Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 227 - The So-Called ‘Shameless’
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 227 - The So-Called ‘Shameless’
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Third Young Master Ye was caught off guard by Cheng Anya so openly declaring her liking for him that his heart was so overwhelmed by joy. He melted into a puddle, all blushing and dazed!

He was starting to think how losing face once for Miss Cheng’s declaring her liking did not seem like a loss!

It was as though his anger was suddenly quenched by her beautiful smile. He secretly wondered how perfect things would be if this damn lady would be so obedient daily! So obedient to the point he could adore her however he wanted!

“Aiyo, are you embarrassed?” Cheng Anya was happy and kissed Third Young Master Ye on his lips. She liked it when Third Young Master Ye behaved like the girl next door.

“Humph, please do not think that a few sweet nothings are enough for me to spare you tonight!” Third Young Master pinched her cheeks twice. “Wash up and serve your master tonight!”

“Damn it, you are really a beast! Could you not mention this at all?” Cheng Anya jokingly scolded him as Third Young Master Ye chuckled at her lustfully. “Go do a market survey and find out if there are any men who wouldn’t entertain such a thought in this situation!”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence…

She looked at him with doe eyes and grabbed the necklace from his hands. The emerald green peridot glimmered under the light, like a gem in the night sky. It was so bright and it being in the shape of a clover meant something beautiful. Cheng Anya especially liked it!

“You really like it that much?” Third Young Master Ye smiled. However much she liked it, the necklace was not genuine. He would return to the office to get somebody to design the exact same necklace for her as he had never seen Cheng Anya wear any decent jewelry.

The damn lady was incomparably pure and beautiful, and her without makeup was already enough to sway the hearts of many. When she was invited to a banquet previously, not a single man could resist drooling at her and many made harassment calls after the banquet. He was secretly happy and wished she would be born a tad uglier so that nobody would thirst after her!

“I’ll help you wear it!” Third Young Master Ye withdrew his jealousy and lovingly helped her put on the necklace. The necklace indeed complemented her, and it was extremely beautiful!

“Does it look good?” Cheng Anya asked.

“Looks fine to me!” Third Young Master Ye replied in a roundabout way with a convoluted look. Cheng Anya kicked him in slight unhappiness as she said, “Is it so difficult to say that it looks really good?”

Third Young Master Ye stared at her. He then hugged her as they walked. “You damn girl, time to go home, no?”

“It’s still early!” Cheng Anya smiled sweetly. She did not plan to bail out on him, so why was he worried!

“Haven’t you heard of the saying ‘every moment of the wedding night is precious’?”

“Nope!” Cheng Anya smiled. “All I know is that a jealous wolf is a dangerous one.”

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.

Cheng Anya leaped up onto a small segment of the parapet and walked on it. As she was a little shaky walking in a pair of five-centimeter heels, she reached out her hands to maintain her balance. Third Young Master Ye winced at Cheng Anya’s antics and he held her hand in case she fell.

She was higher up whilst he was below, and they began to walk!

“How old are you to still live so dangerously?”

“This young lady has not even called you ‘old’ yet! I just started working for a year or two, and I am still young!”

“How young indeed!” Third Young Master Ye’s lips twitched as he replied impolitely. “Hold tight and do not fall!”

“What’s there to be afraid of when you are around?”

Third Young Master Ye was instantly outdone as his woman confidently replied that she had nothing to fear as long as he was present. It elevated him and made him feel like an omnipotent god.

He really could not believe that he had sunk so fast and had unknowingly allowed her to barge into his heart without opposition. As her feelings for him took root, she came and went into his heart as and when she liked.

If he had decided, from the start, to live with Cheng Anya because of Ning Ning, the child would have meant much more to him. However, now he realized to his shock that he wanted to grow old with her and write a love song that was uniquely theirs, whether happy or sad and without regret!

It was no longer about the child. Anya meant more to him than Ning Ning!

Meeting Cheng Anya was the best thing to have happened in his life!

He could not bear to let go of the pair of tender hands he was holding on!

The moon was beautiful tonight as it poured down a pure white moonlight amidst the glittering stars. Third Young Master Ye’s ice-cold countenance softened in the gentle scenery!

She was all he wanted in this life!

As she reached the end of the parapet, she held Third Young Master Ye’s hands and leaped down. With a bit of timely force, Miss Cheng seemed to leap into Third Young Master Ye’s embrace. She saw the gentleness in his eyes and she was slightly excited and tasted the sweetness in her mouth.

“I also discovered that I am starting to like you even more!” Third Young Master Ye said candidly. “You are not going to escape from me in your lifetime!”

“Ah, since this is a confession, a bouquet of roses would complete it well!” Cheng Anya was extremely happy under the moonlight. Like a playful elf, she was a hundred and eighty degrees different from the smart and sharp-tongued Miss Cheng.

The duo looked at the wayside stalls in the distance. There were about five to six of these stalls which were flanked by either packages or vehicles. Some of these hawkers wanted to evade the taxes from setting up a regular business, and they were a common sight in the streets in the city.

Cheng Anya observantly noticed a stall selling roses. “Dear, I want roses!”

Roses, which represent love, were a must-have for every woman!

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes twitched as he held Cheng Anya’s waist tightly. “You’re making things difficult for me, eh?”

“Oh? But this is our first date. Wouldn’t it be perfectly normal to buy roses? Third Young Master Ye, for you to give me roses to complement your confession earlier will make somebody even more moved!” Cheng Anya laughed classily and rambunctiously.

She was going to torture Third Young Master Ye tonight!

Since one could not buy many roses with ten yuan, Third Young Master Ye thought to himself whether he had to rely on beauty traps or campy traps to win over the stocky stall owner, a big-built person. Third Young Master Ye wondered whether it’d be a good idea to use a beauty trap on the stall owner.

How bone-chilling!

“Little Anya, even the chickens come home to roost!” Third Young Master Ye said as though he had seen it all. That sent Cheng Anya into a chuckle.

With arms akimbo, she wanted to see how Third Young Master Ye would make a bouquet of roses appear.

Third Young Master Ye stared at her. As he had already lost all face today, losing some more did not really matter. He seemingly looked back with a smile and suddenly shouted, “Quickly run! The regulators are here!”

Cheng Anya was stunned and turned back. Some distance away, a man in uniform seemingly walked over. She turned her head around to see chaos. The stallholders orderly packed and got away, carrying their bags and items. They all disappeared in less than ten minutes.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.

Third Young Master Ye walked over in style and picked up the four to five bouquets of roses that had fallen onto the ground. He dismantled all the bouquets and gathered them together into a single blooming bouquet of roses before walking over to Cheng Anya with a gentle smile.

As the moonlight cast sheen of light on his back and dripped a gentle sweetness onto his face, he seemed like a prince in the fairy tale as he stood tall like a gentleman.

‘Third Young Master Ye, could you be even more shameless?’




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