Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 264 - The Badass Miss Cheng
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 264 - The Badass Miss Cheng
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Anya, if you are that insistent, I will ruin him,” Yang Yun pointed at Third Young Master Ye and said calmly.

“Yang Yun, you are not capable enough to ruin my son. Get that granddaughter of yours out of here. Seeing your family here makes me disgusted.” Ye Zhenhua coldly laughed as he looked on mockingly with a sharp gaze.

“Ye Zhenhua, please do not think that whatever happened in the Ye family those years are secrets. Nobody may have known that you sent him off to America for god knows what, and if these things get exposed to the world… Do you think your son can still stand tall?” Yang Yun said extremely coldly.

“Yang Yun! How shameless of you!” Ye Zhenhua’s brows knitted as he raged.

Third Young Master Ye’s gaze sank and his anger rose. Cheng Anya immediately held his hand and smiled. “Ah Chen, have you forgotten what you told me? If you keep on forgetting what I said, how can I believe that you will treat me well for the rest of my life?”

Louis’ brows were slightly raised as he interestingly looked on at the deep undercurrents that belied both families’ relationships. An unseen interest and happiness glinted past in his emerald gaze whilst Yang Zekun was in excruciating pain. Louis could not be bothered with whatever happened to Third Young Master Ye. He only wanted Cheng Anya to return to the Yang family, and he would look over her like a brother would even if he could not get involved with her.

Anybody except Third Young Master Ye could give her happiness. He could not accept her living together with Third Young Master Ye.

Yun Ruoxi was gloating at their misfortune. When Third Young Master Ye dumped her at the start and settled for Cheng Anya, she became a laughingstock and she, till today, did not dare to appear among the socialites for fear of being belittled and humiliated with her past dug out.

Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya caused her to be in this plight today and she was naturally happy, even eager perhaps, for them to be in even more misery. Had the outside world known that Third Young Master Ye engaged in incest and borne a son with his cousin, that would have been sensational news in City A that would have cost him his foothold.

Third Young Master Ye’s anger was softened by her gentle voice. Dear Anya had once said that nobody would be able to hurt the Ye Chen given his accomplishments and positions today? Rage was an expression of weakness that helped one’s opponent achieve their aims. She did not want a cowardly man.

Dear Anya said, “I love you, and I do not care whether we are cousins.”

The words reverberated in his mind and he recalled her gentle smile and the kiss the night before. Third Young Master Ye became calm.

“Oh, whatever works for you then!” Third Young Master Ye smiled coldly and spoke calmly. He was not turbulent, and the elegance that oozed from within him made him seem calm and measured. Yang Yun was secretly surprised at how he could be so calm.

Those things were enough to ruin his life, and digging the dirt out would not only run his reputation into the ground but also give him recurring nightmares. Those did not matter to him?

No way!

He, in his entire life, could not have recovered from the pain.

Yang Yun was coldly smiling and about to speak when Cheng Anya gently told him off. “Have you had enough?”

“Anya, do not speak to grandfather this way…”

“That’s your grandfather, not my grandfather.” Cheng Anya interrupted Yang Zekun before he could complete his sentence. There was a hint of frost in her gentle face as she held onto Ye Chen. “You are already so old. What more do you want to do when you are already half a feet into the coffin? Ruling the marketplace your whole life is not enough for you to the point you even want others to perish with you? Old Master Ye was right about you. You are indeed shameless. As to grandfather, please stop. My grandmother and grandfather have long passed away, so do not get so friendly with me because I do not know you and want nothing to do with you.”

“Anya, stop!” Yang Zekun raged. He would not allow anybody to talk about his grandfather, the person he respected the most, this way. That included Cheng Anya.

Louis’ brows were raised and the interest in his gaze grew. This lady sure had one heck of a personality, clearly loved and hated, and was so smart and strong. It seemed that she was the only one who had the guts to talk to Yang Yun in this manner, and this was the reason why he took an interest in her. If he wanted to lead Cheng Anya on at the start because of Third Young Master Ye, this woman had now stirred his desire to conquer her.

To tame such a woman and see her in her naked glory was such a beautiful scene that left him… aroused.

Ye Zhenhua was at a loss for words and looked at Cheng Anya with some surprise.

“He is afraid of people talking about it although he did it. One should expect retribution for grabbing someone else’s fiancée, and you should quietly endure the punch that people land on you for that. You deserve it and have to avoid people for the rest of your life. What do you stand to gain by pulling off scheme after scheme? Moreover, you grabbed someone else’s fiancée and was unable to make her fall head over heels for you, and she did not even look for you after surviving suicide by jumping into a river! And you even use your own daughter to inflict revenge on others and torture Ye Chen. What is your reason for hating him? If I were Ye Chen, I would find it disgusting that your blood flowed in me. So, please do not go all chatty on me and play that merciful look. Thinking of what you had done in the past and seeing your merciful face is revolting. I am guessing that you want to bring me back to the Yang family to be the next Yang Xing, no? That’s why I say, why is your life such a thorough failure? If you want to duke it out with MBS International, show some real capability. What kind of senior are you to use your daughter and granddaughter? Yang Yun, you are as good as it gets when it comes to being a decent human. My mother and grandmother did not mention about you their entire lives, and my mother naturally did not mention anything about you to me. What does this say? They did not want to have anything to do with you. My grandfather and grandmother loved each other their whole lives, and you did not even stick a finger into that. What is the point of getting all hopeful and indulging in wishful thinking? My surname is Cheng, and I will not leave Ye Chen, so why keep that dribble going? Would saying more change my mind? If you did not catch me turning you down several times, you are either hard of hearing or unable to comprehend human language!”

The loaded insult and mockery caused Yang Yun’s face to become pale as he trembled uncontrollably in anger. His sharp gaze was once lost and turned into anger.

She… was too presumptuous!

Everyone, including Third Young Master Ye and Louis, was stunned.

Miss Cheng was indeed an interesting person. While she went about her insult lively and animatedly, she thoroughly deconstructed them in her insult and made them extremely humiliated. Her sharp words left people in awe but she still carried her typical smile on her face.

As her temper gradually calmed, she was all calm.

Ye Zhenhua almost applauded in awe as her vicious tongue could rival Third Young Master Ye’s. He was very relieved to hear that as they had fought an entire life over Lin Xiaoyue, with neither of them willing to budge. Up to this day, nobody was clearly in the right or wrong.

When he heard Cheng Anya said that, he felt so relieved, as if he had vented his ten-over years of frustration.

Yun Ruoxi and Yang Zekun looked terrible with a few hints of frustration. They did not expect Cheng Anya to go on a tirade.

She was too badass!




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