Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 267 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 267 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Wei Wei?

Did he just call me Wei Wei?

‘Why? Does he know me?’ Ye Wei’s eyes widened amidst the chaos in her mind. How was it possible for Third Young Master Ye to know her? He never existed in her memory, and few people saw her actual look.

But how did he accurately call out her name?

In spite of her willful and carefree like, Ye Wei stood still, not knowing what to do. It was rare for her to be caught off guard.

“Do you know me?” Ye Wei asked softly. “I do not know you.”

“Are you called Wei Wei?”

Ye Wei nodded. She was called Ye Wei as her name was on the pendant. The pendant was the only thing on her after all these years. He had checked on her, but all her memories began in the underground fight clubs in Thailand. She made her debut at six and was scouted, abducted, and trained to become the Ye Wei she was today.

Since all trails and memories of her went cold, he went with it and stopped the investigation.

“I am your third brother… Do you remember?” Ye Chen urgently grabbed her shoulders and left some fingernail scratches as he was a little too strong from the excitement. Eleven tried to beat Third Young Master Ye’s hands away only to be blocked by Third Young Master Ye. As their arms locked, so did their gazes…

“Stop it!” Ye Wei broke off their locking arms quickly and accurately. Ye Chen and Eleven quickly backed off.

Ye Chen was secretly shocked at her agility. Whether Ye Wei or Eleven, their strength and speed were rare and carried with it a murderous aura.

He suddenly recalled the lady who wore a pair of shades and carried a sniper rifle, the one who left sassily that day. Third Young Master Ye wanted to laugh, madly in fact, as though a devil was cackling in him.

Ye Wei, Ye Wei…

This was indeed his sister—the No.1 killer in the world. With such quick hands and a close up exchange, he could not imagine any other woman being this agile. Apart from Ye Wei, there was that… legendary Eleven.

Hearsay had it that both were as close as sisters and inseparable.

His dear sister… wanted to kill him? The people whom he was related with by blood, apart from Ning Ning, either left him or hated him. Now, even his own sister wanted to kill him?

What could be more ironic than that?

“Third brother?” Ye Wei frowned as she deliberately showed off a gorgeous yet overbearing elegance. With a sharp gaze and overbearing aura, she did pale to Eleven, who was next to her.

“Xing Er…” Ye Zhenhua also went over and lost his composure as he reached out to hold Ye Wei’s hands. “Don’t touch her!” Eleven coldly said as she kept him away.

Ye Zhenhua came to his senses and he was disappointed. While her features resembled those of Xing Er’s, she was not the Xing Er he remembered. Yang Yun also came over in surprise. Only Ye Wei’s gaze remained a little unfocused as though something was on her mind.

“Wei Wei, let’s go!” Eleven saw things starting to go south and tried to pull Ye Wei, hoping she would budge. “Let her go!” Third Young Master Ye said as he blocked them.

“Fat hope!”

“Third Young Master Ye, you wanna take me on?”

“Do you think that I can’t win against you?”

“Fine, wish granted!” Eleven turned her wrist and quickly grabbed Third Young Master Ye by his throat. Ye Wei suddenly grabbed Eleven by her wrist and she raised her eyebrows as though she was clear.

“Wei Wei?” Eleven frowned in incomprehension. Ye Wei spoke a few sentences to her in Arabic and Eleven raised her brows in surprise as she looked at Ye Chen and pulled her hand back.

As Second Master Zhang, whose elbow was broken by Ye Wei, yelped in pain, the few young masters did not dare to challenge and carried Second Master Zhang to the hospital.

“I will not let you go that easily…”

Nobody took his words to heart as Yang Yun pointed at Ye Wei with trembling fingers. “You… Who are you?”

Ye Wei coldly looked at him and then at Ye Zhenhua’s stunned face before stopping at Third Young Master Ye. She opened her arms and hugged Third Young Master Ye. “Third brother, I am back!” she said softly.

With her calling him ‘third brother’, those sealed memories came back. It was ten-over years, and Ye Wei had never shed a tear after she entered that lonely island. She was, however, heartbroken in Third Young Master Ye’s embrace.

That moment was still clear, and Ye Wei was secretly frustrated that she would not have hidden in the car had she not been petulant and afraid of the sun beating down on her. She would not have been separated from her brother after all.

They separated for a whole seventeen years.

“Wei Wei…” Third Young Master Ye, who was deep in his emotions, was confused by her sentence.

“Third brother, I’m sorry that you lost me for seventeen years. I had also forgotten about you for seventeen years.”


“Wah, Uncle Black, you can’t be serious, right?” Third Young Master Ye was about to say something when Ye Wei gasped and subconsciously pushed Third Young Master Ye aside. A gunshot was heard and before the crowd could see how Ye Wei would react, she had an additional gun in her hand and squinted as she fired back in Black Eagle’s direction.

There were shrieks abound at the banquet.

Louis squinted dangerously.

The way she drew her gun…

“Black Eagle, stop it! Don’t hurt her!” Third Young Master Ye roared. Black Eagle, who was thinking of taking a second shot, kept his gun so quickly that he was secretly happy. Even the public wondered if he had just fired a shot.

Both bullets, equally matched, met each other in mid-air. A ‘tink’ was heard and the bullet landed on the ground.

Ye Wei turned her wrist around and the silver gun in her hand disappeared.

The killers from the Dragon Gate were agape. Such quick impromptu responses and accuracy—this was how capable sharpshooters were at a close distance. It was so good!

“Uncle Black, stop being so petty! I’ll train with you in another two days.” Ye Wei smiled. This shock alerted the bodyguards at the banquet, and Third Young Master Ye made a gesture and someone saw to it.

Black Eagle was green with envy.

Third Young Master Ye was secretly shocked as she was too badass.

As she only responded after Black Eagle fired, how could she have stopped his bullet?

“You…” Yang Yun trembled… Ye Wei resembled Yang Xing in her youth.

Ye Zhenhua had already guessed her identity: Ye Wei, his daughter. He was excited to the point he wanted to acknowledge her, but Ye Wei’s face was cold and seemed to imply her honor for her brother.

“I only wanted to look on today, but it seems that other people are looking on me.” Ye Wei feigned a sigh and smiled. “Third brother, Interpol is starting to hustle and I will have to make a move. It would be best for you to get your men to disappear too. As for the hit on you… it was a misunderstanding.”

She suddenly raised her brow and walked to Yang Yun and gratuitously pulled his tie. Yang Zekun panicked. Ye Wei smiled and released his tie, then she acted as though she was done tidying him up. “I heard that you want to drive my third brother into ruin. If you dare to touch even a single hair of his, then don’t blame me for going all impolite on you.” She smiled elegantly and alluringly.

She took a few steps, turned back, and smiled extremely beautifully. “I am Ye Wei!”

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