Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 288 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 288 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Old Master Ye banged the table and stood up. Everybody was shocked and started to quiet down. Third Young Master Ye’s words were really too harsh. These directors had all known that Old Master Ye and his son did not have a good relationship and that he had no choice but to hand over MBS International to Third Young Master Ye. If Ye Yutang wasn’t a loser, Ye Zhenhua would never ever let Third Young Master Ye be the president.

But it was the first time that they had witnessed such an intense argument between the father and son.

Those words were enough for a father to get very angry. All the directors who have sons and daughters secretly compared their children with Third Young Master Ye and were very glad that they were not as unfilial as Third Young Master Ye even though they were a little bit naughty.

It was simply an undisguised provocation that no one would be able to ignore and forgive.

“Ye Chen, how dare you!” Ye Zhenhua was furious. He raised his crutch and was about to hit him. Everyone turned pale and waited for Third Young Master Ye to receive the beatings. How would this end?

Louis raised his hand and stopped him by grabbing his wrist. His jade green eyes flashed a hint of calmness. With a soothing smile, he said, “Uncle, don’t be angry. Third Young Master Ye is always like this. There’s no need for you to be angry.”

Third Young Master Ye looked at Ye Zhenhua’s angry face coldly. It was very ironic. This had always been the mode of interaction between them. How ridiculous.

Even an outsider had a better relationship with him. Of course, he didn’t need it, and neither did Ye Zhenhua.

Affection was too luxurious for them.

“Dad, don’t try to provoke me. You know I have a bad temper and can’t stand provocation. I don’t know what I will do then.” Third Young Master Ye smiled elegantly as if Ye Zhenhua’s anger was nothing to him at all.

Before Cheng Anya and her son appeared, although Third Young Master Ye was rude toward Ye Zhenhua, he was only indifferent. Most of the decisions he made were what Ye Zhenhua ordered him to do and he had tried his best to be his puppet.

Because of this, Ye Zhenhua trusted him a lot and let him handle almost all affairs of MBS International. If not, he’d never have the opportunity to take action against such a large enterprise. To be honest, Ye Zhenhua had brought this upon himself.

The evil we bring on ourselves is the hardest to bear. What right do you have to complain now?


“Third Young Master Ye, doing this does not benefit you at all. If you really want to play this game, I might be able to press on. Who is going to lose has yet to be decided. Do you really think that I will fight with you without any weapons?” Louis chuckled. His melancholic appearance made people believe that what he said was true.

Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled sarcastically. “Are you declaring war on me?”

“Declare war? I prefer the term ‘competition’.” Louis chuckled. His gaze was cold and the kind of dark vibe he sent out could make people shiver.

The resplendent hall suddenly felt like it was covered with a black veil. The atmosphere felt heavy and dangerous. Everyone could feel the authority and pressure of the Mafia godfather.

However, Third Young Master Ye sat as if nothing had happened and he seemed unaware of it. Fearless, he smiled elegantly and indifferently with strong confidence. He was so confident that no one would doubt his determination.

The two’s aura sparked a fire in the air and it seemed like a war without aggressive fighting.

No one was willing to give up as they were well-matched in strength.

“Good. I like competition too.” Third Young Master Ye chuckled and pursed his lips sarcastically. “I’m curious, Mister Louis, can’t you go back to Italy or North America? Why must you rob other people’s jobs here in City A? Are you not afraid that you’ll lose face as a Mafia godfather?”

“Went to snatch other people’s goods but got set up and suffered a great loss instead. Fire Beacon Hall getting into trouble was another loss for you. How much have you lost in City A? How much more can you afford to lose? I doubt that you can still hold on to your position as a Mafia godfather for long.”

His purposeful words made Louis’ gaze turn slightly heavier. He had always portrayed himself as a melancholic noble prince. Even if he was angry, he would hide his anger very well. This time, Third Young Master Ye had broken his disguise.

“What does it have to do with you even if I can’t hold on to my position?” Louis asked while raising his eyebrows. “Third Young Master Ye, your means to distract us away from the main topic is definitely on point. Those are two different matters. Don’t mix them up. I’m not an opponent that you’ll meet any other day.”

