Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 289 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 289 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei and Eleven had just driven to Third Young Master Ye’s house when they saw Third Young Master Ye’s car passing by. He was too fast for Ye Wei to stop him in time. Ye Wei blinked and was impressed by his brother’s driving skills.

After a while, people left the Ye mansion eventually and drove away. They all didn’t look very well.

Ye Wei’s eyebrows were raised and a hint of confusion flashed past her beautiful eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Eleven didn’t pay much attention. Looking in the direction of Ye Wei’s gaze, she saw Louis pushing Ye Yutang. The melancholic prince was talking to Ye Yutang with a gentle expression.

Ye Yutang looked worried and grabbed onto Louis while telling him something. Louis then comforted him gently.

Ye Wei’s expression grew colder and her eyes narrowed slowly with a trace of danger.

“Eleven, drive to Louis’ hotel.”

Eleven raised her eyebrows and kept quiet. She made a U-turn and drove downhill immediately. “What happened?”

Over the past ten years, Ye Wei had hidden her true self well. She was always charming and elegant and had rarely shown her true self. People who knew Ye Wei had forgotten that her true personality was actually the same as Eleven’s.

Eleven was born with a cold and stern look. After more than ten years of in the field, every word and action of hers made her look murderous and aggressive, while Ye Wei intimidated people with her coldness, elegance, and dominance.

The coldness and aggressiveness that was cultivated by murdering people was indeed very scary.

“Can you read the lips of Ye Yutang?” Ye Wei’s eyes stared straight ahead. Her deep eyes darkened as if a storm was going to break out in them.

“I didn’t notice. What did he say?” As the world’s top killer, Ye Wei was proficient in all aspects of knowledge, including lip-reading. She saw Ye Yutang say…

‘Elder brother, kill him. It was Ye Chen and his son who landed me in this state. You must avenge me.’

She had witnessed how her third brother and Ning Ning had tortured Ye Yutang. At the beginning, she had even joked that they were the perfect father and son and that she might have flirted with Third Young Master Ye if she had known him seven or eight years earlier.

She was not surprised about that at all. However, she was surprised that Ye Yutang addressed Louis as an elder brother?

One was from the famous Italian family, while the other was the second young master of the Ye family. Why would he call him elder brother if they were not related to each other at all?

“Maybe because Ye Zhenhua and Louis’ father were good friends, so their kids have a good relationship too. Perhaps since Louis was older than Ye Yutang, he addressed him as an elder brother? Moreover, Louis is the godfather of the Mafia. It’s logical to address him as an elder brother,” Eleven said. She felt that Ye Wei was too oversensitive regarding this matter.

“No!” Ye Wei was not convinced by Eleven’s speculation. Even if the two families had a good relationship and it was not surprising for Ye Yutang to address Louis as an elder brother, it was weird that Ye Zhenhua insisted that Louis replace her third brother as the president of MBS International.

She was familiar with Ye Zhenhua for a long time. It was impossible for him to give his family business to an outsider just like that. Although he hated her third brother so much, he still could tolerate him being the president of MBS International for the sake of the company as Ye Yutang was useless. There was no reason for him to let Louis take over…

Unless it’s true that he was his elder brother.

“Are you implying that Louis is the illegitimate son of Ye Zhenhua?” For a moment, Eleven didn’t understand what Ye Wei was thinking about.

“Even if he’s an illegitimate child, Louis’ mother is a Swedish beauty. Do you think they could give birth to a blond Louis with green eyes? Louis’ looks are inherited from his family. Their eldest sons are all blond and have jade green eyes.” Ye Wei smiled coldly.

Eleven pursed her lips. She had finally understood what she meant. “The Ye family’s eldest son, Ye Yukun?”

“I have to confirm this!” Ye Wei said in a deep voice and narrowed her eyes dangerously. “If he really is Ye Yukun, then everything was planned by Ye Zhenhua from the beginning to the end—what happened in that year, why my mother died, why my third brother was sent to a mental hospital. After so many years of torture, the answer is actually all him, Ye Yukun. If this is true, the father and son of Ye family really deserve to die.”

Ye Wei was getting more and more uneasy. She was eager to know what exactly had happened that year.

Was Louis really Ye Yukun?

