Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 271 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 271 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Hey, Uncle Black, aren’t you going to give me your contact number?” Ye Wei shouted in a delicate manner. Black Eagle had goose bumps as he sat in the car.

Black Eagle stepped on the brakes, made a big turn, and fled away.

The legendary Ye Wei was indeed decisive and persisted in her own ways. She was cool and badass. After tonight’s interaction with them, Black Eagle suspected that Eleven borrowed Ye Wei’s name to sail under false color.

Ye Wei smiled in a beautiful manner. “Uncle Black is too cute.”

“Let’s get in the car and go!” Eleven said. Ye Wei made a seductive pose and asked Eleven, “Eleven, why do you think no one is wooing such a charismatic beauty like me? It is not easy for someone to confess to me, yet they run away faster than a rabbit. How could they hurt my feelings like this?”

“You’re too badass. Uncle Black could not stand it.” Eleven gave an objective comment. Both of them got into the car and changed into their original clothes, throwing their gown randomly into the back of the car. Ye Wei was hurt. “I have gone around half the Arab countries to woo Su Man, but he did not even look at me.”

Eleven could not help but laugh when she thought of the times in Arab. She would often see Ye Wei flirt with Su Man. For example, injuring her ankle on purpose, falling down in the washroom on purpose, and catching some snakes to put in her room so that she could scream at night… It was useless to act innocent, so she tried to be seductive by wearing a bikini. The only thing that she did not do was to lie on Su Man’s bed.

She had used all seventy-two methods to chase after a man.

In the end, Su Man ran away every time he saw her. Each time, he was faster and faster…

Ye Wei flirted around with him for almost a year before she lost interest.

“Su Man does not like women.”

“How do you know?” Ye Wei opened her eyes wide. “How come I did not know?”

“The scheming Chu Li said it. I did not tell you because I thought you were having fun.” Eleven betrayed Chu Li calmly. What was scheming used for? It was to be betrayed during the critical moment.

“F***, you wasted one year of my time. It is unfair! Scheming Chu Li is dead.” Ye Wei gritted her teeth and clenched her fists tightly. Chu Li, who was far away in London, sneezed.

“Where are we going next?”

“Let’s go find my nephew to play and wait for my third brother to come home.”

“Understood.” Eleven changed direction and drove to Third Young Master Ye’s villa.

Ye Wei felt that it was not right after thinking about it. “Chu Li did not know Su Man, so how did he know that Su Man does not like women?”

“Since he is so scheming, when did he ever say the truth? However, he is indeed not close to Su Man and has not met him before. Chu Li heard about it from someone else. That year, he sent me to kill the big drug lord in the US and we happened to talk about you, so he had a slip of the tongue. He even reminded me not to tell you about it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Didn’t you have a fun time playing?”

“You are not being a good friend. I would have a more fun time if I knew that he liked men. I would have drugged him to see if he was the attacker or the receiver,” Ye Wei said in a regretful manner.

Eleven was calm and pretended like she did not hear what Ye Wei had just said.

“Who does he like?”

“I don’t know!”

“Let’s talk to the scheming Chu Li someday.” Ye Wei blinked in a seductive manner and laughed in a sinister way. Eleven naturally knew what she wanted to do and nodded in agreement. Ye Wei groaned. “I have chased after Su Man for a year. It would be detrimental to my reputation if I don’t even know who my rival in love is.”

“There’s nothing you can do even if you know who it is.”

“How do you know?”

“Your outer appearance does not fit the criteria. This is a congenital thing, so you have no hope.”

Ye Wei looked down at her exquisite figure and she said calmly, “I don’t mind going for a small surgery in order to become a big beauty.”

Eleven was speechless.

Luckily, she was calm enough. If not, she would have stepped on the brakes.

The two of them had a good time talking and joking before they reached Third Young Master Ye’s house. When Ning Ning opened the door and saw the two gorgeous beauties, his first reaction was to close the door. But, Ye Wei was one step ahead to stop him.

“Baby, you are so heartless.”

Ning Ning watched helplessly as they walked in. His small face had an elegant smile. “Why are you here?”

Eleven sat on the sofa and looked at the aunt and nephew. “I only realize now that the two of you do look alike.”

Ye Wei, Third Young Master Ye, and Ning Ning had the same unique elegance.

Ning Ning raised his eyebrows, shocked.

Ye Wei laughed loudly. She hugged Ning Ning and happily kissed his cheeks a few times. Ning Ning was confused. He was still young and could not escape from Ye Wei. Therefore, he was taken advantage of by her.

The young kid was confused. “What are you talking about? Moreover, my daddy and mommy are coming back soon, you guys had better leave.”

“Baby, I’m here to wait for your daddy to be back, so why should I leave?” Ye Wei smiled and sat down with Ning Ning. “Do you know that MBS International was holding a welcome party for Louis tonight?”

Ning Ning nodded, his young face seemingly interested. “You guys went to make a scene there?”

“What do you mean by making a scene? We went there to see the fun. Your daddy and mommy were bullied by people. Why are you still here, researching about your stupid computer?” Ye Wei smiled and she liked Ning Ning the more she looked at him. Her third brother’s baby was smart and cute.

“My daddy and mommy are not weak foot. Whoever bullies them is unlucky. Why do they need me?” Ning Ning said as if he did not care. He knew his daddy and mommy best. How would they be easily bullied by others?

Whoever dared to bully them must be so unlucky. Ning Ning had experienced before his daddy’s and mommy’s ability to talk. They could win more than a hundred people with one mouth, and in terms of fighting, his daddy could fight with more than a hundred people too. So, what was there for Ning Ning to be worried about?

“You really understand them well.” Ye Wei smiled. She thought of Yang Yun’s face after he was angered by Cheng Anya and felt happy in her heart. Although that was her grandfather, she could only remember her dad, mom, and brother. Now that her brother did not like their dad, she would obviously not like him either. As for that grandfather, she really did not care.

“Why are you guys here?” The young kid crossed his arms and looked at Ye Wei and Eleven from head to toe. He turned his head and smiled elegantly. “The door is there. Please leave. I shall not send you off.”

“How can a child be so rude? I have not talked about the fun thing.” Ye Wei smiled. “You really do not want to know about what your daddy and mommy did?”

“Who did my daddy and mommy torture this time?” Ning Ning smiled. There must be someone that had been tortured by his parents again.

“No wonder you are so smart and badass! You are my nephew after all. It is a must to be a badass!”

“His badass genes came from Third Young Master Ye and Miss Cheng. There is no direct link to you.” Eleven’s cold voice had a trace of laughter.

“But there is an indirect link,” Ye Wei said in a domineering way.

Ning Ning raised his eyebrows. “What are you guys talking about?”

“Good nephew, call me auntie.”




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