Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 256 - To ‘Curry Favor’
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 256 - To ‘Curry Favor’
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Miss Cheng, who was always low-profile and pure, became famous overnight. News had spread around the company that she was instantly elevated and became MBS International’s most attraction-drawing lady and the most badass woman in MBS International’s history.

The best men in the office who were planning to pursue Cheng Anya reevaluated the situation and changed their minds. Firstly, no typical men would be able to get their reins on a badass woman like Miss Cheng. MBS employees, who typically had a bit of arrogance which stemmed from their status and limitless potential, would lose face if their women wore the pants at home.

It was better off to observe than flirt with opium poppies.

Secondly, Louis was demonstrating an immense interest in Cheng Anya. Hence, they had no guts to trifle with Miss Cheng. Since love rivals tended to be an immense eyesore, anyone who pissed Louis off could be easily offed by Louis.

If one treasured their life, they should stay away from Miss Cheng.

In a long period of time, people in MBS International talked about Louis and were automatically reminded of a saying: old people pretend to be young by putting on airs!

This was Louis’ signature modus operandi.

When Third Young Master Ye returned to the office and heard about the latest gossip going around, he was happy and smiled elegantly.

“Miss Cheng, you are performing very well today. An additional bonus is on the way,” Third Young Master Ye said sassily as he walked into the president’s office. Liu Xiaotian and company were shocked as Cheng Anya kept her head down and focused on her work.

She automatically ignored what he said!

Mentioning wages would have been better than bonuses as the former lasted for a year as compared to a month for the latter—Cheng Anya thought to herself.

There were several meetings in the afternoon and Liu Xiaotian was so angered by Chief Inspector Li that she was not able to focus the whole afternoon. Chen Juan and Guan Rutong had to share her workload and send the compiled information to Cheng Anya to tidy up, analyze, and select the information to be photocopied in the afternoon.

The secretariat was overwhelmed with work. Since it was a given that Louis would become the vice-president of MBS, Ye Chen’s current course of action would be to hollow out his power base. Although Louis was part of the decision-making circle, it would be impossible for him to threaten Ye Chen at the moment.

As Cheng Anya passed the information to Third Young Master Ye for his perusal, Third Young Master Ye asked her, “How does it feel to become the center of gossip?” He smiled and looked at Cheng Anya as he spun the fountain pen in his hand.

“It feels pretty good for now.” Cheng Anya smiled as she left the documents on his table. “President Ye, for your perusal.”

Third Young Master Ye looked at the little mountain of a document. He knew how capable she was and was not too worried about her performance. He was, however, more interested in something else. “I hear that many people are pursuing you?”

He looked at the CCTV footage from the cafeteria, and boy were there quite a number of men who surrounded her. While he knew that Cheng Anya was beautiful and deemed as the most beautiful lady in MBS International, he did not expect so many guys to thirst after his woman.

Before Louis even appeared, he was already fuming and contemplating torching his oblivious subordinates. He especially disliked men who were ogling Cheng Anya like bees. The mentally unsound Third Young Master Ye even especially remembered which men.

When Ye Chen saw Louis appear as if he was a melancholic prince and with such pomp, his anger boiled over. He was, however, laughing out loud when Cheng Anya made fun of Louis.

Hence, Miss Cheng was beautiful however one looked at her. Regardless, he did not understand how such a sweet face was able to see something so sharp, and he was super pleased as he saw Louis’ face.

However, being pleased was one thing. He was still extremely displeased at the fact that others were pursuing her and he wished he could compact her into a miniature Anya that he could hide in his pocket.

His possessive tendencies toward her were terrifying.

“This young lady has been pursued by many since kindergarten and is very welcome in London. Do you have something against that?” Cheng Anya raised her brow and gently asked in return. Her gaze could not be even gentler.

F***, she dared to call Third Young Master Ye out on his concealed unhappiness.

To turn about and laugh was typical of Cheng Anya too!

“I have something against that. I want them to die of exhaustion.” Third Young Master Ye laughed shrewdly as he squeezed the words through his teeth.

Therefore, over the next few days, the best men in the office had endless OT and their cases kept them endlessly busy. With less than two hours of sleep daily, they were overworked to the point of near-death. The president even confirming there was no OT pay left them puzzled.

They did not expect their president to be so madly jealous of them.

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence. She had never planned to talk about her opinion, but she already knew since the cafeteria that somebody was going to get unlucky. As long as she was not that person, keeping to herself was the best policy.

“Whatever suits you!” Cheng Anya smiled sweetly.

Both of them looked at each other and laughed. Their laughter became even calmer, shrewd, and warped!

Third Young Master Ye and Miss Cheng were partners in crime.

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot to tell you. As I was meeting Fourth Young Master Tang and company, I met your good cousin!” Third Young Master Ye emphasized ‘good cousin’ especially heavily and coldly. “He wanted me to tell you ‘it’s time to go home!’”


Go home? What a joke! How could there be so many arrogant people around?

Cheng Anya felt disgusted when she thought about Yang Zekun’s pleased face yesterday. She was irritated at him for wanting to see Third Young Master Ye become a joke, and the goodwill that did exist between them would eventually wear down over time.

“Each to their own homes and mothers!” Cheng Anya smiled gently and stepped out of the door. There were many things to complete in the afternoon, and she had no time for such trivial affairs.

After a moment, the reception on the first floor called to inform her she had a parcel. Cheng Anya cleared the parcel, and nobody expected it to be a big bouquet of roses. The delivery man, a young chap who looked fresh to the workforce, politely told Cheng Anya there were ninety-nine roses.

Liu Xiaotian and Guan Rutong gushed as Cheng Anya quietly acknowledged the parcel. There was a card on the parcel, and everyone scooted around it to see a simple message on the card: You will belong to me.

Signing off, Louis.

“Wow… It’s the vice-president!” Chen Juan exclaimed that Cheng Anya’s romantic life was about to turn.

“The vice-president is so charming, so romantic…”

“Anya, it’s so rare that he is still head over heels for you despite how you treated him in the afternoon. That is so perfect…”

It was indeed perfect! Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched and she suddenly felt murderous coldness behind her.

The ladies quickly returned to their positions and Cheng Anya turned around, her back frozen. Third Young Master Ye’s face was so cold that even the air around it condensed. From previous experience, this pleasant bouquet of roses would be thrown out of the window and destroyed without a trace.

“Liu Xiaotian, Guan Rutong, order a bouquet of 9999 roses and pile them up here!” Third Young Master Ye chilly said as he slammed the door shut and left the level vibrating.

Everybody looked at each other, speechless, whilst Cheng Anya remained helplessly silent.




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