Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 270 - Teasing
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 270 - Teasing
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Once Ye Wei and Eleven left the hotel, they were tailed by someone. They saw two cars pursuing their car relentlessly through the back view mirror. Ye Wei rolled down the window, chambered her weapon, and fired a shot at the pursuing car’s rearview mirror.

A crisp and slightly bright ‘ting’ was made as the bullet contacted the car window. The bullet left a trace on the window that remained. “It sure is bulletproof.” Ye Wei whistled.

Eleven changed the route and brought the car onto a secluded road. “Wei Wei, our car is not bulletproof.”

“I know. Let’s tease Uncle Black a little as he won’t dare to shoot.” Ye Wei laughed alluringly as they made a turn and Eleven floored the brakes. Once the car stopped, she and Ye Wei quickly got out of the car. Eleven stood coldly as Ye Wei leaned against the car gorgeously, looking at the two cars that followed the bend and came for them. Black Eagle was shocked and stepped on the brakes, leaving skid marks on the road.

As both cars came to a stop with an ear-piercing sound, five to six men in black sporting attire alighted from the car. One look was needed to know they should not be trifled with.

Black Eagle, the leader, seemed solemn as his sharp gaze carried a murderous intent.

The atmosphere was cryptic and dangerous.

Ye Wei smiled as she petulantly waved her pale hand in the dark night alluringly. “Hi, Uncle Black, it’s been two years since we last saw each other. Damn, I miss you.”

Black Eagle’s face seemed unfazed while the killers behind him trembled a little. For something so adulterous and intimate to come out in a cryptic atmosphere was as comical as Mr. Bean portraying the president of the United States.

“Ye Wei, what exactly are you doing in City A?” Black Eagle asked in a deep voice. As he was eager to protect his hirer, he could not be too caught up. He had witnessed Ye Wei’s alluring side, which she had used to great effect in killing. An arms dealer in the Philippines was so charmed by her that she managed to break his neck. Third Young Master Ye had not managed to tell him that, and Black Eagle naturally assumed that she would pull it off on Third Young Master Ye.

“Uncle Black, I must say that men who are so crude and impolite are not well-liked. C’mon, show us how gentlemanly the Dragon Gate can get.” Ye Wei smiled and suddenly realized something. She lazily pointed to Eleven and said to them, “I almost forgot to introduce Eleven to you. I believe that we are not strangers.”

Eleven coldly harrumphed. She gave people the feeling that the atmosphere had cooled down as though winter had come.

Black Eagle and his crew were shocked. Although they had guessed that the other person was Eleven, they were still stunned. Black Eagle had encountered Ye Wei twice before, but this was his first time encountering Eleven. Many knew that the two of them, save carrying out missions, were inseparable.

“Are you here to kill Third Young Master Ye?” Black Eagle coldly asked. He was tense as Ye Wei was already world-beating, and they would not stand a chance with Eleven by her side.

Although Black Eagle and Ye Wei had encountered each other before, he had not had a taste of her skills before. The shot at the banquet was testimony to her badass assassination techniques. One was famous for long-range shots whilst the other was infamous for close-quarter brawling. They worked perfectly as a pair. Black Eagle and his crew were never their opponents.

“This is so hurting! When did I want to kill Third Young Master Ye?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrow and walked over, smiling. The killers accompanying Black Eagle were armed to the teeth. “Brothers, be gentle with a woman, okay? Stop getting so violent, especially toward gorgeous women like me. The atmosphere is so tense, and you know that we are very sensitive to the atmosphere. If an unintended shot goes off, I cannot explain to Third Young Master Ye. So, be gentle.”

“Halt! Don’t come over!” Black Eagle said deeply as he knitted his eyebrows. As to the atmosphere between Third Young Master Ye and her, he could not make up his mind and did not dare to take a shit. However, he would absolutely not allow Ye Wei to come close.

“If not, you can come over. Uncle Black, come over. There are things that we would like to talk about with you. If you want a workout, I can grant you that as well.” Ye Wei laughed out loud.

At that moment, Black Eagle had an illusion as though Third Young Master Ye was laughing. There was a domineering side to their elegant smiles, but Third Young Master Ye did not overemphasize it as much as she did.

“Wei Wei, stop provoking him. Look, he does not have the guts AND is ranked fifth. Humph.” Eleven, in her typical style, sounded cold and distant. She was able to freeze even the blood of men, and no man could take such a challenge lying down.

Black Eagle looked forward coldly whilst those behind him who wanted to stop him were blocked by him. He walked up to Ye Wei and asked calmly, “Even if we are not your match, we will protect Third Young Master Ye to our deaths.”

“Uncle Black, stop being so serious. I am vacationing in City A. Let’s mind our own businesses, shall we?” Ye Wei smiled elegantly.

“You have the cheek to say that? Who, on their first day in City A, almost killed Third Master Ye?” Black Eagle was slightly fuming.

“I wonder whether you are insulting my title as a sharpshooter. If I wanted to kill Third Young Master Ye, why did I merely level MBS International’s main entrance? I would directly go for his head.” Ye Wei described it as a matter-of-factly. She was aiming for Third Young Master Ye’s head that day.

She only wanted to test whether her third brother’s reflexes were as quick as hearsay had it. She did not expect to be discovered just as she took aim. She winged the shot regardless since she would not be landing an accurate shot anyway.

If she really dared to lay a finger on her brother, Ning Ning would take her life.

“What were you doing that day?”

“I just improved my M99 rifle and decided to test its power. Since I happened to see the main entrance of MBS International, why not? Anything on your mind?” Ye Wei smiled as she replied indignantly. Nobody dared to have a second opinion.

They were befuddled by her, and if that was the case, why did they seriously protect Third Young Master Ye around the clock for these two days?

Black Eagle was fuming.

“You are still loyal. Be at ease as nobody will lay a finger on him. I’m too timid to pull that off.”

“You… Who exactly sent you here?”

Your master’s son, my nephew. Who else?

“That is a long story. So, Uncle Black, what did you do on your first day as a killer? What is the first rule of being a killer? Tell me.” Ye Wei teased him callously.

Do not reveal who hired you.

Black Eagle turned green.

Ye Wei, arms akimbo, touched her chin as she scanned Black Eagle from head to toe as if she was a loose woman who enjoyed teasing men. “Good looks, decent physique, but a tad older. Uncle Black, you wanna get into a relationship with me?”

Black Eagle, scared shitless by her, backed off and the killers behind him felt chilly.

Who would dare to marry such a badass woman?

“Do you despise me?” Ye Wei was unhappy as she perked her well-endowed breasts. “Which part of me are you unhappy with? You get the looks, the body, the skills, and the wealth. What are you unhappy with?”

Black Eagle was totally at a loss for words. He felt that pursuing Ye Wei all the way was a very wrong decision.

Backing off was a good idea. Although she seemed callous, what she said was convincing. If she said she would not kill, she would not kill.

“Hey, don’t go. I only gave chase after you chased me for two years. Why do you think I am giving you a chance? You do not even know how to grasp it!” Ye Wei’s laughter came from behind him and Black Eagle walked away even more quickly.

Getting out while things were still fine was the best option.

Would he able to hide from a woman whom he could not afford to cross?




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