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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 287 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Old Master Ye was very angry, but Louis smiled calmly like a spring breeze. “Third Young Master Ye, uncle has been interested in the MBS International and Mafia cooperation since a long time ago. Since MBS International wants to use the power of the Mafia, how can MBS International not sacrifice at all? Third Young Master Ye has been in the business world for a long time, so how could you not understand this at all? Moreover, I have brought in a lot of funds for MBS International too, haven’t I?”

Third Young Master Ye crossed his legs and laughed maliciously. “Using a carrot and stick approach? Are you treating MBS International like a child? Moreover, we could have afforded to invite the president of the United States using the ten billion yuan. Would I still need to ask you to escort me? Take a look at yourself in the mirror if you want to put on airs. Selling dog shit at the price of a diamond. Are you worth it? Why are you so childish?”

Everybody, “…”

Louis’ face turned a little dark. Third Young Master Ye’s mouth could really make the dead man jump out of the coffin in anger.

“Third Young Master Ye, then why do you smuggle illegally?” Louis’ smile was unusually gentle. All the directors were shocked and turned to look at Third Young Master Ye. Louis continued “You know best what kind of advantage you would be in if I enter MBS International. Are you that innocent?”

The expressions of the directors did not seem well. They looked angrily at Third Young Master Ye. One of the directors next to him asked gingerly, “Third Young Master Ye, is what Mister Louis said true?”

Third Young Master Ye glanced at him coldly, and he backed off like a sparrow, weakening his sense of existence. Third Young Master Ye jokingly raised his eyebrows. “When it comes to smuggling, wasn’t MBS International into smuggling in its early years too? As compared to drug smuggling, diamond smuggling is nothing. The CEO had introduced me to Louis, so it’s technically not my fault. How can you blame me? So unfair.”

“Ye Chen, stop quibbling.” Ye Zhenhua banged the table. “I have been in charge of all affairs of MBS International for several years. Now, you are trying to get me into trouble?”

“How did I get you into trouble?” Third Young Master Ye laughed elegantly and ridiculed. “I had the first deal with Louis in less than a month after I took over MBS International. Do you think a good student who had just left the university could have that courage?”

Ye Zhenhua’s eyes narrowed. “Good student? Ye Chen, are you not afraid that others would laugh at you?”

If Third Young Master Ye was considered a good student, there must be no bad students left in the world.

“A father should be blamed for his son’s mistakes. Dad, if you think I’m not a good student, it’s time for you to reflect.” Third Young Master Ye smiled, shrugged his shoulders carelessly, and looked directly at Louis.

Louis’ expression remained unchanged. “How did this become a critic session? We are discussing the change of management right of MBS International today. Don’t change the topic, uncle and Third Master Ye.”

He cleverly brought back the topic. No one was better than Third Young Master Ye in distracting people out of topic.

Some directors knew clearly that Louis and the father and son’s intentions were not clean after hearing their conversation. But as long as they could make MBS International earn money and allow them to earn loads, they didn’t mind who would be the president.

As compared to Louis, Third Young Master Ye was definitely better in managing the business. But in terms of influence and business means, the Mafia was stronger.

The battle between individuals and organizations would definitely cause great losses.

All the directors began to rethink their decisions.

If they chose Louis, they were afraid that he’d swallow MBS International and it would be over for them. If they chose Third Young Master Ye, they would obviously offend Ye Zhenhua again. They still had considerations due to their friendship of decades.

“Since Ye Chen is not willing to give up the management right, we will vote to decide,” Ye Zhenhua said. The directors who were still hesitating felt somewhat intimidated.

One of the directors who supported Old Master Ye asked uneasily, “Old Master Ye, are you really going to let Mister Louis replace Third Young Master Ye?”

“Is there any problem?” Ye Zhenhua asked coldly.

Third Young Master Ye smiled coldly and watched their infighting with great interest. Louis was still motionless and looked sad and peaceful like a melancholic prince. It was as if he didn’t mind even if he was not the president.

That director whispered, “It’s the Mafia after all. He might… not be as good as Third Young Master Ye. Third Young Master Ye is a member of the Ye family after all. I believe he would not destroy MBS International no matter how rebellious he was.”

Third Young Master Ye and Louis both had very good hearing skills. They heard what he said, looked at each other, and laughed. They were so sarcastic and had such great aura that no one seemed weak.

What he said was funny to Third Young Master Ye. Would not destroy MBS International? Which clueless person said this? How naive.

Louis, on the other hand, thought to himself that their worries were superfluous.

“You don’t trust me?” asked Ye Zhenhua in a cold voice.

“No, Old Master Ye, after all, he…” The director wanted to say something else, but after a pause, he decided to keep quiet. With Old Master Ye’s firmness, he knew that he wouldn’t listen to his suggestion.

“Since there is no other suggestion, let’s vote.”

“Wait, I have questions.” Third Young Master Ye raised his hand and shouted, “Are the three of us allowed to vote?”

“Why not?”

“Don’t you think it’s funny?” Third Young Master Ye was speechless and smiled coldly. “Okay, I’ll go straight to my point. You all know that I have been in charge of MBS International for several years. I’m afraid that the CEO doesn’t even know anything about the company’s operation.”

“You…” Ye Zhenhua was furious. Was he threatening him?

All the directors were shocked and they knew that Third Young Master Ye was telling the truth. “Third Young Master Ye, you can’t mess around.”

“I haven’t finished. What’s your hurry?” Third Young Master Ye jokingly raised his eyebrows. “Let’s not talk about what I have done in the past few years. Let’s just talk about all of you. All of your intentions aren’t pure. Many decisions were made, and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what they are. If I break the news and spread it, I’m afraid everyone here will be in trouble. You can think of this as me threatening all of you. After all, it’s my usual trick. Please figure out yourselves whether you have the ability to play with me.”

“CEO, aren’t you afraid that I would destroy everything once you start fighting with me all these years? Were you too anxious this time? I’ll give you an empty box. Do whatever you want.”

With a smile of arrogance and dignity, he said proudly, “Admit that you’re old. City A is my territory now!”

No matter the underworld or the business world, nobody dared to ignore Ye Chen’s words.

“You have Dragon Gate. Why are you holding on to MBS International?” Ye Zhenhua asked angrily.

“I’m happy. What can you say about it?” Third Young Master Ye sneered. “You should have known that a problem like this would arise when you let me take over MBS International. It is a bit too late now to consider this, isn’t it? I’m still not tired of MBS International for the time being. In fact, I’m having a good time. I don’t want other people to take advantage of it. If you wait for me patiently enough to get tired of it, I may be kind enough to give it back to you.”

“You started the game first, but you have no right to end it.”

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