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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 275 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei threw a glance at Eleven, but Eleven did not look up and focused on reading her magazine instead. As she maintained her pose, she said, “Obey the rules of the trade by not divulging details of your hirer. If you do, be prepared to bear all the consequences.”

Eleven’s voice was typically cold and was not directed at anyone. Even her conversation tone with Ye Wei was typically cold, which when complemented with her cold aura, caused the living room to feel somewhat cold and distant.

“Third brother, third sister-in-law, you have heard her loud and clear. Uh, no, brother, I am sure you do not want me dead. I… Somebody has just acknowledged her brother.” Ye Wei acted pettishly with puppy eyes as she hugged him.

“It’s okay not to say it then. Good girl.” Third Young Master Ye broke into laughter.

‘What a thoroughly filial sister,’ Cheng Anya thought to herself. To think she would yield when she had just said she would off the person who hired her.

“Brother is so good!” Ye Wei smiled charmingly as Ning Ning heaved a sigh of relief. If his dad had an ounce of self-awareness, his dad would have beaten him into a pulp. Ye Wei seemingly smiled at Ning Ning, but Ning Ning deliberately ignored her smile as he nestled in Cheng Anya’s embrace and behaved well.

“Mommy, auntie was such a badass tonight. What did she do?” Ning Ning asked curiously. “Whom did she fix?”

“Some passerby,” Cheng Anya answered plainly.

Ning Ning acknowledged silently. He wanted to ask how things became so campy as he was packing that document. He did not expect Ye Wei to interrupt the question and did not know how to pick the question up.


Uh, it was said that the offspring of cousin marriages were either idiots or geniuses. Ning Ning trembled at his imagination and understood why his parents agreed, without prior discussion, to send him to the hospital for a medical checkup earlier that morning. Were they afraid he had contracted some hereditary disease?

So that was a given?

That was even campier than what he knew.

“If Ning Ning were at the banquet earlier, things would have been more interesting,” Ye Wei said teasingly with an expectant look on her face. Given how Ning Ning could kill without drawing blood, he would have definitely sent Yang Yun raging to the point of an aneurysm.

Cheng Anya smiled and did not add to the conversation. She knew what her son was fully capable of, but… she looked up at Ye Wei and Ning Ning which did not take too long.

They were THAT familiar with each other?

“Mommy, auntie just told me many fun things that happened.”

“As long as it floats your boat.” Cheng Anya smiled endearingly as she wiped the traces of fruit juice off the corners of Ning Ning’s lips.

Ye Wei, Ye Chen, and Cheng Anya sat in the living room for a moment until she had something she wanted to ask Third Young Master Ye that she dragged Third Young Master Ye out to the courtyard.

“Third Brother, how did Mommy die?” Under the moonlight, Ye Wei’s face had a seriousness that could not be feigned. The coldness that emanated from her bones was excruciating.

There was a toughness that nobody could overlook.

“She was knocked down by a car.” Third Young Master Ye’s gaze turned slightly darker as he anticipated her question.

She died right before his very eyes, and she even instructed Ye Zhenhua to take care of Third Young Master Ye before her death. Had it not been her final wish, Ye Zhenhua would have already kicked Third Young Master Ye out of the Ye family.

“Third brother, you know well that wasn’t what I was asking. Back then, there was a lot of hype surrounding the Ye family’s affairs which could still be dug up despite a media embargo. The press claimed that Mommy killed Ye Yukun, was brought away by the cops, and then committed suicide to escape punishment. Mommy is clearly not such a person. Could she have even murdered Ye Yukun?”

This was what confounded Ye Wei as Third Young Master Ye and Yang Xing were the people whom young Ye Wei deeply loved. All that her third brother later suffered due to her could be attributed to Ye Zhenhua. Hence, she did not even look at Ye Zhenhua during the banquet.

To her, her brother was much more important than her father. In her limited memory, her father really doted on her, but mistreating her brother left a mark in her heart.

After she knew what he later did to Ye Chen left Ye Wei not liking him the least.

It was afraid that only Ye Zhenhua and her brother knew the truth about Yang Xing’s death. She could not believe that her mother would commit murder, let alone commit suicide to escape punishment. Ye Wei had always somewhat felt that something was amiss.

And those sins could still be attributed to Ye Zhenhua.

“Mom did not kill him,” Ye Chen said deeply as he repeated what he told Cheng Anya the night before. As his bloodied wounds had yet to heal, opening it again today did not seem to hurt as much.

Some wounds were perhaps like this—once they had inflicted an excruciating and extreme pain, recurring pains did not seem to matter.

“Then… what happened?” While Ye Wei could guess the outcome, she could not make sense of the process. Seeing her brother’s gaze, he was clearly not too willing to speak and she slightly regretted being this impulsive. “Brother… If…”

“I killed him, and Mom took the blame for me,” Third Young Master Ye said hoarsely as he did not withhold anything. This was their mother, and Ye Wei had the right to know the truth. This incident was tucked deep in Third Young Master Ye’s heart for over ten years, and it was the second time he made mention of it.

Ye Wei was taken aback as she took a few steps forward and hugged Third Young Master Ye. “Brother, it’s okay. No more questions, no more digging on my part. Let’s let the past be bygones. I guess Mommy did it willingly.”

“You do not blame me?” Third Young Master Ye’s heart was a little saddened.

“What is there to blame you for? If you have to pin the blame, blame it on the decision we made to return to the Ye family,” Ye Wei said. “If anybody dares to bully you, I will murder him.”

As her brother had already taken care of those people in the United States back then, she would not have to go on a murderous spree again.

Ye Wei was not some devout person as she would exact revenge on those who bullied people close to her.

She recalled when she first told Chu Li and Bai Ye about this incident in the chat group, and how heartlessly she said how much of a badass Third Young Master Ye was to survive this mess.

Looking back, she wished she could slap herself as she could laugh despite seeing her brother being tortured. She regretted it thoroughly and wished she could turn back time.

Had it not been for Chu Li, Jason, and company, she would have returned to kill all of them to tie all loose ends.

“How long would you hang around in City A?” Ye Chen gently asked as he let go of her. Since Ye Wei did not press on something he had no intention to answer, he then made no mention of it. He wanted to hide some things at the bottom of his heart and did not want anybody to find them out.

“It may be quite a while,” Ye Wei replied in a low tone. Since Louis was unlikely to leave anytime soon, the MBS International saga would not see its end too soon as well. That would mean that Ning Ning could not leave and she had to wait for Ning Ning and bring him along with her.

Besides, it was not easy for brother and sister to acknowledge each other. She liked her third brother, so staying around for a while more would be good. To her, such kinship was precious and very hard to come by.

She still wanted to tease that cute nephew of hers.

“If time allows, I’ll bring you to see Mom. When she left that year, her biggest regret was unable to see you one more time,” Ye Chen said, the atmosphere between the siblings a little depressing.

“Okay, I got it.” Ye Wei took Ye Chen’s cell phone and entered a cell phone number. “Call me at this number.”

Ye Chen nodded. “He just said that he wanted to meet you.” His look sunk as he suddenly remembered something.

“Third brother, forget about him. I have not settled Mommy’s score with him, and I will meet him if he wants to settle that score. If he wants to get all gushy about father-daughter relationship, he can go screw himself. I am neither in the mood nor interested in that.”

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