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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 290 - Ye Wei And Mo Jue
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The alarm in the hotel rang, producing a very sharp noise. Ye Wei curled the corners of her lips and walked even faster.

Who was Mo Jue?

Ye Wei had been the best killer in the industry for ten years. She had joined since she was thirteen years old and had seen all kinds of people. She had met people who were as skilled as her but she always managed to kill them. Sometimes, being smart was important for a killer too.

She had dominated the killer industry with Eleven for many years, but she did not expect to meet someone like Mo Jue. Was it true that no matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better?

Ye Wei thought of that handsome face that was beautiful like an angel, his cold expression, and pretty eyes, and felt that she was in a fantasy world. His eyes were more beautiful as he got more dangerous and he had a beauty that could suck away one’s soul.

Ye Wei was very sad when she had failed to woo Su Man. She swore that she would find a man that was ten times more beautiful than Su Man.

She shivered as she subdued to her own imagination.

She could still think about the embarrassing past at such a time and place.

She secretly thought to herself that 9305 was Mo Jue’s room as she would not recognize that unique coldness and strangeness. It was not because she was not careful and did not realize that there was someone in the room, but that person was better than her in terms of hiding their presence.

It could only prove that the man was very skillful.

Ye Wei could measure his strength after taking one blow from him. She did not dare to continue the fight and quickly fled as he was, after all, stronger than her. If she continued to fight, she would be courting death and Ye Wei never used brute courage to do things.

She rubbed her wrist which was slightly red and searched through her mind for this person. However, she could not find any information about him at all. It was as if Mo Jue had appeared out of nowhere and stepped on her ruthlessly.

She and Eleven were not the best in the killer industry.

Mo Jue was even stronger.

Louis could hide really well. Mo Jue must be his ace as Mo Jue listened to him very well. Ye Wei had a bad feeling about this.

He could really hide very well.

If Mo Jue wanted to secretly kill someone, he would definitely succeed.

Without a doubt.

There was a god in every industry and Ye Wei was the god in the killer industry that no one could surpass. However, there was a man better than her now and almost killed her. Ye Wei… was provoked.

It was the type of provoke when she met with a strong competitor.

“Mo Jue!” Ye Wei gritted her teeth as she mentioned his name. Good, she did not believe that she would not be able to beat him.

“Wei Wei, where are you?” Eleven was worried and asked. Her usual cold voice had a tinge of anxiousness. Ye Wei, who was entering the lift, suddenly paused. “What happened?”

“Change your route. All the lifts have stopped working and are waiting for you to enter. The first floor is filled with the police and the Mafia. You will definitely be attacked once you step out.” Eleven reported the situation to her.

Ye Wei could not help but curse. “F***, aren’t the police too late? They did not appear when they should, but they are faster than rabbits when they should not. Why did I not know that City A’s police have such good efficiency?”

“It’s Interpol. They’re chasing after us.”

“Indeed, the commander is really mean. I did not kill anyone and someone even wanted to kill me.” Ye Wei left the lift area and the surveillance camera was blinking. Almost all the cameras were pointing at her.

“Cargo lift?”


Ye Wei paused and stood in a seductive manner. “Eleven, give me two minutes.”

Their years of chemistry were so good that Eleven had started working on it without Ye Wei saying anything. Ye Wei smiled at the cameras. “Mister Brown, it seems like you will not give up unless you catch me. You have been chasing after me for so long. Are you in love with me?”

“I am innocent this time around, so please do not destroy my innocence. The godfather of the Mafia is here too. Why don’t you catch him? He almost killed me just now. How can you be so biased?”

“Be good and go back to sleep. Who knows I might go and serve you.”

She even blinked in a seductive manner after she finished her words.

A tall American standing in the surveillance room was so angry that his face was twisted. He kept cursing. Ye Wei was on the seventy-eighth floor and flirting with the highest inspector of the Interpol. She made the inspector who was usually very serious so angry that his face turned red.

“She is at the seventy-eighth floor. Go up.” Brown ordered.

“Mister Brown, goodbye. See you next time.”

Ye Wei was not flustered at all as she smiled in a seductive manner at the surveillance camera. Suddenly, the surveillance camera footage in the room disappeared. Brown shouted, “What happened?”

At the same time, Eleven said, “Wei Wei, you have seven minutes. Be quick.”

“Got it!”

Ye Wei’s body disappeared in the alleyway.

Seven minutes later, the surveillance camera footage in the room lit up again, but Ye Wei was gone. Brown was very angry. “Use the heat sensor to check all the ventilation systems and every level. She is definitely still around.”


There was a bad stench in the public sewer and Ye Wei frowned. She was very unhappy as other than the first two years when she just joined the industry, she was never forced to be in such an awkward situation.

Damn Mo Jue!

He instantly sent her back to seven, eight years ago and Ye Wei was cursing at him. Suddenly, a black shadow blocked her view and that strange aura appeared again.

It was Mo Jue again.

Ye Wei secretly thought that he had monitored her conversation with Eleven. If not, why would he be so accurate? No, even if he had monitored them, she had just told Eleven at the last second that she was at the public sewage. He could not be so fast.

F***, did he have the power to predict the future?

Other than the public sewage, she could have walked the drains. Why did he not wait there? Could it be that a thief knew what another thief was thinking the best?

Ye Wei was puzzled.

