Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 242 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 242 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Chen’s face sank more as he thought of it. He didn’t mind exchanging fires and fists with Louis. In their world, the one with enough arms, harder fists, and stronger power wins.

This Louis…

Had opposed him everywhere!

How exactly had he provoked him?

According to his men, Louis had visited the Ye family to chat with Old Master Ye frequently. Ye Chen sort of felt that Old Master Ye might be trying to get rid of him but he was not confident to do it himself. Hence, he had gotten Louis to stir things up in City A so that he could seize the opportunity to get rid of him.

If not, he wouldn’t have stood by and watched when MBS International and Yao Hua were fighting.

Why did Louis agree?

Ye Yutang was useless. The old master hated him, whereas Ye Yutong was still young. It was impossible for him to start working again, so who else would take charge of MBS International?

No doubt, it must be Louis!

It was obvious. Ye Chen lifted the corners of his lips coldly. The old master was really heartless to be willing to let an outsider take over just to bring him down. Did he not know the meaning of attracting the wolf into the den?

To be honest, he himself was a wolf too. He could only admit that Old Master Ye was so eager to take precautions because he had finally seen his true colors. In order not to destroy MBS International, he’d rather let Louis take over.

Uh, wrong… He had already planned to bring him down long ago. If not, he wouldn’t have introduced him to Louis. Although he was cold-blooded, he was obedient to the old master in the past and acted like his puppet.

What reasons did he have to destroy him?

He couldn’t figure out any. But given Old Master’s hatred for him, it wasn’t difficult to guess. He just had to have the blood of Yang Yun. Old Master was afraid that he might give the entire MBS International to Yao Hua once he recognized Yang Yun.

‘Forget it, I’ll stop thinking about it. It’s so frustrating!’

One thing came after another. Louis wanted to get rid of him at work, and Ye Wei wanted to kill him. Now, he was blood-related to Anya. He felt like everything was like a wall that had trapped him inside. Third Young Master Ye became very irritable.

This was not a war that involved parties who had a large difference in strength. In fact, they were evenly matched. Louis was better than him in terms of funds and influence, while Ye Wei appeared and disappeared without a sound. He had no confidence in beating both of them.

Fighting recklessly was a no-no and he could only win by outsmarting them.

Otherwise, the best outcome would be either one of them died. However, he was grateful that Louis had a great ambition, which led to him provoking the terrorist organization and ended up worse off with many troubles on hand.

Louis got tricked by Ning Ning and had suffered a heavy loss. Moreover, Fire Beacon Hall was defeated. He probably would have limited funds now.

What had happened to Fire Beacon Hall was obviously done by Jason, Black J, and Chu Li. Except for them, no one else could make such a powerful mafia organization disappear silently in a night.

While his son…

Ye Chen overheard Cheng Anya and Ning Ning’s conversation and smiled. His baby would definitely agree on whatever the terrorist organization proposed to do to the mafia. Not only that, he would provide ideas sincerely and make use of his computer skills to affect Louis’ judgment.

He knew how much this child would tend to shield one’s shortcomings.

Consider Louis unlucky. Even so, it did not affect him at all. He still had to be very careful while dealing with him.

Would Yao Hua stop if he knew that Cheng Anya was aware of this?

Or would Yang Zekun continue to fight?

“I see. That’s why every bank refused to give MBS a loan… Humph!” It turned out that the Fire Beacon Hall and mafia joined hands and threatened the bank, which deterred all the banks in City A from taking any actions. Otherwise, the people of Fire Beacon Hall must be bombarded.

Ye Chen frowned and went into deep thought. What must he do to settle Louis and force him to give up on the competition for dark power in City A?

Actually, he didn’t have to worry about Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise as they were reliant on Louis’ help. If he got rid of Louis, they would not be able to do anything to him. They could only stay in their own lane.

Like what Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin said, there was only a fifty percent chance that they would win if they really start exchanging fires with each other. Casualties would be inevitable. Furthermore, they had a fifty percent chance to win because they were the host. If not, they only had about thirty percent.

This method was absolutely impossible. They couldn’t just let their effort in expanding Dragon Gate go down the drain!

Didn’t Louis spend so much effort because he was eyeing MBS International?


Ye Chen stopped himself from letting his imagination run wild. He would never give MBS away even if he died. Although his original plan was to manage MBS to its peak and then destroy it, there was still two years before he could reach that goal. Because of Cheng Anya and his son, he was forced to go against Old Master Ye and took action first.

However, it was not what he wanted from the start. He was not obsessed with destroying MBS International as it was his years of effort after all. To keep or destroy it was his choice and no one else should interfere. Dream on.

How else could he negotiate with Louis then?

The phone rang again. It was Lin Yixuan. He coughed twice awkwardly. “Uh… Fourth Young Master Tang didn’t dare to make the call and asked me to. It was said that Louis is a pedophilia who likes both male and female. Fourth Young Master Tang wants you to try and indulge in what he likes. Do you…”

“Both of you get lost!” Third Young Master Ye hung up the call before he finished his sentence. What kind of lousy idea was that? Third Young Master Ye’s face turned pale. He clenched his fists so hard that his veins popped out.

In fact, such measures were commonly used. Men tend to play dirty tricks in business and indulging in what the other party likes is just one of the very common methods used. However, Third Young Master Ye was a person with his own principles and had not resorted to that before.

Actually, it should be said that Third Young Master Ye, although scheming and black-bellied, did everything openly. He would never do anything toady like that given his excessive pride.

“What a piping hot sweet potato!

” Third Young Master Ye can’t help but curse. Ning Ning happened to walk out of the room. With a smile, he asked, “Who is the piping hot sweet potato?”

“Someone with the last name Lu.”

“Daddy, his last name… is very long…” The young kid smiled elegantly. Louis must have caused his daddy to be very frustrated. How could he say something so stupid?

Third Young Master Ye sneered and stayed deep in his thoughts. The young kid folded his arms and gave a pure smile. “Daddy, don’t we have a strong backing? Why don’t you rely on it?”

“Strong backing? Where?”

The young kid smiled sweetly, gave him a thumbs-up, and pointed at himself. Third Young Master Ye gave him a deadly stare. “Go fly a kite!”

“Okay, have it your way, Daddy!” The young kid yawned and left.

Ye Chen frowned. “Aren’t you going to school?”

“Baby is sleepy and wants to sleep!” Ning Ning went straight downstairs without looking back and headed for his big bed in the room.

“…” Third Young Master Ye shook his head. “Miss Cheng, are you done dilly-dallying? It’s time for work. The boss would deduct your bonus if you’re late.”

This woman was materialistic. It was the best way to deal with Cheng Anya, who hated to get out of bed.

Cheng Anya didn’t respond to him. Ye Chen then went into the room again and he got the shock of his life…

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