“Wei Wei, I don’t think so. Louis looks so different from Ye Yukun. Are you mistaken?”

“I wish I had guessed it wrong.” Ye Wei chuckled. “If it’s true, how could they do this to third brother these past few years?”

Ye Yukun had started all the tragedies that happened in the Ye family. If her mother didn’t die, Ye Zhenhua wouldn’t be so cruel to her third brother even if he didn’t like her anymore. Perhaps he would let go of his grudge someday. After all, if it was possible for a tough man to go soft, what else was impossible?

But all these were destroyed by Ye Yukun.

“I hope not, or else someone will go mad.” Eleven raised her eyebrows. It seemed like the brother and sister of the Ye family would not let Ye Yukun off the hook.

It didn’t take long for them to get to Louis’ hotel.

The 98-story skyscraper was GK Oriental Hotel, one of the world’s top hotels.

Standing tall and proud, the skyscraper symbolized wealth and power. It was the most luxurious hotel that one could enjoy staying at.

“If only baby was here now.” Ye Wei switched on her computer. She and Eleven had been specially trained in their computing skills, but it was still difficult for them to hack into the system of GK hotel.

All these high-end hotels had powerful firewalls. Ordinary hackers couldn’t hack into them unless they were top-notch computing geniuses.

Ye Wei tried several times but couldn’t enter. “Shit!”

Ye Wei cursed in annoyance and picked up the phone to call Ning Ning. After a while, Anya picked up the call. Ye Wei hung up the call immediately upon hearing her voice. “F***, did Ning Ning go to sleep already?”

Unfortunately, Third Young Master Ye had taught Ning Ning how to drink wine in the afternoon that day. He was drunk from drinking a lot of wine and had fallen asleep right after calling Ye Wei.

Looking at the time, Louis could be back anytime soon. Ye Wei took off her clothes decisively and she was wearing a light yellow suspender inside. There was a tight gown in the back seat, which she immediately put on.

“You are really willing to go all-in for this.”

After a while, a beautiful woman with long hair wearing a sexy black gown got off the car. The tight black gown highlighted her exquisite and graceful figure, showing her white and round shoulders. She squeezed her chest and her attractive cleavage was shown.

The gown was short, not longer than the knee level. She wore a pair of black boots, hid a micro tapping device in her butterfly-shaped diamond earrings, and carried a weird-shaped black handbag.

The most exaggerated thing was that she had a very thick smoky makeup, which was enchanting and charming. Every move of hers had a scent of flirtatiousness.

The front desk of GK Oriental Hotel.

The service staff at the counter looked at the gorgeous girl, lost his mind for three minutes, swallowed his saliva, and was stunned for a moment.

“May I know which room is Mister Louis in, please?” Ye Wei smiled enchantingly and the smell of her perfume radiated in the air. At the moment he tilted his head, she flicked her fingers and something black stuck tightly on the mainframe of the computer.

It was an external cracker invented by Ning Ning, which was specially designed to help people who were not proficient in technology. Eleven, who was in the car, quickly input the password and activated GK Oriental Hotel’s system.

“I’m sorry, Miss. The reception can’t disclose the guests’ information.” Although he was charmed and attracted to her, the service staff held on to his principals and could barely resist the temptation of beauty.

Ye Wei pretended to be angry. “Mister Louis asked me to come. If you don’t believe it, you can call him and ask.”

“I’m sorry, Miss. We really can’t disclose the information of our guests.”

In just a minute, Eleven hacked into the system of Oriental Hotel and whispered, “Wei Wei, 9305.”

“Hey, handsome man, your uniform looks really good.” Ye Wei winked seductively. She retracted the transparent string, then left in a seductive manner while shaking her tiny hips.

The man felt that there was a kind of hot liquid flowing out of his nose. He touched it with his hand and there was blood. He was flustered and quickly took out a tissue to cover his nose…

His nose had bled just from her wink.

“Too sexy, too coquettish… How bewitching…”

The elevator went up a floor at a time. Eleven said, “Be careful. There might be other people in his room.”

“I will.”

Ye Wei went up to the ninety-third floor. There were only five presidential suites on this floor. There was no doubt that Louis had booked all the rooms on that floor as there were three or four more extra surveillance cameras in the corridor in addition to the surveillance cameras that belonged to the hotel.

