Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 268 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 268 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Once Ye Wei left, Third Young Master Ye had the ‘return’ signal and Black Eagle and crew also quickly disappeared.

The silence that Ye Chen managed to bring out started to give way to a commotion.

After the gunshots, some of the more timid socialites’ faces were already pale and they were about to collapse. When they saw the dangerous figures disappear, they could not help but feel secretly lucky. This banquet was eventful and had its share of thrills.

The young masters were thankfully relieved that they did not trifle with Ye Wei or risk ending up like Second Master Zhang.

“Goodness, who is that lady? It felt like a scene from the movies earlier.”

“It’s way cooler than those movie scenes. This is damn moe!”

“Female Rambo, eh?”

“Her gunplay was so cool, and she looks so beautiful! Such a woman is indeed hard to come by. Is she from the Ye family? I never heard that there was a princess in the Ye family/”

“She must be related to the Ye family…”

Once the commotion at the banquet kicked in, Third Young Master Ye and Ye Wei sounded soft and threatened Yang Yun softly. Only Ye Wei challenging Black Eagle, as well as ‘I am Ye Wei’ were audible.

Since that Ye-something lady was so intimate and close to Third Young Master Ye, many quickly associated her as the princess of the Ye family.

It was public knowledge that the Ye family had four young masters, of which the first young master met with an untimely death.

“Is she… Wei Wei?” Ye Zhenhua asked as he grabbed Third Young Master Ye.

Third Young Master Ye twisted his eyebrows and signaled for Liu Xiaotian to come over to him. “The banquet is over. Let’s go.”

“Yes!” Liu Xiaotian acknowledged as Cheng Anya, her and company sent the guests off. While the reports had wanted to listen to even more gossip, they had to leave unwillingly as the host had already called it a day.

The reporters, eager to find out from Third Young Master Ye and Old Master Ye who Ye Wei was and how she was related to the Ye family, kept on coming up to them. In frustration, Third Young Master Ye smashed a camera and coldly ordered the reporters to scram!

Like people thrown into a cold freezer, the group of reporters froze and quickly got away as they did not want to hang around any longer.

Third Young Master Ye’s elegance was a facade for his strong aura and he always had his way. To beat somebody up in front of a national audience and smash a camera was child’s play to him.

Nobody, out of self-preservation, would dare to provoke him.

Louis secretly frowned. Ye Wei? He finally knew why he found her gun-drawing action so familiar. There was once he attended an American drug lord’s birthday banquet, only to witness a lady in a black gown acted in a similar manner and killed a mafia elder with a silver gun. That posture and gun-drawing action were exactly the same as Ye Wei’s.

Third Young Master Ye’s sister?

He was extremely shocked, and nothing could spark fear in Louis. Had Ye Wei’s assassination of Third Young Master Ye been a ruse all along?

Set up by the brother-sister duo?

Nope. From the looks in their eyes earlier, neither Ye Chen nor Ye Wei had an idea what that was all for.

Ever since he had received word that somebody ordered a two-billion-GBP hit on Third Young Master Ye, Louis mobilized people to investigate who had misgivings with Ye Chen to offer an astronomical price for his head. As a result of this assassination, he temporarily halted trading with Third Young Master Ye and mobilized half his Mafia network to sleuth for information.

He gained nothing in the end.

He even sent people to protect Third Young Master Ye in the event the game ended because something untoward happened to Third Young Master Ye. He was, however, looking in the wrong direction.

If Ye Wei was indeed Third Young Master Ye’s younger sister, that assassination had definitely failed. It was then just a ploy. But who would lay down such a scheme to divert half of his attention?

Louis was secretly worried and his palms started to sweat. It was neither Third Young Master Ye nor the terrorists…

He had looked up all these before and felt that there was a pair of hands behind the scenes that manipulated it all and secretly maintained a choking hold on the Mafia. He was unable to figure out anything and this was the first time he genuinely felt fear in so many years.

Whilst he used to be in the dark whilst his opponents were in the light, the tables had turned. He was in the light, and his opponents in the dark.

This was a dangerous feeling.

Yang Yun was already rooted to the ground. That face that so resembled Yang Xing moved in front of him, and he felt fear. Ye Zhenhua was surprised instead. The latter grabbed Ye Chen by his hand and asked, “Is that your sister? Is it? Is it Wei Wei?”

However Ye Zhenhua felt about Ye Chen, he still doted on Wei Wei a lot as though she was his extremely precious daughter. When he knew that Yang Yun had kidnapped both brother and sister, he utilized all possible means to locate her.

When he lost all reasoning out of rage, he even roared at Ye Chen why it was her sister rather than him who was lost.

He disliked Ye Chen and liked Ye Wei. Ye Wei was young and nobody knew whether she was alive or dead. His rage and choice of words in anger were understandable, but those words stabbed into little Ye Chen’s heart like a knife that chopped his love for his father one slice at a time.

Louis also saw Third Young Master Ye, Yang Yun, and Yang Zekun.”Yes, it’s Wei Wei. She is back.” He coldly smiled.

Apart from Ye Zhenhua, who was ecstatic, everybody else gasped. Everybody else, especially Louis, did not like that feeling. Louis felt an impending sense of danger.

“It is really Wei Wei! Perfect! If you knew that Wei Wei was alive since long ago, why didn’t you bring her to me?” Ye Zhenhua was displeased as his eyes reddened in anger. “You only told her to come back now. She is so old… I…”

“Dad, are you really stupid or feigning it? Didn’t anybody tell you that the bombing of MBS International’s main entrance was Wei Wei’s masterpiece?” Ye Chen’s cold gaze swept past Louis.

Surely, he could not have hidden something so important from him!

What did you say?” Ye Zhenhua was shocked…”Wei Wei, the legendary… top assassin?”

“You saw how she acted earlier. Could any normal person achieve that?” Third Young Master Ye broke into a mocking and cold smile. “Sister has appeared in City A to kill me. Get it?”

Ye Zhenhua was massively shocked as he could not accept the fact at that moment.

Yang Yun and Yang Zekun stood aside, shocked. Yang Zekun did not know much, but he did know that Third Young Master Ye indeed had a sister who was actually very capable. As he thought of the threat earlier, Yang Zekun felt that something was amiss.

That was no laughing matter.

“This is impossible. How could she…” Yang Yun murmured to himself. He saw Ye Wei when she was still small. She used to be a polite girl who hid behind Yang Xing, afraid, and looked at him with puppy eyes.

How could his timid granddaughter become…

It was too incredulous to him, and even more so that he could accept that. Given how the tables had turned, he was still hoping to bring Cheng Anya away through the banquet. If she was unwilling, he would expose Third Young Master Ye’s past to force her to yield.

He did not expect Ye Wei to wreck everything.

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