Third Young Master Ye laughed and spread out his arms. “Don’t get me wrong. I just want to remind you that a small country like Japan wanted to take over China. As a result, it was attacked and defeated due to the lack of defense back in their home. I’m afraid you haven’t got a foothold in City A and there’s already no place in Italy for you to go back to. This is my advice. You will regret it one day if you don’t go back to Italy soon.”

“Who has the ability to destroy my base camp? You? Dragon Gate?” Louis sneered. “Don’t deny that Dragon Gate is a rival of the Mafia. Third Young Master Ye, have you forgotten about the agreement you signed with me?”

“You said that Dragon Gate had to obey and be on standby to whatever the Mafia demands in North America, but you didn’t say that Dragon Gate cannot kill you first.” Third Young Master Ye was proud to find loopholes.

Did he really take him as a fool?

Ye Zhenhua listened to their conversation and immediately understood what was going on. Louis did not tell him about it. It was in the interests of the Mafia. Third Young Master Ye and Louis would not care even if they destroyed MBS International for the sake of Dragon Gate and the Mafia.

Old Master Ye seemed to realize this and his heart was burning with anger.

He did not want his whole life’s hard work to be destroyed just like that.

“Have you two said enough? Today, we are talking about the management rights, not the competition of your forces,” Ye Zhenhua said angrily while staring at Third Young Master Ye.

Third Young Master Ye ignored him, looked at Louis, and said, “Forget about if Dragon Gate would start a fight with you. Jason and Chu Li are ready to take action. You had almost caused Jason to be caught and Chu Li was shot more than twenty times. Do you think that the terrorists would spare you?”

“So what? Do you think the anti-terrorist organizations, the U.S. government, and the Italian government will watch us fight?” He was ready to declare war on the terrorists, but it wasn’t the time yet.

At present, the forces of both sides were equally matched. If they fought hard, they would kill each other. There was no benefit. Louis had never done anything uncertain.

“It’s interesting to see you deceive yourself.” Third Young Master Ye sneered. He planned to start a fight with the terrorists but said that the two governments would not stand to watch them fight. What a joke.

Besides, who cares?

“But these are internal problems of the Mafia, which have nothing to do with the management right this time.” Louis chuckled.

Third Young Master Ye spread his arms and glanced at the directors. “I just want you to have a deep understanding of the background of the Mafia godfather. It’s nothing. Who would want to get involved in your fight?”

Like what he had expected, the directors were all surprised. They had never heard of these things, including the fact that Third Young Master Ye had such an empty goal. Upon hearing it for the first time, they thought it was incredible.

After knowing the complex background of Louis and comparing it with Third Young Master Ye’s power in both the underworld and business world in City A, they realized how strong the contrast was, and they began to carefully reconsider the issue of MBS’ International management right again.

Third Young Master Ye sneered and was satisfied with what he had achieved. He had always been good at controlling the situation on the negotiation table. How could Louis even try to take the lead first?

“You’ve heard that, and I might as well admit that the work team of the Repulse Bay project is made up of my people. As soon as I leave, they will leave together, and the whole project will be delayed. With Louis’ abilities, he wouldn’t be able to find another team to replace us in a short time. You are well aware of what problems will arise then. Besides, everyone knows that MBS International’s internal operations can’t do without me. As long as I’m here, MBS International would still operate fine. But, once I leave, MBS International would be empty. Let’s all be over together. Isn’t it exciting?” Third Young Master Ye said coldly. “Don’t think that you’re the smartest in the world. I have many other ways to control MBS International. Now, I’m in a good mood and I don’t want to crush it yet for the time being. But don’t force me. I don’t know what I would do if you force me.”

After his words, all the directors turned pale and looked a little scared. They were afraid that Third Young Master Ye would really destroy MBS International. They had invested decades of hard work there.

Old Master Ye was furious. A well-planned temporary meeting was interrupted by Third Young Master Ye. He had intended to settle everything before Third Young Master Ye knew about it and brainwash the directors into standing on his side.

