Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 276 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 276 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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After Ye Wei and Eleven left, Ning Ning curiously asked Cheng Anya, “Mommy, how do you find auntie?”

“What do you mean by that?” Cheng Anya smiled as she kneaded her son’s tender face. “Does Mommy like auntie?” Ning Ning nodded wisely and directly asked her.

“I like her. She has quite a personality. Don’t you like her too?” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows. Ye Wei’s alluring yet badass character was almost a natural fit for their family. If Third Young Master Ye’s sister were that girl next door, they would not know how to live with her.

“Yea, I really like her. Auntie is really capable.” Ning Ning nodded and smiled sweetly.

“Nobody in your family is normal. Everyone is capable.” Whether young or old, everyone was extremely able and their badassery rose with each subsequent generation. Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.

How did she even run into this Ye family?

“Aren’t you part of the family too? What a self-contradiction.” Third Young Master Ye could not help but scold her laughingly as he overheard that statement after seeing Ye Wei off.

“I am not part of your family. My surname’s Cheng, while your surname’s Ye.” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows.

“Mommy, my surname is Cheng too,” Ning Ning weakly said as he jabbed Cheng Anya’s elbow.

Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya quieted down as Cheng Anya turned her head and looked at Ning Ning calmly. Ning Ning was, however, terrified and his tender face had a smile that begged for mercy. “Mommy, don’t get agitated, don’t get agitated. Darling me is just reminding you of a truth, so don’t get agitated…”

Third Young Master Ye gently laughed as he saved his son from Cheng Anya’s clutches and hugged him. “What Ning Ning just said reminded me of something. When shall we register our marriage and get your name changed, eh?”

As Cheng Anya kept quiet, Ning Ning thought and said, “Daddy, I think that Ye Ningyuan does not have as nice a ring as Cheng Ningyuan…”

“What nonsense. Ye Ningyuan has a much nicer ring to it.”

“Okay, Ye Ningyuan it is then.” Ning Ning kept silent.

“That said, the two of you have no opinions, huh?” Third Young Master Ye was surprised at the ease at which things progressed, expecting it to be more challenging. Besides, Cheng Anya was the only daughter and Ning Ning carrying her surname would have been understandable, let alone leave Daddy Cheng happy.

If she changed her surname to Ye, Daddy Cheng would be unhappy, let alone Cheng Anya’s disagreement. He was expecting Cheng Anya to protest, but both of them had no opinion on the matter.

“Based on what I am hearing, you do not seem too happy about it. Should I symbolically protest it?” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrow and asked with a seeming smile. To think that pampering him would bring out a protest! Damn it, was protesting more in line with Miss Cheng’s style?

“No!” Third Young Master Ye smartly chose to remain silent and gave a ‘you are making things up’ look.

Ning Ning lay on his shoulder and giggled in fits. “Daddy, whatever my surname is does not really matter since I am already your son. If my surname is Ye, so be it. Mommy and I have no opinion on that.”

“That’s it, stop the nonsense. Third Young Master Ye, aren’t you supposed to go take a shower?”

“Why?” Third Young Master Ye did not understand the eviction order posed to him. What did she have to say to her son in private?

Ning Ning had a sudden realization. Did his mommy see through his somewhat ambiguous relationship with Ye Wei? Ugh! He quietly cursed at his predicament. Since he had clearly gone to lengths to cover up the relationship, how could he have blown it somehow?

“There are some things that I need to talk to my son about.” Cheng Anya gave her signature smile as she stood up and walked toward Ning Ning’s study room. “Darling, come over here!”

Unwilling to get off, the young kid rubbed himself against his daddy and begged him pitifully for help. “Daddy…”

Unable to resign his kid to his fate, Third Young Master Ye was about to speak when Miss Cheng coughed as a matter-of-factly. Third Young Master Ye stroked his child’s tender face with pity and told him, “Be a good child and go to your mommy. The queen calls you! Make haste!”

As he said that, he waved him off and said, “Daddy is going to take a shower.”

The young kid stared at his father who left him in the lurch begrudgingly and dallied into the study room. Miss Cheng’s smile left his goose bumps standing and the young kid wondered to himself whether his mommy could have been so able to see that he and Ye Wei were in cahoots. With Ye Wei and him both masters of putting up a perfect act, his mother, however smart, would not be able to easily see through their act.

As he thought of this, he was slightly at ease.

“Mommy, what’s up?” The young kid broke into a tender smile, which worked as his mother always fell for it.

“Where is the document in the living room?” Cheng Anya slightly squinted.

The young kid secretly heaved a sigh of relief and thanked his ancestors for their timely help as the matter was thankfully not what he thought it was. He took the document from the shelf and passed it to Cheng Anya.

“You have read it?” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows as she asked. She had also thought about it at the last minute when Ye Chen suggested changing Ning Ning’s name and she then recalled they were cousins. As she had scattered the documents in the living room the night before and did not have time to gather them in the morning as she had left in a rush, she kind of guessed that Ning Ning had read them.

Ning Ning looked at Cheng Anya with a smile and nodded. “Mommy, you did not wish that I had read it?”

“Would you, in the shoes of a parent, hope your child would learn of something so campy?” Cheng Anya raised her brows and secretly chided herself for being this careless to allow Ning Ning to see the documents. However, Ning Ning did not seem to respond to it.

Since all seemed normal, surely the child did not mind?

However smart one’s child is, they are often unlikely to accept such an issue. While her child was special, he surely… would mind, right?

“Mommy, you can’t blame me for that. You left the documents lying around in the living room for me to read them,” Ning Ning said in defense.

“Can you accept such a relationship between Daddy and Mommy?” Cheng Anya asked Ning Ning in trepidation, deeply fearing Ning Ning’s rejection.

Ning Ning smiled. Honestly, he was quite shocked at the revelation, but not to the point of rejecting the fact. “If Daddy and you do not mind, what is there that I can’t accept? It’s okay.”


“When did darling me ever lie to you?” Ning Ning smiled as he asked in return. With his mommy at ease, he lovingly snuggled into Cheng Anya’s embrace. “Darling me will unconditionally support any decision that Mommy makes.”

“That’s my child,” Miss Cheng said as she gave him a big kiss. “You, my son, are indeed Mommy’s most thoughtful comfort.”

“Not daughter?”

“If I say son, then it’s son.”

“Yes, Mommy, my queen.”

“Since you already know it, don’t mention it to Daddy and assume you don’t know anything. Understand?”

“I know, and I understand.”

With the atmosphere much better, Ning Ning broke into a smile. Should he mention that he would be going for special training after this matter had blown over? It did not take any guessing to know that his mommy would definitely be unhappy.

But he felt that going for special training would be better for his growth.

“Mommy…” Ning Ning quieted. “If darling me has to leave you for a while, would you be unhappy?”

“For how long?” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows.

Ning Ning grunted his acknowledgment as he did not dare to tell her that they would only see each other once every few years. “No longer than a month. All other options are off the table.”

“…Okay,” Ning Ning said.

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