Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 238 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 238 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Fenghuo Gate Headquarters, Southern Sector of City A.

A murderous intent permeated the dark night as two brutal women and a tender little kid appeared at the headquarters of the Fenghuo Gate, the largest mafia in City A.

The two ladies were decked out in black sports attire and were both extremely beautiful. One was cold and distant, the other elegant!

“Ten minutes!” The cold woman had a chilly look on her face as she rushed into Fenghuo Gate’s headquarters alone. Ten seconds later, gunshots rang…

The gunshots and screams were especially loud and rocked the night sky.

“Eleven is always so resolute!”

“Can she really take on hundreds of them in ten minutes?” Ning Ning smiled.

“I’ll step in after ten minutes!” Ye Wei smiled elegantly.

Both elder and younger were equally elegant. “I even thought that Eleven was superwoman!” The young kid teased.

“Oh, baby, don’t take it that your hired hit man is talking about you, but Chu Li and yourself are really savage!” While she said that, she was elegantly setting up her extremely swag M99 sniper rifle.

The Fenghuo Gate was a mafia that ran amok in City A, but little knew that the boss of the Fenghuo Gate was Louis, the godfather of the Italian mafia. This was his largest power base in City A, which Chu Li only discovered after intensely investigating Louis after the latter stole a consignment of munitions from Chu Li and Jason.

He was momentarily angry. Although City A was not an extremely important trading port or home to the largest munitions manufacturing base, the massive power base of the Italian mafia was nothing good for their business.

Besides, Louis frequently tested the waters of the terrorist organizations ever since he unified the Italian mafia. It was time to teach him a lesson!

Chu Li decided to destroy the Fenghuo Gate and the little kid was the first to support the idea!

Firstly, Louis’ massive power base on City A impeded the export of munitions from City A. Secondly, Louis was challenging his father and couldn’t be even more fearless with the backing of such a large mafia. Thirdly, he disliked him!

Whether to Chu Li and Jason or his daddy, Louis was a walking time bomb. Although he couldn’t be taken out, this did not preclude clipping his wings in response to him secretly allying with Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise against MBS. He should not get away scot-free!

“Baby, I must say that your daddy would not allow you to interfere in his problems, no?” Ye Wei smiled elegantly as she checked her magazine.

“That is Chu Li’s decision that I merely supported his idea. The Fenghuo Gate was picked as a target because he got into Chu Li and Jason’s way, and to also teach Louis a lesson. How is this related to my daddy?”

“How scheming!” Ye Wei smiled as she said the words. “Don’t think that I don’t know that you had instigated Chu Li!”

This little kid was still out to help his daddy nevertheless. To carry his deeds with someone else’s weapon was clearly scheming!

In response, the young kid smiled elegantly at her!

“Well, it’s your turn!”

Ye Wei whistled and winked at Ning Ning. “Baby, watch your hired gun show her hand!”

As she said that, she carried her darling M99 gorgeously and strolled into the Fenghuo Gate just as a group of people were escaping from the door. Ye Wei took her time to aim, fire, and destroy the gate of the Fenghuo Gate headquarters. Ten-over people died that instant!

The killing was brutal and merciless!

In absolute brutality, she took out whoever that escaped!

Ye Wei did not stop walking into the Fenghuo Gate whilst the little kid stayed at the vantage point, smiling and shaking his head. Although Ye Wei was ranked second and slightly inferior to Eleven, those who were slightly older knew that Ye Wei was the true top killer as she had dropped in the rankings due to much lesser action in recent years. This was unlike the up-and-coming Eleven.

Some thought Eleven was the top hit man whilst some thought Ye Wei was. Who the true top hit man was would remain to be known unless they had to take each other out, which was implausible.

Inside the Fenghuo Gate.

As smoke arose, the murderous intent was terrifying.

As she narrowed her large, black eyes, she seemed cold. Ye Wei shot at the black-shirt woman who was hiding by the cabinet in the eye and smiled. “Eleven, let’s pull out!”

Eleven looked back with a beautiful face that had a freezing cold gaze and was loaded with murderous intent. When she saw what happened, thread shot out from her sleeves and landed by Ye Wei’s side.

“Shoot! Don’t let them get away!” The first gate master of the Fenghuo Gate roared and raised his hand. Bullets rained toward Eleven.

Ye Wei broke into a cold-blooded smile as she got into position and chambered her weapon. The sniper rifle became an assault rifle and rained a few rounds down. Many screamed in pain and dust kicked up. Ye Wei brandished guns in both her hands…

Thump! Thump! Two shots rang out.

The bullets reached home with two separate shots to the head. A bullet penetrated the skull of the first gate master and between the brows of the second gate master. The other bullet accurately hit the third gate master between the brows.

The clean and beautiful actions were even more beautiful and shocking than Hollywood gunfights!

As usual, Ye Wei the sharpshooter did not miss her targets!

Everybody was shocked and became a mess of chaos.

Eleven leaped into the air and followed the thread up the third floor as a row of bullets chased her.

Once she landed, Ye Wei whistled. “Goodbye!”

As the M99 opened fire, the entire Fenghuo Gate was eliminated!

All three hundred of them died!

“How bland and what a lack of challenge!” Ye Wei dusted her hands and picked up her baby. “If it weren’t for Eleven, I would feel so unjust. This is such a bland outing.”

Eleven shook a little and her cold countenance seemingly broke into a smile that did not sound as cold. “Well, you wanted to step in!”

If not, they would still be vacationing in The Bahamas!

“I am doing this for family, for darling Ning Ning, no?” The two of them laughed as they walked out of the Fenghuo Gate. Before they walked far…

Eleven triggered the remote in her hands and the duo squinted…


The entire camp was leveled!

Fire leaped into the sky and turned the night sky red.

“Baby, come down! It’s time to go!” Ye Wei smiled and reached up to carry Ning Ning down. “Baby, I am triggered! This is so bland, so why don’t you make it up to me?” She gently spanked him in the butt.

“I’ve heard that his old man is quite an aggressive man. Why don’t you pick on him!” Eleven replied coldly.

“She dares!” The young kid stared at Eleven and Ye Wei!

“Be nice, this is Eleven’s typical lame joke. You will get used to it!” Ye Wei smiled as she carried him into the car. “Ning Ning, to be honest, I want to spar with your daddy!”

“Fat hope!”

“Aiyaya, do you have so little faith in your daddy?” Ye Wei laughed. “Eleven, didn’t you exchange blows with him before? How did that go?”

“He was very aggressive!”

“Now that you say that he is aggressive, my blood’s boiling!”

“You are sure to lose!” the young kid said coldly.

“That is such a joke! Jason, Chu Li, and Blackjack together are no match for me!” Ye Wei’s elegant laughter sounded immeasurably arrogant!

Eleven’s cold lips broke into a smile!

“Didn’t you order a two-billion hit on your old man? We are hired to make it look more realistic!” Ye Wei smiled elegantly and gently!



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