Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 246 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 246 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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In this world, power was everything. Anyone would be loyal if one had power. Third Young Master Ye expected that they would betray Old Master Ye.

If the fight was to start, it was still difficult to tell who would win. Old Master Ye and Louis were probably aware of this, so they didn’t dare to act rashly.

However, Third Young Master Ye understood his words. If he was willing to step down, Old Master Ye would be more than happy to let Louis take over immediately. He couldn’t help but stare at Louis once more. According to Old Master Ye’s character, he could even endure and let him be in charge of MBS International despite how much he hated him. Then, why and how would he trust Louis so easily?


Louis saw Third Young Master Ye staring at him and he smiled. The melancholic prince looked as gentle as ever. Third Young Master Ye’s gaze was cold. “It is rare for father to place so much trust in one person.”

It was obviously sarcasm.

“That’s because he’s worth my trust!” Old Master Ye said in a deep voice. “Only Louis has the way to help MBS International given the circumstances now. I do not ever want to lose to Yao Hua in any aspect.”

“If Louis hadn’t invested in Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise and declared their partnership from the start, everything would have been fine. Isn’t it ridiculous that you have gotten MBS International into trouble and then complain that it was too troublesome?” Third Young Master Ye smiled.

Old Master Ye’s gaze darkened while Louis showed his melancholic smile like a prince. “Third Young Master Ye, I think there might be a misunderstanding. How could the person who invested in them be me? I respect uncle a lot and would not ever ruin his kingdom.”

His glib talk sounded as sweet as a song. “Then, I’m really sorry to have misunderstood you!”

“It’s okay. Third Young Master Ye was also fooled by others. I won’t blame you for it!” Louis’s melancholic gaze had a hint of loneliness, as if he felt very wronged after being misunderstood.

A kind of loneliness that would kill girls within seconds.

Third Young Master Ye sneered coldly.

Old Master Ye’s eyes narrowed and said, “It’s decided!”

Third Young Master Ye spread out his hands, speechless. His elegant smile was emotionless while his delicate face showed slight mockery. He did not have a say in this matter right from the start. Whether he accepted or denied, Louis would still succeed.

“If father doesn’t mind Italian mafia’s godfather taking over MBS International, then I have no opinions.”

“What about the mafia? The mafia has its own legitimate business too. I don’t mind putting Louis in charge of MBS International at all. I believe that he would push MBS International to its peak and destroy Yao Hua completely,” Old Master Ye said in a low voice, word by word, emphasizing every letter.

Looking at how alike Third Young Master Ye and Yang Yun looked, he became more furious. It was as though he had to bear with looking at him.

Third Young Master Ye pursed his lips coldly and stared at Old Master Ye indifferently. What did he mean? Was he secretly mocking at him, saying that he was too incompetent to destroy Yao Hua?


‘Why doesn’t he do it himself if he wants someone capable? Why does he need to work with a stranger?’

How would the outside world guess the relationship between MBS International and the Italian mafia? Because MBS International could not take Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise’s attacks, it decided to join hands with the Italian mafia and let the underworld take advantage of legal business? Third Young Master Ye was indeed evil and ruthless. If MBS International retaliated against Yao Hua and Yun Enterprise, it would fit the rumor and make it more exciting. Third Young Master Ye’s smile was getting colder and colder. He didn’t care about how the outside world would think of him.

He was more worried about what Louis was going to do after he had joined MBS International.

“Okay, since father has said it, then we shall do that. I have absolutely no opinions. Mister Louis, how much would you like to invest in us?” Third Young Master Ye wasn’t dumb. “If you want this position, you’ll have to pay for it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to explain this to the board of directors.”

Old Master Ye frowned. He was about to say something when Louis smiled and said, “Twenty billion. Is it enough?”

“Oh, won or yen?”

Old Master Ye’s gaze darkened. He was very unhappy about the sarcastic remarks of Third Young Master Ye. However, Louis enjoyed hearing them and even reacted to it. “Chinese yuan!”

“What a small sum of money!” Although Third Young Master Ye sneered, he was secretly impressed as it was not easy for Louis to be able to bring out twenty billion when he himself was tight on funds.

Louis raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly and melancholy. He reached out his hand. “Then, Third Young Master, I wish us enjoyable cooperation!”

The corners of Third Young Master Ye’s lips twitched and he reached out his hand for a handshake as well. Louis suddenly increased his strength and Third Young Master Ye reacted by sneering and holding his hand tighter, which almost broke Louis’ hand. ‘Arm-wrestling? Aren’t you seeking your own death?’

That matter was really decided!

“Ye Chen, I received some news last night, saying that your secretary, Cheng Anya, is Yang Yun’s granddaughter. Is that true?” Old Master Ye asked in a low voice. When he first knew about it, he was extremely angry. Although many years had passed, the feeling of humiliation was still vivid to him.

To men, the grudge of snatching a man’s wife was greater than the grudge of killing one’s father. What Yang Yun had done to him was unforgettable for him for his entire life. Even if he had fallen in love with Yang Xing afterward, he still couldn’t forget about the past that had hurt his pride.

And Cheng Anya was the live evidence that reminded him of his humiliation.

Her mother might have died, but she was still alive. She was the only person in the world that was blood-related to Lin Xiaoyue. He knew that she had some sort of relationship with Lin Xiaoyue when he first saw her in the hospital. They had similar facial features after all.

But he never expected it to be true.

How he wished he could strangle that embarrassing evidence. However, he developed a plan for revenge at the thought of Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye’s son!

Yang Yun had really brought this upon himself. Both of his grandsons were in love with his granddaughter. What a complicated relationship. If this was exposed to the public, Third Young Master Ye and Yang Yun’s reputations were sure to be swept away.

But to him, having things that happened more than a decade ago dug out was also a humiliation.

Moreover, he was reminded of Yang Xing… Ye Zhenhua frowned and looked at Third Young Master Ye with his hateful gaze.

“This has nothing to do with you!” Third Young Master Ye was careful. His eyes narrowed and he clenched his fists tightly, very cautious.

Old Master Ye laughed. “Nothing to do with me? Do you think that that has nothing to do with me? Break up with her immediately. Do you know that this is incest? Do you want to let everyone know about this?”

Incest. How ear-piercing to hear. Ye Chen’s memories came back to him again. He gritted his teeth and said sarcastically, “Thanks to whom?”

Ye Zhenhua was stunned!

“Hate Yang Yun if you want to. If it wasn’t for him, everything wouldn’t have happened and your mother…”

“Shut up!” Third Young Master Ye shouted with a cold gaze.

Old Master Ye laughed coldly and did not say a word anymore. As he was leaving the office with Louis, Third Young Master Ye held back his anger and said coldly, “Louis, you stay. I have something to discuss with you!”

Louis raised his eyebrows. “Uncle, you go first. I’ll talk to Third Young Master Ye.”

Old Master Ye didn’t say anything and went out. The door of the office suddenly opened and Old Master Ye went out with an angry expression. Everybody was shocked at first, but they got used to it quickly. Old Master Ye scanned Cheng Anya with his eyes and ordered, “You, send me to the lobby!”

Cheng Anya’s heart sank. She was working at MBS International and he was the old president. It seemed like she couldn’t reject his orders. Cheng Anya stood up and smiled. “Okay!”




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