Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 245
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 245
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Chen and Cheng Anya entered MBS International one by one.

When Cheng Anya reached, Liu Xiaotian carried three cups of coffee into the president’s office with an uneasy mind. Cheng Anya’s mind was also in a mess. What exactly did Louis and Old Master Ye come for?

He hadn’t taken any action for such a long time. Suddenly visiting with Louis? Perhaps MBS International was going to experience a drastic change?

After Liu Xiaotian came out of the office, she clutched her chest, leaned over to Cheng Anya, and heaved a long sigh of relief. “Anya, Louis is so handsome! His jade green eyes are like a pair of gems! How attractive!”

Women always get infatuated easily. Their hearts would pound whenever they see pretty men. Cheng Anya had also appreciated Louis when she first saw him. However, after knowing about how sick he was, her appreciation for his beauty ceased.

Therefore, she understood how Liu Xiaotian felt.

“Stop being a nympho. Be careful that Director Li would abandon you.” Cheng Anya smiled. Director Li from the jewelry design department had hit it off with Liu Xiaotian. He was a fine young man who was very talented in jewelry design. Although he was a little weird, he chased after Liu Xiaotian crazily.

Liu Xiaotian smiled sweetly. “You’ll know how handsome he is when you see him. Anya, it’s hard to say. You might fall in love with his looks too.”

“I’ve seen him before!” Cheng Anya took out the budget sheet and smiled. “Third Young Master Ye is more handsome!”

Liu Xiaotian widened her eyes in shock as President Ye and Anya were always fighting. Since when would she give compliments on President Ye’s looks? Did the sun rise from the west today?

Cheng Anya knew what she was thinking about. She laughed and handed the budget sheet over to her. “You’ll see the difference once you put them side by side. Xiaotian, this budget sheet has some mistakes in it. Please amend the mistakes and reprint it. Luckily, I checked. If not, we’d be in deep trouble. Reprint!”

“Uh, really?” Liu Xiaotian was shocked. She did not have the mind to gossip anymore and went back to her seat immediately to check the data on the budget sheet. If Ye Chen found out about the mistake, she and Cheng Anya would definitely die. He would punish them by copying it manually for three days and three nights.

How sick!

Except for Cheng Anya, the girls in the secretariat had all been punished like that before. It was too tragic to look at and they felt that their hands were almost gone.

Liu Xiaotian had been punished once and it left a deep impression on her. Ever since then, she was very careful as she did not want to repeat the nightmare again.

Cheng Anya laughed. Third Young Master Ye’s methods were as usual, very sick. She looked in the direction of the president’s office, smiled, and went into deep thought.


Her hair stood on end whenever she was reminded of his snake-like gaze.

The president’s office.

The three of them confronted each other. Louis was still like a melancholic prince with a jade-like, peaceful gaze. Old Master Ye was calm, while Third Young Master Ye looked cool and indifferent…

The atmosphere between the three men was really strange.

“Vice-president?” Third Young Master Ye raised the corners of his lips coldly. His delicate facial features showed a hint of mockery. “Dad, are you sure?”

Old Master Ye had cut to the chase as soon as he arrived. He said that he wanted Louis to invest in MBS International and make him the vice-president of MBS International. What a joke. Third Young Master Ye did not have other expressions other than smiling coldly.

“What’s the matter? Do you disagree?” Old Master Ye asked in a low voice, attacking him ruthlessly. “You have fought with Yang Zekun for such a long time and the heavy losses proved that you do not have a chance to win at all. Not even one bank dared to loan money to MBS International. Do you expect me to do nothing but witness the downfall of my own family business?”

What a legitimate excuse! Well said! Third Young Master Ye was impressed. Joining hands with his opponents to attack him first before ranting about how incapable he was to win the fight? What a good show that he had put on. Too bad the actors couldn’t act.

“Why don’t you ask who was the one who started this fight?”

“I won’t question the process. I only look at the results. MBS International is now tight on funds. You can’t fill in the financial gap but Louis can. Why don’t you want it? If you lose the project of Repulse Bay, it would definitely cause a great loss to MBS International. Yao Hua would then seize the chance to take over MBS International. Do you want to lose to Yang Zekun?” Old Master Ye said coldly. He was clear of the relationship between them even though he did not step out of the house.

Things were getting more and more complicated.

Third Young Master Ye crossed his legs and leaned back. He laughed sarcastically with a hint of mockery. “Mister Louis, is this what you want?”

Louis’ peaceful eyes flashed past a moment of surprise but he covered it up immediately and smiled. “Doesn’t Third Young Master like to work together with me?”

“Believe me, you’re annoying!” Third Young Master Ye smiled elegantly and spat out those words coldly. Who in the world would like a poisonous snake?

Old Master Ye face darkened. “Watch your words!”

“Dad, I’ve been talking like this since the start. Are you still not used to it? Who do you think Louis is? Do I have to kneel down and lick his toes?” Ye Chen said coldly while giving Old Master Ye a cold, sharp gaze.

He had a natural royal demeanor that could stress people out. Every action of his was decisive and ruthless.

Old Master Ye did not look well, while Louis seemed to have thought of something. He looked at Third Young Master Ye with an ambiguous gaze, his line of sight moving downward, raised the corners of his lips, and smiled attractively.

“Ye Chen!” Old Master Ye was furious. Louis comforted him softly. “Uncle, this is our style of communication. It’s okay!”

Old Master Ye’s anger ceased after he heard those words. He glared at Third Young Master Ye and warned him to behave himself.

Third Young Master Ye sneered. Look, what kind of unfair treatment was this? Everything he said was wrong. Even when he had kept quiet, Old Master Ye could pick on him too. Louis had just spoken one sentence calmly and he stopped being angry. If one didn’t know, they would think that Louis was his son and Ye Chen was his enemy.

“If he is so important to you and has gained your trust, why make him the vice-president? I would gladly give him my position as the president.” Third Young Master Ye was sarcastic. He was happy to see Old Master Ye turn angry again.

In just a few moments, he had experienced from being furious to being calm only to be angered again. Would he get a stroke if this happened a few times more? Third Young Master Ye secretly thought of it in his twisted mind. His mind was indeed very dark.

“Will you agree to it?” Old Master Ye sneered. He did not believe that Third Young Master Ye would give up his position. He was clearer than anyone that MBS International represented power and wealth. Men always place their own interests first before anything else.

“Of course, no!” Third Young Master Ye spoke slowly, word by word. When he had taken over the position as MBS International’s president, Old Master Ye, including Ye Yutang and Ye Yutong, had a total of fifty-three percent share of MBS International, while Third Young Master Ye had none. Old Master Ye had made him the president in exchange for his fifteen percent of the shares.

Until today, including the shares he had secretly bought, he already had thirty-eight percent of the shares. If a war was to start, most of the people on the board of directors were Old Master Ye’s people. However, Third Young Master Ye had taken some actions which made some of them turn to side with him.



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