Unexpectedly, Third Young Master Ye came over so fast and so fiercely that the whole board of directors of MBS international was in turn awed by him.

It would be even more difficult to pull him out of office in the future.

“That’s about it. Think about it and then make a decision.” Third Young Master Ye slowly picked up his glasses, put them on, and stood up. With a cold smile, he said to Ye Zhenhua, “CEO, please hold the next board meeting in MBS International. Don’t be like a man hiding his mistress. How funny. Isn’t it just the problem of the management right? You’re welcomed to give us some advice.”

Third Young Master Ye, instead of being aggressive, blamed them for being rude. His expression was extraordinary. He ignored Ye Zhenhua’s awkward expression and the embarrassed faces behind him and walked out of the mansion nonchalantly. Louis raised the corners of his lips and followed him.

“Third Young Master Ye, stop.” Louis stopped Third Young Master Ye with an indifferent tone. The courtyard of the Ye mansion was full of all kinds of precious flowers and plants. They radiated a fragrant smell. In the night, it smelled even more refreshing.

The faint smell surrounding the tip of the nose could make one’s mood better instantly.

“What else do you have to say?”

He had finished what he wanted to say. What to do was up to Louis, and there was no point in talking to him again.

“Are you determined to fight with me till the end?” Louis’ eyes were shining and looked a little dangerous. Under the moonlight, his gaze was very dark, as if there was an invisible pressure trapping him from all sides.

He knew that this was Louis’ psychological war. How could Third Young Master Ye, who had been through a hundred battles, be shocked by such an antic?

“That’s exactly what I want to say to you, Mister Louis. I have warned you on your first day in MBS International that you should not go against me, but you didn’t listen to me. No matter how aggressive my father and I fight, it is our own family matters and strangers have no right to interfere. However, you never heed my advice and went ahead to interfere. It was you who didn’t regard me as an opponent. Isn’t it ridiculous for you to come into my territory and then blame me for fighting with you?”

“I have to help uncle. I didn’t mean to oppose you. As a son, you should reflect on what you have done,” Louis said in a deep voice, and his jade green eyes showed his unhappiness.

“Don’t you think you’re ridiculous?” Third Young Master Ye looked at him with a smile while folding his arms. “How we interact with each other ain’t what you are supposed to care about. Aren’t you interfering a little bit too much in this?”

“How do you know I’m not qualified?” Louis narrowed his eyes slightly and smiled. “Okay, since Third Young Master Ye wants to make things difficult, let’s do it. I’m sure you’ll regret it.”

“I’ll return the exact words back to you, Louis. Coming to City A was the biggest mistake of your life. Please be careful that a fire may break out in your backyard.” Third Young Master Ye smiled coldly.

“Don’t worry. My defense is very strong.” Louis raised his eyebrow and smiled. The melancholic prince’s expression turned dark and aggressive under the moonlight. “Bring it on.”

Madness, craziness… He had a kind of majesty and hegemony vibe of the dark emperor.

“Well, you won’t shed tears until you’ve seen your own coffin.”

“Third young master, do you know what I feel like doing after seeing your current expression?” Louis approached Third Young Master gradually, one inch at a time. “It makes people want to… conquer you.”

Third Young Master Ye sneered. “What a perverted hobby.”

He turned around, got in the car, started the engine, and rushed down the hill.

On the same night, Ye Wei and Eleven were enjoying their holidays at the seaside of City A. There were lots of unsheltered shops where people came and went. There was also a grand bonfire party on the beach.

Ye Wei and Eleven were drinking beer while watching the performance. The calmness of the beach in the day was washed away at night. The atmosphere became passionate and enthusiastic like fire.

The two beauties had just sat down for a while before they attracted a large number of handsome men. Ye Wei only wanted to watch the performance quietly and didn’t want to flirt with any of them. The indifferent expression of Eleven deterred them from approaching them.

“We haven’t had such a life for a long time. How pleasant.” Ye Wei drank beer with her head tilted up. Her enchanting face was red and charming. She clapped her hands in awe while watching the song and dance performances.

