Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 244 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 244 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Humph, don’t be too proud. If I develop any illness or pain in the future, you will get it from me if you don’t brew tonic soup for me!” Third Young Master Ye’s ears turned red and he sneered coldly with a fierce expression. Cold air blew for quite a while.

Cheng Anya shivered in order to act in concert with him and then finally comforted him with a smile. “Okay, Third Young Master, wait for it. When it happens, I’ll do it for you!”

Who said that no matter how cold and heartless a man was, he would always be a child in front of the woman he loved. Cheng Anya enjoyed Third Young Master Ye’s cuteness and childishness that wasn’t as cold and gloomy as always.

Third Young Master Ye sneered again. Cheng Anya hugged the thermos as if it was something precious and her heart felt warm like a ray of sunshine in the cold winter, very warm!

He tilted his head and saw her doing that unintentionally. At that moment, his heart, which seemingly made of ice, melted and the corners of his lips rose into a proud smile. The feelings of this woman really needed to be felt slowly.

As if nothing had happened, Third Young Master Ye asked Cheng Anya, “Are you planning to tell Ning Ning about this?”

Cheng Anya knew what he was referring to. She looked up and out the window and smiled. “This is not a big deal, so why would I tell him?”

Third Young Master Ye looked at her with deep feelings. Cheng Anya tilted her head. As they were still traveling in the outskirts of the town, she rolled down half of the window and the sunlight which had shone on her side profile made her look even more wonderful. Her fair skin was infused with a hint of pink underneath, like the color of peach blossoms in March. It was charming and attractive. A few strands of her long hair drifted with the wind and the fragrance of her hair diffused into the air. Her long and curly eyelashes that were flapping showed her feminine and gentle side. That scene froze in Third Young Master Ye’s heart.

She was unbelievably beautiful. He was surprised to realize that he’d rather be annoyed by those nightmares forever and live painfully than to lose her.

Her tone made her seem like she didn’t care and as if what he did was so insignificant that it wasn’t worth mentioning. ‘Little Anya, do you really not mind? Or is your pretense so on point that even I could not tell?’

How many women in the world could ever be so open-minded and don’t mind that the person she loves is blood-related to her?

From last night until today, only half a day, she had recovered from it faster than expected.

He couldn’t figure out why, but he was willing to believe her. The feeling in his heart would not lie. If she was sincere, what other considerations did he have?

His desire to have her had become firmer.

“The people in the Yang family wouldn’t let this matter off. Will you accept Yang Yun?” Third Young Master Ye said in a low voice with a hint of hatred. Even though he had suppressed it, Cheng Anya could still feel it.

“We were strangers for the past twenty years, and we will be in the future too. There should be no question of whether to accept him or not.” Cheng Anya smiled. Since Third Young Master Ye hated him so much and she didn’t have a good impression of him too, how did it matter even if he was her grandfather?

Would it change anything?

The people whom she admitted to having blood relationship with were only Daddy Cheng, who had raised her up, and Cheng Ningyuan, whom she carried for ten months in her belly and gave birth to. There was no one else.

A blood-related relationship was the closest relationship one can have with another person. How could she admit this relationship so easily?

Actually, one must be more grateful to the one who had raised them instead of the one who had given birth to them. Moreover, she was only the granddaughter of his and not his daughter. It was ridiculous for her to be torn over it. The relationship between a grandfather who didn’t go out much and a granddaughter was actually pretty much the same as the relationship between strangers.

Yang Yun being so persistent was probably due to Lin Xiaoyue, or perhaps… She looked at Third Young Master Ye and chuckled in secret. He wanted to make her the second Yang Xing in order to destroy MBS International. After all, it was Third Young Master Ye who was calling the shots in MBS International.

Humph, don’t blame her for having evil thoughts of him. Yang Yun had previous convictions and was insane. He even made use of the granddaughter that he had doted on for over a decade. How cruel. What evil he’d do to a granddaughter that he had no feelings for was needless to say.

From his appearance, he looked kinder than Old Master Ye. It was unexpected for him to be such a ruthless person.

If he had really planned to do that, dream on! She would never become the second Yang Xing.

She wouldn’t let him hurt Ye Chen again. Ultimately, many things had happened because of him.

“He had never thought to do that. To be honest, every time I dreamed of my mother in the middle of the night, I felt like intruding the Yang family and shooting him with my gun.” Third Young Master Ye’s face was cold and he didn’t even bother covering up his extreme hatred running in his blood.

“Kid, there’s a word in this world called being calm!” Cheng Anya smiled. “Violence is the reaction of humans without brains.”

Third Young Master Ye did not say anything, but his expression looked better. ‘She is right. Violence can’t solve problems at all.’

“Guessing how you are behaving so obediently in front of Old Master Ye, your motive in taking over MBS International is to destroy Yao Hua and then destroy MBS International, am I right?” Knowing how twisted Third Young Master Ye’s mind was, Cheng Anya dared to place a bet that what she guessed was ninety-nine percent correct, even if he denied it.

“How smart!” Third Young Master Ye did not avoid the question and admitted to it straight away. Cheng Anya smiled. It was expected of Third Young Master Ye!

“What a pity. Yao Hua also has senior, who is evenly matched with you.” At the thought of it, Yang Yun, although ruthless, had competent descendants. Did this prove the legendary saying, ‘When things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction’?

Cheng Anya became slightly awkward and was proud of her own wild imaginations.

Third Young Master Ye sneered and gave tacit consent to her words. The problem was indeed more difficult to solve with Yang Zekun helping Yao Hua.

Cheng Anya recalled the Yang Zekun last night and heaved a long sigh in her heart. What kind of evil sin had she committed that she had to deal with this complicated relationship now?

The grudges of one generation had affected three generations!

They were all old people that had one of their legs in the casket, so why did they still take things so hard?

The phone rang and Third Young Master Ye picked it up. It was Liu Xiaotian. She informed him that Old Master Ye and Louis were waiting for him in the office. Third Young Master Ye frowned and hung up the phone after acknowledging.

This was the first time Old Master Ye appeared in front of him since the start of the fight between Yao Hua and MBS International.

What a coincidence. They had come just a day after Fire Beacon Hall got into trouble. What was happening? Third Young Master Ye’s smart brain operated rapidly. ‘He is here with Louis. Perhaps he’s going to get rid of me and put Louis in charge today?’

He finally couldn’t take it anymore after having gone through all these hassles?

Want to get rid of him directly? Humph, how easy could that be?

Third Young Master Ye was rebellious in nature. He didn’t mind if he was in charge of MBS International or not. However, if someone were to snatch MBS International away from him, he would not hold back and would slap the person who had provoked him. Even if he really could not win against Louis, he would leave a clean and tidy MBS International for him.

Was he, Ye Chen, a pushover?

Cheng Anya judged his expression and kept quiet wisely. ‘So many things have happened recently. When would they stop?’ She guessed that senior would also be looking for her with the intention of bringing her back to the Yang family. Most importantly, he was eager to see her…

Leave Ye Chen!

“Ahhh, Louis…” Cheng Anya was suddenly reminded of his melancholic gentle smile and broke out in a cold sweat. She didn’t like that man.

Third Young Master Ye tilted his head and looked at her expression. He smiled slightly and said in a deep voice, “Don’t be scared. I’ll be here for you!”

“I’m not scared. I just felt that the way he looks at people really makes me uncomfortable. He’s like a snake…”

“I agree!” Third Young Master Ye smiled. They were really soul mates that had telepathy.




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