Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 237 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 237 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Third Young Master Ye was as stunned as the crops in summer.

He was in pain before, but now he had forgotten all of it in the blink of an eye. Those painful and despondent memories went far away from him.

“You are really…”

She was really… creative as she shifted the attention of others.

“Be nice. I have told you that twice, so you are not shortchanged!” Cheng Anya laughed generously and smiled, eyes beaming. She had become much gentler!

Damn lass… He had also said it twice!

Third Young Master Ye turned away in a fit of pique and kicked the pillow in frustration. “Are you treating that pillow as though it’s me?” Cheng Anya asked coolly.

“Please, are you as soft as a pillow in my home?”

“In that case, you can hug your pillow to sleep for your whole life!” Miss Cheng looked at Third Young Master Ye’s twisted face calmly and felt extremely good to finally have the upper hand!

There were many things in Third Young Master Ye’s heart that entangled him, which he could not reconcile with. His mind was in chaos and he did not have the mood to keep up with her. Without trying, she knew that he was not in the mood and took the chance to jab him. Firstly, it distracted him from his unhappy past. Secondly, she knew that Third Young Master Ye would gradually come to his senses and repay her the favor tenfold. She knew how scheming he was and how he would remember what went down tonight only to slowly repay the favor when he was in the right mood. Since that was the case, she wanted to get the most mileage out of antagonizing him.

That said, Miss Cheng’s character was particularly terrible too. This was evident from when she was still with Third Young Master Ye seven years ago, duping him with a hundred yuan!

“Are you feeling better?” Cheng Anya saw him stay quiet and decided, out of conscience, not to mess with him. “Go get some sleep! It’s late, and you still have to work tomorrow!” She prodded his shoulder.

Whatever happened tonight was too chaotic and Ye Chen was afraid that he had yet to sort out the feelings in his heart. Going to sleep and then waking up to slowly talk things through was the better option as she had nothing to worry about since they swore never to let go of each other.

With him, she possessed the world and feared nothing. They would face all problems together, and she would not believe that she could not overcome those ravenous monsters. Yang Yun, that inhuman old man who was her grandfather, was a thorough asswipe. She did not consider him a man as he could become so despicable. Putting what happened to Ye Chen aside for the moment, she felt that Old Master Ye was not in an easy position. If she were in his shows, she was afraid she would not have doted on Ye Chen either.

Whatever was the reason, he had a face that slightly resembled Yang Yun, which reminded Ye Zhenhua of Yang Yun when he saw him. Doting on him was out of the window as he could not wait to devour him. As she heard the story, Yang Yun was clearly the most inhuman character!

It was little wonder that Ye Chen hated Yang Yun the most and was more disrespectful and provocative toward Old Master Ye.

Coming back to the story, Third Young Master Ye was indeed unlucky as he resembled neither his father nor his mother… but his grandfather instead. This was a tragedy in hereditary genetics that led to a tragedy in his early years!

He was also very embarrassed about his identity as Ye Zhenhua would not entertain him, let alone Yang Yun. She could imagine how a young Ye Chen, who was unable to handle this, to be repeatedly broken by it.

She did not dare to tell Third Young Master Ye that as she swore that Third Young Master Ye would throw her out had she dared to say that now.

“Anya, you really will not leave me, right?”

“Yes, I will not leave you unless you do not want me,” Cheng Anya said gently. It was perhaps his upbringing that made him such a sensitive person. For Third Young Master Ye to become outstanding instead of walking down the path of crime despite such an upbringing was already a miracle.

As she thought of his past, Cheng Anya’s heart ached and she wished she could share his burdens. However, this past was a blessing as it gave her the Ye Chen she loved today!

If he did not want her, would she really give up and stop loving him?

How could that be possible?

“Go to sleep!” Cheng Anya said plainly. Just as she was about to get off the bed, Third Young Master Ye scooted closer to her and hugged her in one fell swoop. “Don’t go, stay!”

“Don’t you need some time to quiet down?”

“You are not going anywhere, damn lass. I will hug you to sleep, and there isn’t a problem with that, I believe?” Third Young Master Ye was triggered by what he heard and almost wanted to slap her hard as his sadness disappeared.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.

