Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 247 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 247 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Inside the president’s office, Third Young Master Ye and Louis seemed like they were in a stalemate. The atmosphere was even more tense than when Old Master Ye was around.

It was ice cold!

Louis smiled. “What happened, Third Young Master Ye? Do you have anything to say?”

He did not fear Third Young Master Ye’s coldness at all and continued to smile gently. His emerald green eyes were as if he had a sorrow that was never-ending. It was so strong that it made people pity him. He looked so harmless, like a gentle little beast.

“What exactly do you want to do?” Third Young Master Ye asked coldly. He could not be bothered with beating around the bush with Louis. There was no point in doing such things for smart people and it was better to go straight to the point. “You have so much power and a region to rule. The small MBS International is definitely not important to you. Louis, I don’t understand why you have to do this.”

“Do you think that I want MBS International?” Louis raised his eyebrows, seemingly interested. “Third Young Master Ye is so smart, so how would you not have guessed it?”

“Sorry, we are of different races. We have a gap no matter how smart I am!”

“Haha! Third Young Master Ye, you are so humorous!” Louis smiled gently and did not mind Third Young Master Ye’s calling him a beast. He actually admired Third Young Master Ye’s humor and Third Young Master Ye’s eyes became even colder.

The whole office was filled with a thick layer of ice.

“Louis, you attacked Chu Li and were schemed against by Chu Li and lost a batch of weapons for nothing. Fire Beacon Hall was also destroyed yesterday and suffered a huge loss. Do you think it is worth it to lose so much just to get MBS International?” Third Young Master Ye sneered coldly. “Don’t you think you’ve lost more than what you’ve gained?”

“You are really well-informed.” A trace of shine flashed past and Louis was a little shocked. But then he felt that there was nothing to be surprised about. Third Young Master Ye had a big Dragon Gate and news always spread around quickly in their field.

“You have flattered me. I am not as capable as you. You actually controlled the whole Fire Beacon Hall under our eyes.” Third Young Master Ye smiled and looked gentlemanly, making people unaware of his malevolence. “Too bad it was destroyed. You’re so unlucky.”

Greed had no limits was a saying applicable to Louis. His ambitions were too big and he would definitely be back to bite.

“You must be gloating, right?” Louis was not angry and asked while smiling. Third Young Master Ye was gloomy. No matter how he provoked him, Louis always had the face of a melancholic prince. Third Young Master felt like he was punching on cotton and felt gloomy.

“Someone had helped me clear away a stumbling block, so of course I will gloat.” Third Young Master Ye was an honest child. He did not care about Louis’ feelings as he was in a good mood.

After all, it was a good feeling to see his enemy suffer.

“If Dragon Gate gets destroyed someday, do you think I will gloat?” Louis asked him. Third Young Master Ye smiled. “Then, we shall see if you have the capability.”

“Do you think that the mafia would not be able to deal with a small Dragon Gate?”

Third Young Master Ye laughed out loudly. “How could it be? Dragon Gate is not as strong as the mafia. However, we have never interfered in your business and our power and influence are concentrated in different areas. Why? Do you think you can move the whole mafia to the northern part of the US? Do you think the FBI is useless?”

Louis smiled gently and did not rebut. Indeed, Third Young Master Ye was speaking the truth. “I think Third Young Master Ye enjoys playing the game of borrowing a knife to kill someone. Am I right?”

Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows. “Whose hands do you want to borrow? Furthermore, how did Dragon Gate offend you for you to take so much action?”

“I was just saying. How could you take it for real? Why would I destroy Dragon Gate for no reason?” Louis smiled and his eyes looked gloomy, showing a trace of sadness. “But, as a business partner, it is really sad that Third Young Master Ye is gloating at my misfortune.”

“I am very happy!” Third Young Master Ye smiled and crossed his legs. “I’m not sure if you have received the news recently that Jason, Blackjack, and Chu Li are very tempted to declare war on the mafia.”

Louis narrowed his eyes and his emerald eyes looked slightly shocked, but it flashed past very quickly and he calmed down instantly. “The mafia and terrorist group fighting? Hehe, how many years has this news been spreading around? When have you witnessed them fighting?”

If there was only a dark force in this world, then it would be very scary and the government would be panicking. However, if there were two dark forces with equal power, then the government would be very happy as the two forces could restrain each other.

Therefore, the terrorist group and mafia would not fight.

Especially after Louis took over the mafia, they controlled a few more international mafia and their power expanded quickly. It made the fight even harder to happen unless a third party could ensure that both the mafia and terrorist group would suffer a lot.

“This is hard to say. Wasn’t Chu Li and gang the ones that destroyed Fire Beacon Hall and stole your money?”

“Oh, you are so well-informed. How come I didn’t know that the terrorist group was the one that destroyed Fire Beacon Hall?” Louis smiled as he asked. His emerald eyes were very cold. Why was Third Young Master Ye so well-informed? How did he know about things that even Louis could not find out about?

Even if Dragon Gate had relationships all over the world, it was impossible for them to search for such confidential matters.

Louis was like a melancholic prince. There was a dark and cold atmosphere on him.

“Dragon Gate is the only organization in City A that could destroy Fire Beacon Hall. Ye Wei wanted to kill you and Dragon Gate sent ten of the best killers to protect you. Given their ability, it was easy for them if they wanted Fire Beacon Hall to disappear silently.”

Louis had suspected since yesterday that Dragon Gate was the mastermind behind all these, but he did not find any evidence after sending people to investigate.

“This is sound reasoning. If it was me, I would think so too. But the Fire Beacon Hall incident had no survivors, so if you want to know the truth, you can only go down to hell and ask them.” Third Young Master Ye laughed in a savage manner.

Louis’ eyes narrowed. “Do you have any evidence that it was done by the terrorist group?”

“So what if I have the evidence?” Third Young Master Ye sneered. Actually, he made things up. According to common sense, this was not a simple mafia taking revenge. It was obviously a wipe-out operation.

“So you don’t have any evidence?”

“I will not tell you even if I do. You’d better go back to Italy. Do not wait until Jason bombs the mafia’s camp. You will be homeless then.” Ye Chen sneered. “We are not related no matter in the black or white world and should mind one’s business. You do not care about a small MBS International, so why did you listen to my dad and provoke me?”

“After saying so much, you just want me to leave City A?” Louis smiled. “But Third Young Master Ye, I have spent so much effort, but I still have not got what I want. Do you think I will give up half-way?”

‘Third Young Master Ye, do you know what I want? MBS International? What a joke. Why would I want MBS International?’ Louis was already powerful enough and was at the top of the world, looking down at everyone. Having MBS International was only making it even better for him?

What’s the point?

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