Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 231 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 231 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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As the wine bottle smashed against the wall, it suddenly broke and the glass splinters splashed around the room. The crisp sound of glass breaking was extremely clear in the night, and Cheng Anya knew that something in her heart had also broken with the glass.

It broke!

For that instant, her mind was blank!

She felt that she must have been hallucinating as she had heard something terribly shocking. Cheng Anya turned pale and retreated a few steps unknowingly. With her back against the door, her legs gave way and she sat on the floor.

“It’s impossible…” Cheng Anya turned pale and trembled like a wilting flower. All her energy was sapped and she had collapsed to the point she was no longer angry. “It can’t be… You are lying…”

After Ye Chen’s hysteria, he seemed even more terrifying and could not wait to destroy everything that he could destroy. Like a hurt beast, he eventually jabbed his hands into his hair like a defeated person.

Cheng Anya’s heart throbbed in pain. She had never felt such pain before as all the pain in her life summed up was less than a percent of what she was feeling. Deep desperation gripped her heart like barbed wire, piercing her heart and drawing blood when tightened.

That was how heart-wincing the pain was!

Ye Chen despondently held his head and sounded shockingly hoarse. “Didn’t you ask me whether I was Old Master Ye or Old Master Yang’s son? It must be cryptic that I am Old Master Ye’s son AND Old Master Yang’s grandson. Old Master Ye sees me as a shame, and Old Master Yang sees me as a bastard…”

“Stop talking!” Cheng Anya suddenly interrupted him. She could not bear to hear him any further as he spoke with reddened eyes. This must be the deepest wound in his heart which was presented to her in all its bloodiness! Cheng Anya could not bear to keep listening to him!

She had given up all hope when she knew they were cousins. Looking into Third Young Master Ye’s heart pained her in return!

As the two feelings mixed, only Cheng Anya knew how painful it was. It was a pain that could drive one to end one’s life.

“Take it that I am begging you. Just stop!” Cheng Anya eventually cried!

It was so painful, so painful…

Her tears rolled down. When was the last time she cried? From memory, it was when Ning Ning was born. The entire process was excruciating but she had not dropped a tear or screamed in pain, but when she heard Ning Ning’s cries, her tears rolled down.

She was not even eighteen that year!

Those were tears of joy, and she could not tell whether they were tears of desperation or pain. Her eyes were welling up to the point it was unbearable!

“You can’t bear to hear it anymore?” Third Young Master Ye laughed hoarsely. Traces of his cold tears remained on his face while he painfully held his head. “Why are the heavens treating me like this? What unpardonable sin have I committed to deserve such punishment?”

Cheng Anya wanted to hug him, but she was weak!

Ye Chen’s face descended into madness and started to describe a heart-wrenching story that he had hidden for decades.

Ye Chen’s mother, who was Old Master Yang’s illegitimate daughter, was called Yang Xing. She extremely resembled Lin Xiaoyue and stayed with her lover in America. Old Master Yang extremely doted on her, but fate played a huge joke on them.

That year, Ye Zhenhua went to America to expand the company’s business whereas the seventeen-year-old Yang Xing joined MBS International, interning in the president’s office as a junior assistant. She met Ye Zhenhua then.

After more than ten years, Ye Zhenhua still missed Lin Xiaoyue. When he first saw Yang Xing, he was brought back to his fantasies. That beautiful girl who resembled a seventeen-year-old Lin Xiaoyue stood in front of him, and he thought that this was the heavens making amends. Ye Zhenhua was past his thirties that year and was single following the passing of his second wife.

He hence started to crazily pursue Yang Xing!

All the men in the Ye family were impressive-looking and dignified. The accomplished Ye Zhenhua had taken good care of himself and didn’t seem old at all. He stood tall, was gentlemanly, and had a charisma only mature men had.

When a successful, charismatic, good-looking, and erudite gentleman generously pursued a woman who had yet to see the world, the outcome was not unexpected.

That year in America, the spring flowers bloomed and the scent of flowers filled the ground. Yang Xing and Ye Zhenhua fell in love and traveled every landmark in America. They were extremely in love with each other, and that was one of the many happy moments that Ye Zhenhua had in his life.

Even though he later viciously cut off Yang Xing from his life and indirectly caused her death, he could never forget those happy moments!

If he and Lin Xiaoyue were teenage lovers and gave him a dream for love, Yang Xing gave him a pure romance and showed him what mutual love was.

But the gears of fate silently spun a dramatic tale.

On Yang Xing’s seventeenth birthday, Yang Yun brought a gift from France and was happily on his way to see his daughter. At the ground floor of Yang Yun’s apartment, he saw Ye Zhenhua send his daughter back and both were intimately kissing under the starlight.

Yang Yun broke the fish tank in Yang Xing’s apartment. He assumed Ye Zhenhua knew who Yang Xing was and deliberately got close to her, defiling her and breaking her—and Yao Hua to an extent. Yang Yun was raging and could not wait to find someone to gun down Ye Zhenhua.

But the young and simple Yang Xing shyly hugged her father’s arm and said, “Daddy, I like somebody!”

Yang Yun felt massive shame and slapped Yang Xing at that moment. He persuaded her to leave Ye Zhenhua and told her about the feud between MBS and Yao Hua. For the first time, he regretted why he had raised his daughter in a greenhouse and not let her suffer any hardship. His daughter was so naive to the point she knew nothing.

However, Yang Xing was unwilling and Yang Yun tried all ways possible. Beating and scolding her did not work as a teenage girl whose interest in the opposite sex was first awakened was so firm that Yang Yun had no choice but to tell him about the feud between them and Lin Xiaoyue.

Yang Xing was astounded and she believed that Ye Zhenhua truly loved her.

When Ye Zhenhua asked her out for a date again, Yang Yun locked her in her apartment for three days and three nights. This coincided with a fire in a factory in City A and Ye Zhenhua rushed back to City A. Yang Xing broke the window and risked her life escaping from her apartment and fled to City A where she swore to follow Ye Zhenhua till death.

That teenage girl was very brave, certain, and tenacious.

When Ye Zhenhua realized that Yang Xing returned from America to rely on him, his heart softened and swore to take care of her and marry her at the legally permissible age.

That year, Ye Yukun was only five while Ye Yutang was only three. Both were young children at their cutest age. Both children loved this future stepmother and Ye Zhenhua was even happier when he saw them able to get along with one another.

He thought that he finally had a happy family. Despite the heavens shortchanging him for so long, he finally had an angel.

But the sinister claws of fate quietly crept closer to them!




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