One could not blame her for being pure as it was quite adulterous for the both of them to share the same bed. Besides, Third Young Master Ye had endured a whole day, so how could she not think in that direction?

Ye Chen obediently snuggled her in his embrace and hugged her innocently. “Anya, what should I do if I… cannot resist it?” he softly asked.

What should he do if she saw Anya and the nightmares got a grip on him?

“If you can’t resist it, please resist it for my sake. Third Young Master Ye, this is a simple idea. It will always reside and lurk in your memory because it’s scary and you are unwilling to confront it. Once it bares its claws, you won’t be able to take it and will come apart. You will feel that you are living in excruciating pain whenever it appears, but that is not the case… Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was very afraid of snakes. Whenever she saw snakes, she would get nightmares and remain in panic for days. Therefore, she caught a few snakes that were not venomous and kept them in the house so that she could look at them day and night. She was scared the first day and fearful on the second day… By the third day, she was brave enough to look at the snake in the eye…

After ten over days, the little girl thought to herself, ‘Bitch, please, isn’t that just a snake? What is there to be afraid of? She calmly grabbed one and cleaved it into several portions to prepare some snake soup… From then onward, she was never afraid of snakes!”

“…Little Anya, tell me. Are you are the girl in the story?”

He could not imagine anybody else who was as tough as Cheng Anya. It was her typical style!

“I’m telling you that this is a story to help you make a connection. I am a gentle girl, okay?”

“…Isn’t your teeth chattering?” Third Young Master Ye asked.

Cheng Anya wanted to kick him off the bed, but Third Young Master Ye gently laughed. “Therefore, you are the snake that I am afraid of and I should face you daily to allow the nightmares to torture me?”

“Is that so? I am youthful and beautiful, and that is your blessing.”

“How could you have the heart to see me suffer daily!”

“Be obedient and face them until they cannot hurt you!”

“What an absurd idea!” Third Young Master Ye shrugged but reached out and hugged Cheng Anya tightly. It was an absurd idea that was very effective. “Anya, it is so good to have you!”

She was always able to show him the way in his most desperate moments!

“I suddenly remembered something!” Cheng Anya suddenly looked at Third Young Master Ye’s serious face and laughed extremely happily. “Didn’t you plan to eat me out tonight? Do you still have the appetite?” she said amidst Third Young Master Ye’s goosebumps.

Third Young Master Ye’s face became even blacker in the darkness. The damn lass still dared to provoke him despite knowing damn well he was not in the mood. How dared she ask for trouble with that mouth of hers. “So, you are really anticipating it?”

Miss Cheng laughed until she was abashed and was a handkerchief short of being duplicitous. “Actually, I am kind of looking forward to it!”

Third Young Master Ye’s face darkened as he gritted his teeth. He really wanted to strangle her!

“Ah, I remember. It’s past midnight now and my birthday has passed!” Cheng Anya chuckled as Third Young Master Ye’s goosebumps rose. “You will have to wait until my next birthday!” she said matter-of-factly.

“Fat hope!” Third Young Master Ye finally retorted.

With the next birthday a year away, the lass was clearly out to torture him!

“Make use of the time before the sun rises to wash yourself up and get into my bed!” Miss Cheng teased him tastefully!

“…” Third Young Master Ye was speechless. He was a little saddened as he suddenly turned around and back-faced Cheng Anya. He did not want to see her face that needed a spanking as he was afraid that he would really eat her out.

This night was too chaotic, and they needed a time-out. He was not in the mood and knew Cheng Anya was just teasing him. This was, however, not for shits and giggles… as she almost provoked him into action!

“Cheng Anya, you’d better show some restraint. If we get down to it, don’t think of getting off me that easily!” Third Young Master Ye said through gritted teeth.

“That’s all talk and no action. Where is your sexual drive?” Cheng Anya laughed generously.

“It went out of the home!” Third Young Master Ye uncontrollably roared quietly as he turned around and stared at her angrily. “Shut up and go to sleep!”

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