Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 234 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 234 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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It broke Cheng Anya’s heart.

She tightly hugged Ye Chen’s head and embraced him. It seemed to be the only way to accompany Ye Chen who had lost all hope and console his hurting soul. All words became excessive nothings.

What should he do? What should they do?

For the first time, Cheng Anya felt that it was possible for the heart to ache until the pain rowed into the bones.

She wanted to cry, to laugh, to yell… But neither tears nor laughter came out… Everything was stuck in the throat in excruciating pain.

She thought that she had been very happy, but that was all an illusion.

Happiness could be this far away!

The cold moonlight poured on the floor as they quietly hugged each other, painting a pitiful scene.

How damn campy it got!

Surely the heavens didn’t have to troll them this way? Cousins… Her vision darkened and she felt momentarily giddy as she had yet to recover from the shock. She felt that the heavens had made a fool of Ye Chen and her.

It was campy from when they first met—the one-night stand, the birth of the child, to entering his company, acknowledging each other, staying together for the child, and falling in love with each other… only to shockingly learn they were cousins.

“Ye Chen, do you want to give up?” Cheng Anya asked quietly. She did not know how they should move forward and was at a loss. As she had never thought about this question, she was caught off guard when the question burst out.

None of them was prepared and both were overwhelmed by the hit!

There was no response even after a long time. Cheng Anya was disappointed as she thought Third Young Master Ye had silently agreed to what she said. He was looking down, and he was actually asleep!

Cheng Anya lovingly caressed his face, and her heart winced at the cold trails of tears!

As Third Young Master Ye slept, his brows were knitted. Cheng Anya lovingly caressed his frown, hoping to assuage his worries and troubles.

In one’s life, one will encounter somebody with whom they would want to willingly share their happiness and sadness without regret.

He was the reason she was willing.

“Ye Chen, I love you!” Tears rolled from Cheng Anya’s eyes into Ye Chen’s hair. “I deeply love you!”

What love she had yet to say came out from her in sadness and sorrow.

Sadness was written on Cheng Anya’s face.

If falling in love meant being bruised, battered, and despondent, she was willing to go with the flow of emotions, whether good or bad, as long as Ye Chen hugged her.

She would not have any regrets!

“Ye Chen, you are such a liar. Ye Chen, you are truly a liar and I really dislike you for that. Why did you steal my heart? Who will be responsible for it now? How good would it have been had I not met you! Cheng Anya would still be heartless, and nothing would hurt her as she lived freely.”

“But you have ruined me!”

“But I do not regret it. I’d rather exchange ten years of my life to encounter you earlier, for Ning Ning, for a mutual love… Don’t you know how thankful I am for you?”

“What shall we do? I am really scared to wake up tomorrow to find that everything has changed. What do we do then? I do not want to leave you… I really do not want to. Perhaps we aren’t damn cousins…”

“That said, we are equally good-looking, equally scheming, equally proud… Maybe we are indeed inexplicably related by blood…” Cheng Anya smiled. “But then again, so what?”

Ye Chen, don’t be sad. With me around, what shall you fear?

From today onward, Cheng Anya is Ye Chen’s guardian angel!




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