“You might as well go down and dance together with them,” Eleven said.

“This kind of dance is not challenging. I quit dancing a long time ago.” Ye Wei smiled. “I want to be lady-like in the future. Dancing Waltz would be great.”

“I thought you were always interested in tango.” Eleven dissed her. Ye Wei laughed. Eleven knew her best.

“When shall we leave City A?”

“Are you annoyed?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and was a little surprised. “Are you annoyed to be with me? Eleven, you’re hurting my heart.”

“You’re talking nonsense. Chu Li and Black J asked me when I can settle Ning Ning.”

“Come on, we’ll be lucky if Ning Ning doesn’t try to settle us. Ask them to do it themselves if they have the ability.” Ye Wei finished drinking a bottle of beer and she threw the empty bottle nonchalantly. She smiled. “My sister-in-law ain’t someone you can mess with. Do you think she’s easy to deal with? Taking her son away from her needs effort. Moreover, Ning Ning’s personality would not allow him to make his mother angry. It’s easier said than done. I’ll deal with the black-bellied Chu when I go back.”

Eleven was reminded of Miss Cheng’s smile and agreed with Ye Wei very much. Ning Ning had to convince his mother first. Besides, Louis’ issues weren’t resolved yet. It might take a while.

“He must be anxious and want to see Ning Ning as soon as possible,” Eleven said.

Ye Wei groaned and cried, “Other than my sister-in-law, I guess my third brother doesn’t agree with me either. If he knew that I had intended to kill him and take his son away from him, my third brother might have strangled and killed me.”

“How serious.”

“It is.” Ye Wei regretted that she had not spent enough time with her newly recognized brother yet. She did not want to make things awkward because of Ning Ning’s issue. Besides, she wasn’t the one who wanted Ning Ning to leave.

The young kid had agreed to this himself. She was only responsible for bringing him around.

If her third brother knew that she was closely related to the terrorists, she was afraid that her brother would know that she came to City A with bad intentions. It was easy to guess who had paid to kill him, and Ning Ning would have to explain everything then.

“Your family members are really tough. By the way, aren’t you going to tell your father?” Eleven raised her eyebrows. Ye Wei used to talk about her parents often, but she had avoided this topic this time.

“What kind of father is he? Dare to treat my third brother like that? I would even fight my ancestors. He is nothing.” Ye Wei snorted coldly and collapsed on the reclining chair, pretending to be dead. “Wow… So comfortable.”

Eleven shook her head and was speechless.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Upon seeing that it was Ning Ning who called, Ye Wei became interested. “Hi, my dear nephew, why are you calling me?”

Ning Ning told her what happened on his bed. He was worried as his father had gone out for a long time, so he called Ye Wei.

“Is Ye Zhenhua going to get rid of him?” Ye Wei’s pitch was slightly higher. She had expected it nevertheless. Not surprising. She had already guessed that there would be such a day since the cooperation of the Mafia and MBS International. She just didn’t expect that the day would come so fast as only a few days had passed. It was ridiculous for them to be so eager about this.

“I wouldn’t mind if MBS International is gone. Anyway, your father, my third brother, doesn’t depend on it to feed his family. Whoever wants it can just take it. It’s an empty shell anyway,” Ye Wei casually said that she had no feelings for MBS International. For her, MBS International was just another big famous company and business of the Ye family.

Her third brother must have wanted to destroy it since a long time ago.

“I’m more concerned about when you’re going to convince your mother and come with me.” Ye Wei teased. “I have been looking forward to it for a long time.”

Ning Ning, who was hiding in the quilt to make the phone call, was shocked by what she said and rubbed his goose bumps. He said, “Auntie, can you go to the Ye mansion and take a look at them? I’m worried about Daddy.”

“Okay, okay. It’s normal for you to feel uneasy as there’s still a green wolf in the Ye family who is coveting the beauty of third brother.” Damn Louis, he might be attracted to her third brother now after he had failed in chasing her sister-in-law.

This man was not a normal pervert. He was not someone of my race.

“Let’s go and exercise.”

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