Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 261 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 261 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya scanned the dance floor with her eyes, seeing that many men and women had entered the dance floor. Everyone danced the smooth, elegant Waltz. On the dance floor, there were elegant skirts and graceful postures. She then looked at CEO Zhang again.

She was 164 cm tall. With her 10 cm heels, she was about 170 cm. But CEO Zhang… Sorry, she was a member of the Appearance Association[1].

Moreover, he looked like a pervert.

Cheng Anya smiled lightly. With an elegant posture, she said, “I’m sorry, CEO Zhang, my high-heel shoes are hurting my feet a little. I’m afraid it’s not that convenient.”

CEO Zhang did not expect that a mere secretary would reject his invitation and was embarrassed. This would happen often when a secretary came to a socializing event with her boss. If not, why was it called a socializing event?

The other secretaries of Third Young Master Ye had been brought to the dance floor. Hence, CEO Zhang dared to invite her for a dance.

“Miss Cheng, it’s okay. The dance moves of Waltz are gentle, so it won’t hurt your feet too much.” CEO Zhang smiled lecherously at Cheng Anya and wanted to go and pull her over. He had not even gone near her when he was pinched by a strong hand.

Third Young Master Ye puckered his lips. “CEO Zhang, my secretary said it’s not convenient.”

“President Ye, come on. It’s just a dance. Isn’t this what’s she supposed to do as a secretary?” CEO Zhang was unhappy after being rejected so many times. The fats on his pig-like face jiggled and it seemed to insist that Cheng Anya dance with him.

Cheng Anya thought to herself that Third Young Master Ye must not get mad at such an event. At most, she’d just sacrifice and comply with the old man’s demands. Anyway, it was only a dance. She had been taken advantage of before when she went to socializing events with Klose. She could bear it if it wasn’t too overboard.

“President Ye…”

“CEO Zhang, my secretary is not an escort girl!” Before Cheng Anya spoke, Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows with a smile. “You can see who my other secretaries are with, and then compare them to yourself. Are you worth for me to let my head secretary dance with you?”

Third Young Master Ye was not a person who would sacrifice his secretaries to accompany his clients. Liu Xiaotian and Guan Rutong were dancing with people he was familiar with and they were decent and gentlemanly. Even if they had fallen in love with the beauty of the girls, they would not touch them or humiliate them openly.

That was one of the reasons why Liu Xiaotian and the other girls were loyal to him. Unlike other bosses, no matter who the men were, they would push them out to socialize for their own sake.

“Third Young Master Ye, you…” It was obvious that the humiliation had made CEO Zhang angry. “You’re too much of a bully!”

“What’s wrong with bullying you? It’s easier for me to crush you than crush an ant. You can bully me back if you have the ability to!” Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled coldly.

Cheng Anya was a little frightened and tucked the sleeve of Third Young Master Ye. “President Ye, stop talking. Let him go.”

Some people had noticed the commotion. It was not Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye’s intention to attract attention. This reception was very important for MBS International. It was not only a reception to celebrate Louis officially taking office but also the alliance between the mafia and MBS International. It was also the first ceremony that Old Master Ye attended in years, which showed how grand the ceremony was.

Third Young Master Ye was used to doing whatever he wanted, but it was not an ordinary party. He couldn’t stir up trouble.

“CEO Zhang, I’m sorry. President Ye’s pet is ill today, so he’s in a bad mood. Please forgive us.” Cheng Anya smiled and said, “MBS international will send you a generous apology.”

She was used to dealing with such scenes and spoke in a very charming way. CEO Zhang tried to calm down a bit and smiled at Cheng Anya. “Are you going to send it in person?”

Third Young Master Ye frowned. “Scram!”

CEO Zhang’s smile disappeared and he became angry. “Humph, I’ll leave. Isn’t she just your personal prostitute? What is there to be proud of?”

Cheng Anya’s face changed. As soon as he said this, she knew that something bad was going to happen. Before she could stop Third Young Master Ye, her eyes blurred and Third Young Master Ye had grabbed CEO Zhang’s tie and lifted him up in front of him.

He was tall whereas CEO Zhang was short and fat. She reckoned that he should at least weigh about ninety kilograms. If he could be lifted like this, it meant that Third Young Master Ye’s strength was amazing. At that moment, his bones made sounds and the veins in his forehead popped out.

However, he could still smile gracefully. “What did you say? Say it again?”

“What are you doing, Ye Chen?! Let go, or I will not be polite to you… Cough, cough…”

Before he finished his words, Third Young Master Ye punched him hard in the jaw, and Cheng Anya seemed to hear something clucking and breaking. His punch was extremely powerful. CEO Zhang flew two meters away from him and he spat out a mouthful of blood as well as several white… teeth.

CEO Zhang screamed like a pig. The whole party went silent, and Cheng Anya was stunned…

“Who is rude to whom?” Third Young Master Ye tidied his sleeves gracefully. He was still as charming with a smile, as if he had just casually hit a mosquito. Cheng Anya was impressed by his calmness.

The commotion of the party soon alarmed the bodyguards. Several men from Dragon Gate who disguised themselves in the party quickly formed a semi-circle to protect Third Young Master Ye as it was dangerous in a commotion. After all, Ye Wei was still covetous. They were afraid that she would take action during the party.

Third Young Master Ye’s five secretaries quickly returned to his side and pulled away Cheng Anya to ask her about what had happened. Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders and didn’t answer.

“Ye Chen, do you feel uncomfortable with not destroying the party?” Old Master Ye was furious and he didn’t care about the occasion anymore. He just wanted to beat Third Young Master Ye up with a crutch. Cheng Anya’s eardrums were shaken by his roar.

Because it was Third Young Master Ye who hit the man, the bodyguards didn’t dare to say anything and just helped CEO Zhang out to the hospital.

“Ye Chen, I want to sue you… I want to sue you…” CEO Zhang, crying and howling, said that as he was dragged out of the hotel. The staff quickly cleaned up the scene. The corners of Cheng Anya’s eyes twitched. Third Young Master Ye had really broken four of his teeth…

She was embarrassed!

“Dad, why didn’t you choose guests by their level of morality? If you can make do with this kind of people, then you deserve to be trained by me.” Third Young Master Ye sneered. His mouth was too cheap. He just couldn’t help but teach him a lesson. He must have been too arrogant, thinking that he would not hit him on his territory.


Dare to humiliate his little Anya—he was considered lucky to have only a few teeth knocked down.

“You…” The pun offended Old Master Ye too. Old Master Ye was angry. There were flashing lights not far away. This was big news.

It was not a secret that the Ye family’s father and son weren’t on good terms. However, it was a first that they mocked each other in public as they had always acted like they were on good terms.

But it was not the first time that Third Young Master Ye had beaten people up. Last year, in order to protect You Lili, he had hit the CEO of another group.

“Dad, I said, you have to pay attention to your manners.” Third Young Master Ye reminded him with a smile. Louis’ jade green eyes darkened for a moment. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the door…

[1] To say someone is in the Appearance Association means that he or she judges people based on their looks.




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