Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 241 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 241 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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He had figured it out. Last night, not only his daddy did not pounce on his mommy, but something big and serious had happened as well. That explained why his daddy’s bedroom door was damaged. One of the beer bottles in the house was empty, while the other bottle was broken. It wasn’t difficult to guess that his daddy had been drinking, slammed and broke the bottles like a crazy man.

That door was most probably damaged by his daddy while he was ranting. The young kid had always been observant and it was easy for him to imagine the scene last night. But what exactly had happened?

It must have been a chaotic and dark night.

Who on earth had bullied his daddy and mommy?

Ning Ning immediately thought of Louis, but the Fire Beacon Hall had some troubles last night and Louis had rushed over to investigate it. Unless he could split himself up, it should not have been Louis.

In a split second, a few ideas flashed past Ning Ning’s mind.

“It’s nothing. Don’t get into the matter. Your daddy and I had some… conflicts last night!” Cheng Anya looked at the damaged door and spit out the word ‘conflicts’ calmly. The corners of Third Young Master Ye’s eyes twitched. The cellphone rang…

Ning Ning looked at Ye Chen, who answered the call, and Cheng Anya, who looked fine. He was doubtful and asked carefully, “Are you… alright?”

Cheng Anya shook her head and kissed Ning Ning on his cheek. “Don’t worry, baby. We’re okay. Daddy and Mommy have reached a common understanding and we’re good. Nothing has changed. So, baby, don’t worry, okay?”

Ning Ning knew that Cheng Anya wouldn’t lie to him. He nodded although he had doubts about it. However, as long as his daddy and mommy were fine and that their family was happy, he didn’t care about anything else. It was all good if they could wake up on the same bed together, right?

“What did you say?” Third Young Master Ye puckered his lips and narrowed his eyes dangerously. He left the master bedroom and went to the small living room on the second floor. It was a call from Fourth Young Master Tang. He told Ye Chen that Fire Beacon Hall was in trouble and had become history overnight in silence.

Nobody in the headquarters survived, which meant that the power of Fire Beacon Hall had ceased to exist. It was Fire Beacon Hall’s routine meeting that masters of all the halls and altars would attend. The enemy had obviously chosen that day to cause trouble. Even if one or two of them survived, Fire Beacon Hall would not regain their power.

Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin were on the line. The three of them were having a teleconference. Third Young Master Ye’s long fingers knocked against the table and he made a grand decision. “I suggest that we take over Fire Beacon Hall’s power.”

The Dragon Gate was one of America’s largest Chinese Mafia organizations and was active in North America. Ever since Third Young Master Ye, Tang Bilan, and Lin Yixuan returned to City A, they had always wanted to move the power of Dragon Gate to City A.

However, Third Young Master Ye was busy managing MBS International and dealing with Old Master’s schemes, while Tang Bilan and Lin had not settled down until two years later because of their family issues. The power of Dragon Gate was deep-seated in America and it was difficult for them to handle at that time.

Fire Beacon Hall facing challenges was a golden opportunity.

The dark powers could be gathered in City A without much trouble. City A was an important transit station for arms trading. It was no harm but advantageous for them to be able to control the dark powers in City A.

Fire Beacon Hall getting in trouble meant that City A would be chaotic as every mafia organization under Fire Beacon Hall would part ways and would fight for the leader position with their knives and swords. If Third Young Master Ye was right, there would be many large scale mafia activities going on starting from that day onward.

If they really wanted to take action, they had to be quick, precise, and ruthless as it would be difficult for them to unify the power as time passes, when they had already merged as one.

“That’s what Tang and I think as well. However, we have a big problem. The boss behind the scenes of Fire Beacon Hall is Louis,” Lin said in a low and deep voice. “If Dragon Gate wants to take over Fire Beacon Hall’s power, we would have to fight face to face with the mafia. Everybody’s areas of power are different and we might not be a match for them. The situation here in City A is tight and I’m afraid that we might not be in advantage if we fight face to face despite this place being our territory.”

“Louis?” Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows coldly and was agitated. “Bastard! Louis again. Why is he involved in everything? Playing dirty tricks on me in the business world and getting in my way in the underworld?”

“We had just received the news too. Originally, we were planning to bring men down, take over the territory, and make peace within a day. Who knew that the mafia would play dirty tricks behind our backs? We only knew that it was Louis after we investigated.”

“I guess he knows how influential Dragon Gate is in City A. I think he would gather other small gangs and revive Fire Beacon Hall. After all, nobody would dare to play with the mafia. Third Young Master Ye, if we want to take over City A, we have to deal with Louis,” Fourth Young Master Tang said in a low voice. “This is a golden opportunity. We will have to spend more time, money, and effort if we miss this chance.”

Ye Chen frowned, knowing what they were implying. “Both of you want me to… settle Louis?”

“Bingo!” Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin said in unity. Fourth Young Master Tang said, “To know your enemy is the key to winning the battle. Among the three of us, only you had contact with Louis!”

“You guys seem to forget that Ye Wei is still trying to kill me!” Third Young Master Ye sneered. Those two heartless fake brothers had betrayed him without discussing it with him. How could he possibly settle Louis?

Shoot him?

The mafia would definitely plan a plane crash and destroy MBS International.

Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise were still not letting off MBS International. He was already very busy. Wasn’t it obvious that he would be treated as a joke if he went to deal with Louis as well?

“Ye Wei…” Fourth Young Master Tang gritted his teeth. Indeed, she was a time bomb. “Right, I forgot to ask you. Were you injured yesterday?”

He had heard about the news of terrorists bombarding MBS International. He felt weird and guessed that it was Ye Wei. ‘That woman really has guts! She even did that in broad daylight! How shocking…’

City A was originally chaotic enough. After what had happened involving the terrorists, it was really…

An eventful period of time!

“I’m okay!” Ye Chen sneered. Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin smiled faintly. Lin said, “Then, it’s decided. You settle Louis and we’ll take care of the rest. You’d better be quick. Our job would be easier if the Italian mafia leaves City A as soon as possible.”

Decided? How was it decided? Ye Chen was annoyed. He hated Louis, that crazy man, to the core. However, he was the best suited to settle the problem under that circumstance. “Okay, both of you please gift some cards to the directors in order to maintain the good relationships, just in case firings happen if we fail to reach an agreement.”

“We’ll give them the cards if you fail to reach an agreement. Why waste so much money?”

Third Young Master Ye sneered. Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin sucked up to him immediately. “Brother, we believe in you!”

“Prepare to fire shots!” Third Young Master Ye hung up the call with an indifferent expression. ‘Damn it, that psychotic man didn’t appear at all for the past few years, but why is he everywhere now?’

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