Ye Wei’s lips curled up, smiling flirtatiously. She walked into 9305 slowly and quietly without any movement.

Ye Wei closed her eyes and felt the atmosphere around her. The air was filled with a murderous vibe…

The hearing and feeling of a killer are the most sensitive, but she could not sense a single trace of human life or danger. What happened?

By right, this floor should be strictly guarded and there was no reason why there was nobody at all.

Or was her opponent too strong for her to sense him?

She got rid of that thought almost immediately. If someone could be better than her and hide so well without her noticing, he might not have been born yet…

She reached room 9305 and went into the room after cracking the hotel room card.

It was dark and secluded. It seemed like there was nobody living there. The black curtains waving with the flow of the wind made the room look messy but enchanting. Ye Wei squinted, analyzing the danger index in the air with her keen sense.


She put down her guard and was lazy to turn on the light. Her vision was the same in the day and night anyway. The presidential suite was very luxurious. Ye Wei searched carefully. There were some documents on the table. They were the transaction records between Third Young Master Ye and Louis. Ye Wei narrowed her eyes and put it down quietly.

It was very windy on the ninety-third floor. The black curtains were waving nonstop like the devil’s wings. Ye Wei looked at the windowsill carefully and felt a little weird. She was about to walk over when Eleven said, “Wei Wei, find his hair and come down. You only have five minutes.”

“I understand.”

She stopped and headed for the big bed.

The huge black bed was tidied up to the extent that it did not have any wrinkles. Her eyes narrowed. She said steadily, “The external cracker is still effective. Can you watch the tapes of the surveillance cameras at the corridors of the ninety-third floor? This room is just a cover-up. It’s not Louis’ room.”

The hair is black…

Not Louis’…

The sound of Eleven typing on the keyboard could be heard. Ye Wei frowned. “Coward, he’s f***ing scared of death.”

It was indeed Louis’ style.

Eleven smiled. “Forget it. Chu Li often does this to prevent assassination too. Wei Wei, Louis is back. Why don’t you back off first? His room is 9302.”

“Back off? No way!”

Ye Wei stood up decisively and smiled. She exited the room agilely. At this moment, there was a figure which flashed out of the balcony. The man was dressed in black, tall, and straight. With the backlight, she could not see his face clearly. There was only a pair of purple eyes that radiated coldness in the dark.

What a pair of beautiful eyes…

They seemed to have a pretty and coquettish power which would make someone fall in love forever just by one look.

The lift that Louis was on went up the floors one by one. Eleven rushed her to hurry up and she went into room 9302 calmly just in time, without hesitation.

The layout of that room was the same as the previous one, but it was less weird. However, there was an erotic vibe to it.

On the big bed in the room, there was a bruised child who was tied up.

The child was unconscious.

“F***!” What a pervert!”

Ye Wei was a hundred percent sure that she was in Louis’ room. Who else could be this perverted except for Louis?

“Wei Wei, he’s at the door now. Why aren’t you leaving?” Eleven was slightly anxious. Ye Wei picked up a strand of blond hair from the floor and put it away properly. The door lock rang and it was already too late for her to leave…

Louis pushed the door open and entered the room. He switched on the light, took off his jacket while walking in, and loosened his tie. Two men followed him in and one of them poured a glass of red wine for him respectfully.

“Boss, these are the documents from Italy today.”

“Put it there. All of them. I’ll look at them later.”


Louis drank a few sips of the red wine. His ruddy and rosy lips were extraordinarily attractive and charming. “Third Young Master Ye, you really won’t shed tears until you’ve seen your own coffin. What is the situation at Miss Cheng’s side now? How many days left?”

“Ten days!” The other man answered.

Ye Wei was stunned. Miss Cheng? Did he mean Cheng Anya?

What happened to Cheng Anya?

Could it be that she had betrayed her third brother?

Louis nodded and went to the bathroom. He left a few words. “Get rid of the pet on the bed before I come out.”


After Louis went into the bathroom, two more men entered the room and abducted the child on the bed. The child looked like she was under fifteen, very young…

Really perverted!

Although she knew that Louis had such a hobby, Ye Wei could not help but scold him.

