Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 235 - I Love You!
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 235 - I Love You!
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Being a typically light sleeper, Ye Chen woke up to the cold moonlight from the window as the black curtains danced and seemingly readied its claws to devour them.

His headache was excruciating.

The pulsating sharp pain sent Ye Chen moaning. He looked up, surprised, as he felt someone’s warmth on his body.

He was aghast!

Cheng Anya hugged him in an uncomfortable posture against the door even as he lay on the floor. There was a huge hole in the Chinese cedar door and the wind blew into the room.

As the chaotic and painful memories surged into his mind, Third Young Master Ye’s head ached even more and could not wait to smash his head on the door.

When he knew she was Lin Xiaoyue’s granddaughter, he had no time to think of anything else as the memories of the past filled his mind. He was in excruciating pain and heartbroken. He really wished that he had died that day!

Anya moaned uncomfortably and tilted her head down. She subconsciously embraced him tighter and pulled him toward her chest, hugging him tightly!

Third Young Master Ye felt a wrench in his heart. He was able to sleep comfortably as that silly lass still remembered to tightly hug him despite being asleep. He was actually resting against her alluring breasts. Had this been a typical circumstance, he would have taken advantage of her. But now, he felt terrible.

He felt a suffocating pain as though his innards were grilled and rolled over a fire.

It was an indescribable pain.

Third Young Master Ye gently pulled her hand away as he got up and hugged her. Anya found a comfortable position in his embrace and fell deeply asleep as she hugged him back.

Both of them were tired after such a chaotic night.

After he laid her on the bed, Third Young Master Ye adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner and conveniently lay beside her!

“Anya…” Ye Chen lovingly shouted out as his heart ached. Cousins… How much campier could it get for them to be cousins with each other? Third Young Master Ye stroked her tender face and she indeed resembled Lin Xiaoyue. While he initially suspected he was related to her, he had sent somebody to investigate but stopped because he feared what he would discover.

He had completely indulged himself with this single hesitation.

Yang Zekun got something right—he deserved it as it was his own making. Had he dug deeper at the start, he would have had at least been mentally prepared even if he had loved her and not be overwhelmed like he was.

And it was especially so tonight when Yang Zekun’s sentence sent him from heaven into hell. Like how he helplessly saw somebody crush his happiness and dreams, he felt terrible.

“Little Anya, were you scared stiff too?”

His little Anya was in a deep sleep and did not respond to him. She was subconsciously looking for warmth as she dug into his embrace and hugged him as she slept.

As he caressed her, Ye Chen was like a person walking on the edge of a cliff alone.

After the pain, more questions came at him. The first of them all was how he and Anya should progress henceforth.

What should he do with her?

His love was so deep for her it became an inseparable part of his life. For her, he was willing to lower himself and cajole girls who had yet to see the world and also lie to hawkers… all for a necklace that was not eye-catching and a very vulgar bouquet of roses.

How much love would it take for Ye Chen to do such silly antics that he even considered them romantic, happy, and was so willing to! If he was not that deeply in love with her, how could he become such a fool for love?

She was his missing rib, and God allowed his missing rib to return. He was, for once, complete. To take away his rib today would force him to live with such a searing pain that sapped him of the will to live. Could he bear that?

Ye Chen held Anya’s hands by his lips and kissed them nonstop. Her fingers were thin and rounded at the tip. He once swore that he would not put down these hands that he held!

‘Whoever you killed does not matter because that person deserved it. A job well done!’ He remembered what she said when he confessed to her about him murdering Ye Yukun. It was her signature answer, and no silly lass would console somebody that way.

It was a heartwarming consolation that was neither hypocritical nor affectionate.

Which man would not love and let go of such a woman like Anya?

When love becomes a part of a person, the pain of giving up is unbearable to both!

How ironic would it be for him to love somebody and lose that somebody because of an identity problem!

Third Young Master Ye’s life, even in those chaotic and hopeless days, was never as tragic.

“Little Anya, I love you!” Ye Chen passionately whispered in her ear. He was hoarse, in pain, yet certain. “Deeply in my heart!”

“You cheated my heart and must be responsible for it. You will not return it to me, you will not hurt it, and you will not reject it. If not, I will drag you into the abyss with me.”

“My life is, well, ruined!”

“You have turned me into the Ye Chen I am today, so you must, you must… hold my hand tightly. You will not escape or ditch me. Cheng Anya, do you hear me?”

“Even if… I kill somebody, am mentally unsound, become a lunatic, and despite my… messy past, you will not ditch me!”

‘Little Anya, there are some things that I cannot tell you in my whole life. I am afraid that you will fear me, get disgusted at me, dislike me…’ Ye Chen may look very presentable and capable of everything…

But he had started to decay. From then on, the decay started to set in bit by bit. He only recovered after meeting her, and she was the medicine to his entire life, an addiction that he couldn’t kick…

So, do not ditch him.

If not, he would suffer an illness that he would never recover from.

Ye Chen became hoarse and he hugged Cheng Anya tightly. His tears dropped on her face.

Cheng Anya blinked as she felt a little moisture on her face. She could not help but open her eyes and felt drops of cold on her face… Her heart winced at the sight.

What did he just say?

In her daze, she did not hear him. But she heard something!

‘I love you…’

It was not a dream. It was real!

‘Ye Chen, stop crying. It breaks my heart. Cheng Anya had a cold heart of steel that became a crystal tonight because of you. Stop crying because it is about to shatter!’

Cheng Anya crawled up his body and Ye Chen was surprised that she was awake. As he was about to wipe away his tears, Cheng Anya stopped him and landed a gentle kiss on his eyes, kissing his tears away.


Cheng Anya lovingly kissed him over and over. She gave him all her remaining gentleness.

“Ye Chen, you might not have heard this, so let me say this again!” Cheng Anya’s gaze was particularly bright in the dark as she carried a charming smile. “I love you!” she lovingly said it word by word.

Ye Chen trembled.




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