Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 278 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 278 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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As Cheng Anya scrolled down, she saw Louis’ pretty face again. This time, it was his side profile that was as perfect as the goddess Venus. The line was like an edge that stood out and was unbelievably beautiful.

The melancholic prince looked at Cheng Anya deeply as his glass of red wine became a prop for the depth of his emotions. The photograph was extraordinary, and people who did not understand Louis would assume that he loved her to the moon and back.

Looks do not tell everything, the looks do not tell everything.

Designed dialog:

Louis: Why don’t you understand my heart? Allow me to plant my lips on your face.

Cheng Anya shuddered and rubbed down the goose bumps on her arm as she grabbed the glass next to her to gulp some water down.

‘Dear OP, it is a real pity you are not a detective. Aesthetics of the photographs aside, even you could quite accurately surmise Louis’s perverted mentality.’

You. Are. Badass.

As she looked at the next photograph, she was stunned…

The photograph was of her holding Third Young Master Ye’s hands as Third Young Master Ye tilted his head toward her while they looked into each other’s eyes and shared a smile. Miss Cheng’s gaze was filled with gentleness and the love and care that cast doubt toward their innocence.

Cheng Anya covered her eyes and slammed on the keyboard uncontrollably. Why??

Wherever on earth this woman was to often capture these moments and still remain undiscovered. That said, the entire moment lasted less than a minute and she was even able to capture it so timely.

She was so damn talented!

Designed dialog:

Third Young Master Ye: I love your heart, and the heavens and earth know it. Whoever snatches it gets beaten to a pulp by me.

Miss Cheng: I love your heart—that the heavens know. Whoever snatches it from me will get the smackdown from me.

Narrator: How badass indeed, how badass indeed. That’s why I have said that they are indeed involved with each other. How adulterous… The gallivanting Third Master pawns the secretary with that signature smile.

Miss Cheng could not remain calm anymore and grabbed her hair. She really could not understand how she had managed to take these photos.

Besides, the photo was not taken when Yang Yun and company arrived… It should have been before the ‘we were friends’ photograph, but why was it moved to the back?

The order of the photos should not have been like this ahhh…

Could it have been that the gossip arose from the wrong order of the photographs?

What followed after that photo were individual photographs of Yang Zekun and Yun Ruoxi. Both seemed a little heartbroken and in pain.

Narrator: Since we are both of the same plights, let’s get together, shall we?

Then came a collage of photographs.

Here was where things got extra saucy.

The photographs were about Miss Cheng and Miss Yun going tit-for-tat.

Miss Yun was arrogant while Miss Cheng was smiling.

Both beauties were radiant and looked good.

Designed dialog:

Miss Yun: I MUST win my man back!

Miss Cheng: You are welcome to challenge me. I will dash your hopes into the sewer.

Narrator: Miss Cheng completely wins! Miss Yun, do what you should. Why should women make life difficult for other women? You have enough tragedies and stop cooking up even more. Call it quits for you can never win against Miss Cheng!

At the side of the photograph, a large ‘Long Live Miss Cheng’ was adorned in gold.

Cheng Anya was speechless!

“Really, are meeting over-the-top people over the internet such a common phenomenon?” Cheng Anya murmured to herself. This was surely too over the top, no?

The next photograph was of Yang Zekun looking at Miss Cheng perplexedly.

The designed dialog was a classic line from ‘The Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf’: I will be back.

He left dismally.

Third Young Master Ye was at the side and in high spirits.

Louis then appeared elegantly. Cheng Anya remembered this was taken when he said it was a pity that he did not get to dance with her whilst his emerald gaze showed a few hints of regret and sadness.

Designed dialog:

Louis: Only the moon understands how I feel.

Narrator: Dear melancholic prince, I know how you feel too. Please do not be inflexible and stubborn, okay? Explore your options and you may just be much better off with your next choice!

How talented indeed! Cheng Anya was in tears at how the dialog went.

It captured all that she wanted to tell Louis.

The last image was of Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye standing together as though they were ready to defy all odds.

Designed dialog:

Third Young Master Ye: This woman is mine, so open your damn eyes and f*** off.

Miss Cheng was stunned into silence.

After selecting from ten-over photographs and ordering them, a hedonistic, humorous and campy 5-sided love story was born.

Some Rich Man’s Daughter left her words of thanks below: Dear friends, arise for gossip!

Miss Cheng totally lost it at that as she had seen over-the-top people but not somebody as over the top. When she recalled about the Pretty Money Boy incident, she set the thread straight with just a few comments and carried on picking on and putting the pressure on Miss Yun, mobilizing the power of the crowd to take down Miss Yun’s alternate accounts.

Some Rich Man’s Daughter was indeed talented enough to turn the tense, unavoidable confrontation at the banquet into a campy TV drama. She was indeed damn talented.

Miss Cheng extremely admired her and was speechless…

“What a tragedy…”

Luckily for her, photos of her kissing Third Young Master Ye were not taken. If not, it would have been a real tragedy for her.

The affair was real.

As Miss Cheng read each reply, the discussion was definitely heating up. This gossip forum was a massive gathering for socialites and elites. Third Young Master Ye was somebody famous, and so were Miss Yun, Louis, and Yang Zekun…

Miss Cheng was the silent person next door.

The questions about Miss Cheng were the most as they asked who this beauty was. There were other photos of her accompanying Third Young Master Ye to Yang Yun’s birthday banquet that followed.

Both of them intimately held each other as the Rose Tear necklace hung in front of her.

Rumors of an affair started from here as people exposed news that she was once romantically involved with Yang Zekun.

That moment, Miss Cheng was being cyber-manhunted and became the most talked-about person besides Third Young Master Ye.

Even more dramatically, some were asking whether they knew Miss Cheng in real life. Many replied that… they knew her.

Cheng Anya… was frightened.

Since famous people were on this forum, those in upper society who had a thing or two were undoubtedly those people who would bring their company along for the thrills.

To prevent being locked out of her account due to inactivity, Miss Cheng replied to the threads out of formality: These photographs are so well-taken!

Being a master at picking an internet fight, Miss Cheng’s appearance brought about tens of responses.

Suddenly, she discovered a reply from ‘Miss Yun’.

‘You all know nuts. They are siblings…’

This reply was bumped up by countless replies and some fifty replied in the span of five minutes as they waited for more exposure from ‘Miss Yun’.

Some could not be bothered whilst some others read on. All were, however, waiting for the gossip.

‘I shall not tell you’, ‘Miss Yun’ replied curtly.

Flames arose in the thread, and Cheng Anya was left speechless. What did gossipers hate? They hated the denial of gossip following the suspense whilst waiting for it. Infuriating, wasn’t it? Everybody started flaming ‘Miss Yun’ for being stingy.

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