She had originally planned to leave, but four or five men came into the room and blocked the pathway to both the front door and the balcony.

If she fought recklessly…

“Wei Wei, leave by the balcony. I’m downstairs.”

Ye Wei was about to fight recklessly with them when she suddenly stopped. Louis came out…

A blond Louis with black eyes…

That pair of pure, black eyes resembled Ye Zhenhua so much. Ye Wei suddenly understood…

He was Ye Yukun!

Who merely borrowed the identity of Louis.

At this moment, someone whispered something to Louis. Louis raised his eyebrows. “Since you are here, why don’t we meet?”

Ye Wei walked out without hesitation. Six guns were raised at her almost immediately. Ye Wei was fearless and nonchalant as always. She was still the elegant, attractive, and enchanting Ye Wei.

Louis smiled. Without the cover-up of the deep, jade green eyes, this man had an absolute coldness. Even if he was smiling, he had a cold smile that radiated dark energy.

It could no longer be covered up.

“Ye Wei?” Louis raised his eyebrows. The woman before him had a very thick makeup. Very thick. It had almost covered up her facial features. However, he could still recognize her due to her unique charms.

“What a rare guest!” Louis laughed sarcastically. The expression of the five men from the Mafia changed at once after hearing the name of Ye Wei. They looked at each other speechless and couldn’t help but retreat.

That was the unbeatable power in the world of killers.

Ye Wei spread her arms and smiled nonchalantly. “Louis? How? Do you all want to die one by one or die together?”

Louis raised his index finger and shook it. “You’ve seen something you shouldn’t have seen. You deserve to die.”

“With your ability? Do you even deserve to?” Ye Wei smiled flirtatiously and flipped her body. She took out the gossamer and inserted it into the wall. At the same time, the five men pulled the gun trigger. She stood up immediately and dodged all the bullets. Meanwhile, she raised her arm and stabbed five sharp gossamers into each of their throats, killing them with one move on the spot.

Ye Wei was known as a sharpshooter. The Ye Wei with a gun was scary, but the Ye Wei without a gun was scarier.

She was so fast that Louis did not even get to see what happened before all his five men were killed. Ye Wei opened up her hands and smiled. She was about to buckle his head when suddenly, there was a power intervening from the side, which blocked her attack.

The atmosphere of the whole room suddenly turned weird.

It was a very handsome man. His perfect facial features were as beautiful as those carved by Venus. His thin lips were cold and pitiless. His purple eyes were full of all the coldness and treachery in the world. The colder they were, the more beautiful they were…

He was by far the most beautiful man Ye Wei had seen, even surpassing Su Man. He had a kind of gorgeous devilish vibe, but the toughness emanating from him was overwhelming.

“Mo Jue, kill her!” Louis murmured his order.

Mo Jue’s hands moved. He strangled Ye Wei with one hand and Ye Wei hit Mo Jue with the ancient antique on the table that she had swept off the table with her legs.

The man was very skillful!

Ye Wei was about to put her idea into action when Mo Jue squashed the ancient antique with his other hand and hit Ye Wei fiercely. He was very aggressive. Ye Wei glanced at him coldly and shot a silver needle out from her hand. Mo Jue dodged it easily. At that moment, Ye Wei rushed toward the iron handle at the balcony, hooked onto the iron hook, and pulled the rope out. It was a special steel rope. She jumped onto the balcony and jumped down from the ninety-third floor.

Mo Jue was expressionless. He cut the steel rope with his bare hands. Eleven was shocked. Ye Wei did not become a pile of glue when the rope broke. She had released the gossamer as soon as she jumped down. When the steel rope broke, her body was still not halfway there yet. The gossamer was inserted into the wall and her body hung on the seventy-sixth floor. She looked up.

She matched eyes with a pair of extremely beautiful but cold eyes.

Watch out!

Expressionless, Mo Jue pulled the gun trigger. Ye Wei rolled on the wall several times to avoid the bullets. With a strong step, she rushed toward a windowpane.

The glass was broken with a loud crash.

The man and woman in the room screamed and Ye Wei stood up as if nothing had happened. In the room, she saw a naked man and woman who were in their s*x position, looking at her in horror.

Ye Wei glanced at them and left without turning back.

“Carry on. I’m just passing by!”

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