Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 269 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 269 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Yang Yun was angry and shocked as he did not expect Third Young Master Ye to have such an ace that wasted his efforts.

He wished for Ye Chen to immediately disappear so that he could have his way. Third Young Master Ye broke into a cold and somewhat sinister yet arrogant smile. “Old Master Yang—no, President Yang, are you still planning to hang around? Are you waiting for an official to invite to leave?”

“Ye Chen… You…” Yang Yun pointed at him angrily, speechless. He took his leave coldly and his anger spiked as he passed by Cheng Anya. “You will regret this! Don’t expect him to… Humph!”

He left in anger before he could complete his sentence. Yang Zekun followed him closely, wanting to tell Cheng Anya something but making do as he was worried about Yang Yun.

“Cheng Anya, you sure are capable and indignant about committing incest.” Yun Ruoxi coldly smiled.

She left once she was done.

Cheng Anya smiled at how jealous people around her became. She despised that mentality. Now, she could not get together with senior, could she? It was none of her business. Based on how things would develop, her seven-year friendship with Yang Zekun would slowly yet eventually wear out.

“Cheng Anya, stay back. The rest of you are free to leave,” Third Young Master Ye said in a deep voice. After Liu Xiaotian, Guan Rutong, and the others left, only the cleanup crew, Old Master Ye, Third Young Master Ye, Louis, and Cheng Anya remained.

Ye Zhenhua had yet to recover from the shock and he was filled with love whenever he recalled Yang Xing’s face. “Ye Chen, if Wei Wei contacts you, please inform me immediately. Get it?”

Even in his desperate bid to see Ye Wei, he sounded commanding and could not sound gentle. This was perhaps how he interacted with Ye Chen.

“I am not sure whether Wei Wei would want to see you,” Ye Chen coldly replied with a poker face. He was indifferent to Old Master Ye’s urgency.

“You…” Old Master Ye raged and tapped his crutch until it made noise. “Ingrate!”

He was angered at Third Young Master Ye’s wild and intractable attitude that never showed a shred of weakness. Both father and son were somewhat similar as they were both tough in character. Old Master Ye did not say anything but remained angry.

At this moment, the butler came to report that a few Interpol detectives were outside. “Father, you are the host of the banquet. You should show up for this.” Third Young Master Ye smiled slightly.

Old Master Ye coldly harrumphed and turned around to follow the butler to deal with the detectives.

Louis smiled with a dangerous gaze. “Third Young Master Ye, that was a beautiful fight. I am impressed.”

“F*** off!” Third Young Master Ye coldly said. He did not want to deal with Louis and do what he had to do lest he irritated somebody.

“You have surely played an unexpected ace in the form of Ye Wei. I must learn more from you.” Louis’ emerald gaze became deeper. “If you had been orchestrating this ploy all from the start, I must truly and thoroughly take my hat off to you.”

“Is it? You’d better truly and thoroughly take your hat off to me.” Third Young Master Ye seemingly smiled and raised his eyebrows. He was looking forward to Louis really prostrating himself on the ground, for how lovely it could get. He could also conveniently stop him viciously.

“This is the most happening banquet I have ever attended. I was hoping to see Third Young Master Ye all scorned and pitiful, but it was Yang Yun who lost it all and escaped. How beautiful.” Louis smiled gently.

“Louis, I knew it was your plan all along. To call you a sicko is already a slap on the wrist. What is your beef with the Ye-Yang conflict? Since I barely know you, please get the fuck off. Do you know how irritating naggy men are?” Third Young Master Ye coldly mocked. “Were you a woman in your previous life?”

He sure went too easy on him!

Louis was provoked into a peal of cryptic laughter by what Third Young Master Ye had said. The melancholic prince’s face was a little jealous, but Louis being Louis, he concealed it very well. Louis’ gaze landed on Cheng Anya.

“The banquet has indeed been very happening. My only regret is that I never had a chance to dance with Miss Cheng. I hope I will get a chance in the future.”

Third Young Master Ye’s face darkened whilst Cheng Anya smiled gently but remained mum. He turned around elegantly and left.


“Stop talking about other people. There is nobody normal in your family,” Cheng Anya said calmly. Nobody, male or female, in the Ye family was particularly normal.

“What’s with my family? Isn’t my darling son part of my family too?”

“Oh, please, he is also kind of abnormal too, you know?” Miss Cheng smiled calmly as she tucked in her lips and pondered seriously. “You said that your father’s bloodline and Old Master Yang’s bloodline are already very up-and-going, which gave rise to Ye Wei and yourself. Isn’t it a case where the strong would mate the strong? If that isn’t the case, how do you account for the over-the-top qualities in your sister and yourself?”

The strong mating the strong?

That was a very novel idea, and it was undoubtedly dearest Anya who would be able to connect the dots, making one wonder what was in her mind as there seemed to be weird ideas running around in it.

“Anya, I am very happy today.” Third Young Master Ye smiled. Third Young Master Ye without his coldness did not seem that unapproachable. His clean and innocent smile put people at ease as he gave them the big-brother-next-door vibes.

Cheng Anya suddenly had a fantasy. “I got it. It’s normal to be happy when your lost sister is finally back.”

“You are really…” Third Young Master Ye gritted his teeth. “Could you be slightly more stupid as well?”

He was talking about her protecting him earlier rather than about Wei Wei. Her protecting him, and Wei Wei, were two separate issues. Never mind. Her little mind could not make the connections as she felt that it was a must for her to protect him. It was as typical as breathing.

This was the person he loved who expressed her certainty and feelings in her unique way. Like her signature smile, nobody could replicate her views on love.

Cheng Anya smiled without saying a word as a few workers cleaned up the scene. She suddenly scooted before Third Young Master Ye and pulled his tie. As Third Young Master Ye was in shock, she held his lips and gave him a big kiss.

“That will make you a bit happier.” Miss Cheng ignored Third Young Master Ye’s aghast look and turned around as though nothing had happened. “Ah Chen, it’s time to go home.”

Ye Chen smiled. This sentence was so gentle and had a teenage romantic undertone to it. It awoke his deepest desire.

He wanted to hold her hand, but Cheng Anya dodged it and smiled. “Don’t mess around with me. There are still many reporters lying in ambush outside.”

“So what if they see it? You are already mine,” Third Young Master Ye said overbearingly whilst Cheng Anya ignored him.

“Since your sister is Ye Wei, are you able to ask her who ordered a hit on you?” Cheng Anya suddenly thought about it. She was secretly worried about it for a long time.

“That can do!” Ye Chen clenched his fist and recalled how Ye Wei took out the main entrance of MBS International. He was angered at the near-tragedy of his sister almost taking him out.

“When you’ve got an answer, your sister can take care of their person,” Miss Cheng said as a matter-of-factly.

“I think so too!” Third Young Master Ye looked vicious.

At home, Ning Ning was designing a new tracking system and elegantly sneezed.

“Who was talking about me behind my back?”

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