Young Master Ye said peremptorily, increasing his strength. Cheng Anya moaned and was on the verge of collapsing mentally.

It was impossible for him to let her go. The most important thing about negotiation was charisma. Where else other than the bed would make him the most charismatic? He wasn’t dumb. How would he possibly let her go? ‘This damn girl, just listen to me!’

Third Young Master Ye had dirty thoughts. Actually, he had just used a few tricks and Cheng Anya fell for him easily, even allowing him to do whatever he wanted to. Third Young Master Ye knew that the girl was inexperienced. It was a piece of cake for him to get her.

Leaving her hanging for long and playing hard to get, the most important thing was to get her consent. That was the most meaningful!

He could give up the whole world for her as long as she was willing to stay by his side forever.

What he wanted was for her to stay with him willingly!

‘Cheng Anya, resign to your fate!’

What a beast…

Cheng Anya’s face was as red as blood. It was the first time she… didn’t know what to do…

Not being able to retaliate after getting bullied by Third Young Master Ye, she felt wronged like a helpless daughter-in-law. That person was too evil. He had pulled her down from the clouds of purity and held her in his ocean of desires.

When a black-bellied person met another of their kind, let’s see who was more black-bellied!

Her black-belly level was obviously lower than that of Third Young Master Ye!

“Woman, focus!” Third Young Master Ye hit her lightly.

Cheng Anya felt her back turning numb and she was shaking. Subconsciously, she increased the strength of that impure action.

Her body became hotter and she gave herself to Third Young Master Ye shyly.

She luxuriated in the sensuous feel and allowed Third Young Master Ye to do whatever he wanted to.

A slight distraction would slow down the movement of the hands!

Cheng Anya felt the pain but was also excited at the same time. The pleasure she felt was stronger as well.

A great celebrity once said that the only way to test out a theory was to perform an experiment on it. However, Cheng Anya realized that theory was far from real practice…

As a senior fujoshi[1], those scenes that had appeared frequently in gay dramas were full of tricks, but she couldn’t remember a thing on how to pleasure a male at all.

“Anya, quick…” She was an amateur who didn’t have the skills. She would only make Third Young Master Ye uncomfortable. Hence, Cheng Anya could only try to please him under his instructions…


She found that Little Ye Chen was becoming… scarier!

Chen Anya felt like crying, but had no tears…

[1] Fujoshi refers to a woman who likes manga about homosexual love



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