Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 240 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 240 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Daddy?” Ning Ning’s mouth became o-shaped as his tender face showed surprise and his gaze turned toward the broken door. He could not help but look back. Was his dearest mommy still okay?

“Ning Ning, how come you are back?” Ye Chen was clearly taken aback. His delicate face revealed his shock as he stood rooted to the ground while carrying a huge wooden door. He did not want his son to witness this scene.

Ning Ning slowly scooted up to Ye Chen. His beady black eyes looked at Ye Chen with immense interest. Ye Chen seemed to have realized something and could not help facing away. “Daddy. Were. You. Walloped. By. Mommy?” He responded idiotically.

This was such a fantasy. Why did he feel like he had missed something after being away for the night? Shouldn’t his daddy and mommy be very loving toward each other?”

Ye Chen’s face became cold and he turned his cold gaze toward Ning Ning. “What. Did. You. Say?” he asked through gritted teeth.

He was walloped by Cheng Anya? And that kid guessed that he was walloped by Cheng Anya just because he had puffy eyes? It was such a bloody shame and humiliation to him that his son entertained this thought. Was he, in his son’s eyes, not as dignified as Cheng Anya?

“Daddy, I’ll disappear!” Ning Ning knew he had said something wrong and felt as though he had taken a bullet. Ning Ning then slithered up the floor in an s-shape that left Ye Chen torn between laughing and crying. That kid knew what he was up to!

He suddenly felt a wrench in a heart—that if he and Anya were really cousins and their child Ning Ning was such an extreme genius, could it be possible? Legend has it that the offspring of cousin marriages were either geniuses or idiots.

The possibility of contracting an inherited disease was also very high. No, he had to send Ning Ning to a hospital to be thoroughly checked up! Third Young Master Ye packed the garbage in the kitchen and living room and brought them out. As he brought the rubbish out to throw, he secretly thought to himself that Ye Wei and Eleven had yet to start their engines and leave. When Ye Wei saw that scene, she broke out into laughter first.

“What a family man… Do you think he knows how to cook?” Ye Wei laughed until she fell back as Eleven broke into a smile. “Are you gloating at his misfortune?”

Ye Wei laughed in fits as she collapsed on Eleven’s shoulders. The Dragon Gate assassins watching them in secret looked at each other, speechless. What was going on?

Ye Chen instructed them to only come after midnight and monitor what happened after the night. Hence, they missed a good show. Besides, Third Young Master Ye had given instructions to only watch the outer perimeter, and the heads of those who disobeyed would have rolled. Therefore, they had no idea what happened in the mansion.

It must be said that Third Young Master Ye had foresight, but this scene left his subordinates in extreme fear.

Black Eagle and those waiting looked pinched and they were at a loss when they heard how the decisive, brutal murderous prince looked like!

Ye Wei, who was having a very good laugh, suddenly retracted her smile and pondered deeply. “What happened? “Eleven slapped her face.

“Why do I find him a little familiar?” Ye Wei frowned. “Didn’t you just bid goodbye to Ning Ning?” Eleven coldly replied.

“That’s different!” Ye Wei smiled. There was a weird familiarity. “Do you want to get down and take him on one-on-one? We are not going to get our two billion yuan anyway, so let’s take it out on his old man!” Eleven jabbed her arm.

“Good idea” Ye Wei agreed as she turned her glasses. “What about Uncle Black? He’s watching eagerly and I’m afraid I’ll get shot up.”

“If you want to take me on, let’s settle it upstairs!”

“That’s not the most cost-effective way. Five people working in concert are a force to be reckoned with. Damn, let’s keep low since we are on somebody else’s turf. Ning Ning is inside, and he will give us a hard time if we dare to lay a hand on his old man.”

“I thought you really wanted to take him on.”

“Relax, opportunities are plenty. Taking him on one-on-one is not easy. Uncle Black is looking over. Let’s go!” Ye Wei smiled as Eleven started the car. They made a beautiful big turn and sped away.

Ye Wei saw Third Young Master Ye tuck his lips from the mirror and did not say a word!

Ning Ning went up to the second floor and passed by his mommy’s room. There was nobody in the room and he sneakily looked into his daddy’s room. His eyebrows rose. His mommy was indeed sleeping on his daddy’s bed. There was, however, nothing adulterous going on as she was still neatly clothed.

“Had I known that would have happened, I should have installed a CCTV last night.” The young kid murmured to himself as he tiptoed into the room. He was stunned again as Third Young Master Ye had yet to clear the splintered glass in the room. There were also traces of alcohol splayed on the floor.

They had fought?

Cheng Anya turned around in a blur as she heard footsteps. “Quickly clean these up and don’t wait for baby to come back…”

The sound suddenly stopped and Ning Ning smiled like an angel basked in the morning sun. “Hi, Mommy, baby is back!” He gently and elegantly greeted his mommy.

Cheng Anya blinked several times and her blurry sight became alert. When she saw how elegantly her baby smiled, Cheng Anya quickly lied down, turned away, and played possum!

She did not say anything just now!

The young kid leaped onto the bed and secretly asked her, “Mommy, did you wallop daddy? I saw his puffy eyes. He had cried!”

As he could not think of why his strong daddy would cry, Ning Ning curiously tried to fish for information from his mommy.


Cheng Anya quickly sat up and looked at the young kid seriously. She pinched his cheek with two fingers and looked left and right. She looked at how well her baby son had grown, how delicate his features were, and how they resembled Third Young Master Ye’s features. When he grew up, he was a recipe for trouble as he was exceptionally brilliant.

This product… was definitely not borne of a typical relationship. Hearsay had it that the offspring of cousin marriages were either geniuses or idiots. Ning Ning was clearly a genius, and Cheng Anya secretly wondered whether they were indeed cousins.

Miss Cheng’s face changed unpredictably as she looked at Ning Ning profoundly. If she were to give birth to another child, would that child be a lame and impaired idiot or another genius?

She shivered as the thought crossed her mind. No, she had to quickly practice family planning.

“Yes, find some time for Mommy to accompany you to the hospital to get a checkup.” Cheng Anya yawned. As she said that, Ye Chen was standing by the door and his eyes twitched hard…

It was stormy the night before, and all was calm today. Looking at her, she must have recovered very quickly. Was she not troubled over their relationship as cousins?

“Why do I need a checkup? I am not unwell.” Ning Ning raised his eyebrows. He did not like the hospital, and who would want to get their body checked if they were not unwell?

“If I want you to go, then you go. Why the chatter?” Cheng Anya smiled elegantly, looking on coldly whilst clenching her fists tightly.

Seeing his mommy clenching her fists and smiling, Ning Ning felt that she was fierce and agreed in fear. That empress dowager!

Despite one being healthy now, nobody could tell whether there were any inherited diseases. Hence, an early check would soothe the nerves. If something did crop up, Bai Ye, the capable doctor, would be able to treat him. Inherited diseases were no laughing affair.

Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye were indeed a pair who were extraordinarily similar in how they thought about problems.

“Mommy, I think that you are hiding something from me. It’s okay. Baby can take it, so say it!” Ning Ning smiled elegantly and directly looked at Cheng Anya.

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