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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 266 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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This was the second incidence of violence, after Third Young Master Ye’s, at the banquet.

This was what happened. Ye Wei’s and Eleven’s looks, especially Ye Wei’s clean features, made them targets for thirsty men. Ye Wei’s laughter had an alluring charm to it when she occasionally laughed.

Her deliberate style was extremely attractive toward men and it ruined her inherent elegance. She had a petite frame and men who did not know what they were up against would go up and make small talks with her. Some rich man’s son blatantly hugged her by the waist and even had the gall to pinch it. Ye Wei even wanted to originally tease him, and that was her strength.

Who would expect Yang Yun to roar in anger that they were cousins and reporters rushed in their direction. Eleven reminded her to stop having fun and go to Third Young Master Ye’s rescue. Ye Wei could only blink alluringly at the beautiful man to express her sorrow and break his elbow when he was stirred by her. They could only see a non-assuming woman flip a dude 180 degrees like a ragdoll.

The action, like the principles Ye Wei held onto, was extremely fluid, swift, and aesthetically pleasing.

The beautiful man got thrown onto a couple and seven to eight people in the dance pool fell, moaning and groaning. The entire dance pool was in a tizzy.

The reporters rushing toward the Ye and the Yang families suddenly changed direction and rushed toward the commotion and took many pictures of Ye Wei and Eleven.

The man who was walloped was the second-in-line of a financial investment corporation. He was screaming in pain as his elbow was broken by Ye Wei. A few other young masters with him ran over to support him, with one of them pointing at Ye Wei and angrily asking,” Who do you think you are? You sure have a lot of guts to hit Second Master Zhang!”

Ye Zhenhua was stunned!

Ye Chen’s breathing froze at that moment.

Both father and son only saw the beautiful woman in a blue gown. Her smile was not as gentle as they had remembered. Instead, it contained an alluring overbearingness.

“Xing Er…”

“Wei Wei…”

“Sorry!” Ye Wei shrugged her hands as her deliberate smile won over the crowd. “I couldn’t help it!”

The group of young masters was almost caught up with her smile. “He deserves it!” Eleven, in her typical style, coldly harrumphed.

“You…” The few young masters turned around and pointed at Ye Wei angrily. “Whose daughter are you?”

Those who were present at the banquet were of stature and standing. As both ladies were decked out in luxurious apparel, one could tell on a glance that they were not of a typical status.

“You can’t afford to mess with him!” Eleven coldly harrumphed and cocked her head as an indication of her departure. At that moment, the reporters rushed up and the few young masters wanted to keep her back to teach her a lesson. Eleven stepped in and suddenly pushed the reporters away. With Ye Wei in one hand, she flung the other two rich men’s sons aside as she stared hard at Ye Wei’s face.

As though she was getting ready for a fight anytime, Eleven’s brows rose and she squinted slightly. Even if Ning Ning’s daddy dared to lay a finger on Ye Wei, she would still beat him. The difference lay in how far the beating went.

Ye Wei felt a sudden stifling in her heart. Could she be that unlucky to have been recognized by Third Young Master Ye?

He knew that she was going to kill him?

So he wanted to take action?

Third Young Master Ye, please, your son had to offer a hit on you to distract Louis ahhh.

You have to find the right person to settle the score with.

Ye Chen keenly observed the jade pendant that stood out on the diamond necklace and his eyes suddenly grew wide. A mad joy surged out of his eyes and he was almost overwhelmed by the happiness that rained down on him.

He suddenly hugged her tightly and hoarsely shouted out her name. “Wei Wei…”

Eleven saw him make a move and was about to intervene. She, however, saw Third Young Master Ye hug Ye Wei and had a huge question mark in her mind: What was going on?

Her typically decisive mind lost its train of thought at that moment.

When did Ye Wei end up in cahoots with Third Young Master Ye?

Not only was Eleven confused, but Ye Wei was as confused as well. “Third Young Master Ye, do not hug me tightly. Ah, let go. Your darling son will kill me for this.”

If Ning Ning saw this scene of Ye Wei tearing, he would have mistakenly assumed she was having an affair with his father. Given how Ning Ning protected those around him, especially so given his internet alias, Ye Wei felt an impending doom.


That said…

Did Third Young Master Ye know her?

Did he just call her Wei Wei?

Ye Wei was thoroughly stunned. Although she was a little lecherous and often teased men, no men could come that close to her. Ye Wei often took the initiative, and whoever was brash enough to approach her would have been offed by her.

But, this was baby Ning Ning’s daddy and she would have definitely felt a little taboo. Secondly, she did not reject Third Young Master Ye’s hug…

Everyone was stunned by what they saw and the flashlights went off. The reporters had a bountiful evening with headlines aplenty.

Third Young Master Ye hugging a woman without restraint set minds wondering.

Yang Zekun looked at Cheng Anya sideways with a complicated look. What was Third Young Master Ye doing by hugging another woman in plain sight of Cheng Anya? What was their relationship? Why was Cheng Anya so calm?

Yun Ruoxi was gloating at her misfortune. “Cheng Anya, you will soon enough end up like me,” she said provokingly.

To end up being abandoned by Third Young Master Ye!

Cheng Anya remained calm and expressionless. She coldly smiled when she heard Yun Ruoxi’s provocation. “Do not compare yourself with me. We cannot be compared.”

An interest swept through Louis’ emerald gaze as he looked at Cheng Anya’s face. This felt interesting.

This banquet was indeed very happening!

“Third Young Master Ye, do you know this woman? How are you related to her?”

“Third Young Master Ye, is she the so-called mother of your child?”

“Third Young Master Ye, please answer the question… How are you related to each other?”

“Third Young Master Ye, are your lovers?”


The reporters forgot about Yang Yun’s roar and relentlessly pursued Third Young Master Ye and Ye Wei.

Second Young Master Zhang, whose elbow was broken, saw Third Young Master Ye hug the offending woman and insulted Third Young Master Ye angrily. A few other young masters stopped him from confronting Third Young Master Ye as Third Young Master Ye walloping somebody earlier was still fresh in their memories.

At that moment, the scene was uncontrollably chaotic. The man and woman hugging each other became the focus of the entire banquet…

Ye Wei was stunned…

Wasn’t she relieving Third Young Master Ye out of goodwill? How did things turn out this way?

‘Besides, Third Young Master Ye, we do not know each other. I am helping you out of knowing your son, you know?’

Ye Wei helplessly remained silent.

“Shut up!” Third Young Master Ye let go of Ye Wei and roared. His voice went around the scene and even Ye Wei’s ears rang…


The scene fell silent.

This was indeed the aura he commanded as nobody dared to say a word.

“Wei Wei, are you Wei Wei?”

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