Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 230 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 230 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The mansion was so dark and quiet. There was not a single sound!

It was so quiet as though nobody was present, and Cheng Anya sat tiredly on the sofa. As she leaned back and put her hands down, the papers making up that suffocating document fell onto the floor and made a rustling sound as they rubbed against each other.

The noise finely jabbed at Cheng Anya’s heart!

It was so bitter and painful!

In the dark night, her heart slowly sank.

Why did things turn out this way?

Weren’t they very happy at the start?

Cheng Anya’s mind slowly replayed that beautiful night—the moments they held hands in the evening sun. She was laughing very happily as he stood handsomely. The overbearing kiss in the square, the bickering over soup… All the passion and emotions for the necklace were so campy. As he held her hand and slowly walked in the moonlight… There was also that bouquet of roses… She could still smell its fragrance.

Scene by scene, in slow motion and like sharp razors, cut across Cheng Anya’s heart. It hurt.

She closed her eyes and her long eyelashes were covered with a hint of sadness. ‘Ye Chen, how could you forsake me over a feud between families?’

She sadly recalled the day Third Young Master Ye was at Old Master Yang’s banquet, the Third Young Master Ye who raged when Old Master Yang called, the out-front confrontation he had with Old Master Ye, as well as the decades which MBS International dueled with Yao Hua.

Her heart turned cold at that moment.

But… what do all these have to do with our feelings?

Yao Hua is Yao Hua, Old Master Yang is Old Master Yang, and I am Cheng Anya. What reason do you have to let me go?

When love and hatred encounter each other on the narrow path of fate, would you choose hate?

A rage rose from her heart and Cheng Anya suddenly opened her eyes. She was certain!

You wanted to bait me into your life and chose unscrupulous tactics. You had no qualms using your son as your ace and said we could try to see if we could live together till a ripe old age. You cracked your brains to get me to love you, and you are going to ditch me because you hate me?

Ye Chen, what are you treating me as?

I am willing to give up everything for love without any regrets, but you could so easily let go of me. How are you treating my feelings?

If our feelings cannot resist the hatred in your heart, go ahead and hate for all you wish. Even if you want to sever ties, please tell me in person: Cheng Anya, I do not want you anymore and I do not love you anymore. Let’s break up!

In that case, I will oblige. I could not be bothered to stay with a man who gives up his woman because of hatred!

I am not a cheap person!

Cheng Anya wiped the sadness off her face and immediately stood up and went up…

The door to Ye Chen’s bedroom was closed. Cheng Anya stood at the door and walked in without knocking. The strong scent of alcohol greeted her, and she could tell from the scent that it was from a strong alcoholic drink.

The room was very dark, the lights off and the windows wide open. The dark curtains, like black giant devils, were rustled by the wind and about to devour everything in their path. There was a painful and desolate cold in the room.

Ye Chen’s back was against the door and he stood by the window, his tall silhouette covered with a layer of frost. The moonlight poured in through the window and his silhouette seemed even colder. Although he was by the window, Cheng Anya felt as though they were extremely far apart…

It was as though there was a vacuum surrounding him that nobody could enter!

To be so near, yet so far apart!

There was an empty bottle on the floor, and with some help from the moonlight, Cheng Anya noticed that it was a bottle of very strong Scottish Whiskey. He was holding another bottle in his hands and gulping it down from time to time!

Her heart cooled!

Her anger was quenched by what she saw!

There was a very large wine cabinet on the first floor which contained many famous brands of alcohol—Scottish Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Remy Martin Louis XIII… They were aged but good wine.

There were also several grape wines that were high in sugar.

But Ye Chen had a quirk. He was not an avid wine drinker, and the huge wine cabinet was merely a decorative piece. Unless he was extremely vexed, like say, after returning from the Ye’s mansion, he would have a drink or two by the car counter.

He never binge drank, and Cheng Anya noticed that when she accompanied him as he socialized. Unless he was with older businessmen, he would not drink.

This was something contradicting about him. He was not quite a drinker but had a great capacity for liquor.

She took up her courage and went the full ten yards. Cheng Anya was extremely familiar with Third Young Master Ye’s character and knew about his hatred. She knew that Third Young Master Ye could only choose between her and hatred, and she should have empathized with him when he had just received this explosive revelation and allowed him time to think it through.

But she did not want that. Would she have felt better when Ye Chen was suffering?

She had just sworn that she would stick with Ye Chen however the constellations changed, but he had let her see how she could not compare to the hatred in his heart. How could a haughty Cheng Anya bear that?

She also understood that their relationship would end up in a dead end if she had clarified and got the answer she did not want!

She was well aware of that and wanted to clarify things.

This was Cheng Anya’s character—to suffer short and blistering pain than let it simmer.

“Ye Chen, why?” Cheng Anya bore the pricking pain in her heart and bore the courage to ask. In the dark night, she sounded serious and solemn!

Without looking at her, Third Young Master Ye could imagine how she looked!

He took a gulp of strong whiskey, which should have been slowly savored. Him binge-drinking hurt her, but he, too, was at a loss and did not know how to respond. The alcohol could not suppress his panic, and he hated himself for not getting drunk despite having been binge-drinking.

How good would it have been to leave everything behind when binge-drinking!

“Why didn’t you leave with him?” Third Young Master Ye sounded extremely hoarse as he mocked her coldly. “That old man must be so happy and gloating at my misfortune. He must be thinking that the offspring of bastards do not have happy endings.”

Cheng Anya’s nose winced. Third Young Master Ye said it in such a disappointing way. What ending? Ye Chen, why are you so despondent?

“This is between me and them, and now, it’s between me and you. Don’t mix them up!” Cheng Anya hardened her heart and replied coldly. “Since you do not want me anymore, at least give me a reason!”

“I do not want you… Hahaha…” Third Young Master Ye bowed his head and laughed madly. There was an indescribable despondence in his hoarse laughter that seemed to be about to wilt further.

Cheng Anya suddenly closed her eyes and bore the pain and tears that streamed down. Both their hearts bled as they tortured each other.

“Didn’t that Yang fellow tell you?” Third Young Master Ye laughed until he was out of breath. “He sure has the heart for you to ask me…”

Third Young Master Ye slowly turned around as the black curtain danced around the sides of the window. Cheng Anya was stunned as she saw the cold tears trickling down his face…

She felt excruciating pain at that moment!

“Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you…” Third Young Master Ye’s laughter was crazy and desperate as he suddenly swung the beer bottle toward the wall. “Because I am also the grandson of that damn scoundrel!”




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