It was very crowded in the sewage as only three people could walk side by side. The two sides of the wall were slippery and dirty. The sewage water dripped down and the whole sewage was filled with the dripping sound of the water.

The cold air, dark light, and strange atmosphere…

It was just like a scene in a horror movie. Ye Wei held onto the balance string tightly and was very alert.

The cold air kept blowing and Mo Jue’s hair was flying around. His purple eyes were extremely obvious in the dark sewage.

The two kings came into an unavoidable confrontation.

Danger was on the verge of breaking out.

There was a wolf at the front and tiger at the back. Ye Wei had no time to think. She took out the balance string and ran toward Mo Jue. At the same time, she took out something like an arrow from her boots and pierced it at Mo Jue’s eyes.

Mo Jue flicked away the string, twisted his arms and turned his head to avoid being attacked by Ye Wei. He punched ruthlessly on Ye Wei’s stomach. Ye Wei did not want to admit defeat and held onto his shoulders and backbone. However, Mo Jue had managed to escape before she could break his bones.

But, Ye Wei was quick and injured his back.

In just one round, Ye Wei’s stomach was so painful that she curled her body. Mo Jue’s back was injured, but he did not feel a thing…

F***, he did not know how to be more tender toward a woman at all.

In terms of approximate fighting, Ye Wei had the underhand due to the natural difference between the strength of a man and woman.

“Shit!” She was angry and crazily took the arrow and pierced toward Mo Jue’s chest. At the same time, she hit her elbow at his neck and angered Mo Jue. He opened his hand and held onto her elbow. He looked at her coldly and wanted to smash Ye Wei’s bones.

Ye Wei smiled coldly and the arrow changed direction to aim at Mo Jue’s lower body. She aimed it at little Mo Jue…

She was fast and strong and did not care about her elbow.

She would destroy little Mo Jue if Mo Jue wanted to destroy her elbow. After thinking about it, she did not seem to lose anything.

At least, she still had another hand and Bai Ye would definitely be able to cure her. But, if he lost little brother…

It probably could not be attached back?


Mo Jue was startled and quickly let go of Ye Wei. A trace of astonishment flashed past his expressionless face and he looked funny. It seemed like he did not expect that the best killer would be so…


“Don’t dodge. I will destroy you even if I lose my hand. Both of us shall suffer.” Ye Wei smiled in a seductive manner. He definitely had to suffer if he wanted to injure her.


“You are courting death!” Mo Jue sneered and opened his hand to strangle Ye Wei’s neck.

Ye Wei had finally heard this guy humph. He was cold and serious. She did not have the chance to admire his sexy voice and his hand was already very near her.

It was life-threatening.

Ye Wei took a step away and held onto his shoulders. The two bodies had a tremendous collision. Although Ye Wei’s strength was big and a normal man was not comparable with her, Mo Jue was not a normal man.

His fitness level was better than that of Ye Wei.

He snatched the opportunity to twist his arm around, holding Ye Wei tightly in his arms. The man’s sturdy chest was pounding profusely, showing off his exuberant life. Ye Wei did not have the chance to retaliate and Mo Jue had already held onto her shoulders before ruthlessly smashing her against the wall.

Her body and the wall touched and it was so painful that Ye Wei frowned. She did not have the time to react before Mo Jue smashed her ruthlessly against the wall again.

Her shoulders were exposed and bleeding due to the friction.

This man…

Really ruthless!

Ye Wei was, after all, Ye Wei. As long as she was still breathing, she would not admit defeat. Mo Jue kept smashing her against the wall and she could even hear the sound made by her bones. Pain slowly crept through her whole body.

She was coughing blood.

After Mo Jue had smashed her for seven to eight times and he thought that Ye Wei was losing her consciousness, Ye Wei suddenly jumped up, stepped onto the walls and did a rotation before kicking Mo Jue’s neck. Mo Jue thought that she was about to die, so he let his guard down. He could not react in time and his body smashed against the other wall.

He did not have the time to react and Ye Wei punched him in his face.

“Damn it, nobody had dared to attack me for seven to eight years. You actually dare to attack me!” Ye Wei’s eyes were cold and she punched heavily on Mo Jue’s face, stomach, and chest.

She took him as a punching bag.

Ye Wei was angry. She pulled Mo Jue’s hair with one hand and forced him to look up. His purple eyes looked cold and scary, but it was extremely beautiful.


The more ruthless, the more beautiful—what kind of creature was he?

She suddenly smiled in a seductive manner and got close to Mo Jue’s ear. “Mo Jue beauty, you look really handsome. I am infatuated with you. What a pity that you don’t know how to be tender toward a woman. Otherwise, I might just give you a hug. After all, I cannot resist a handsome guy like you.”

After she said that, she licked Mo Jue’s face which she had punched until there was a bruise on it. She gave him a seductive kiss before biting lightly on his ear.

Mo Jue’s purple eyes suddenly darkened.

The air was filled with an ambiguous atmosphere.

‘Damn it, you dare to hit me. You did not even look at who I am! You deserve to die!

Ye Wei increased her strength once she thought of the pain that she had suffered just now.

Suddenly, Mo Jue ruthlessly turned back and he kept slamming his back against the wall. He held onto Ye Wei’s waist and threw her onto the floor that was filled with dirty sewage water.

Ye Wei cursed. This man was really tough.

He was still alive after the slams?

Mo Jue picked her up and pushed her against the wall. He was just about to teach her a lesson when there was a sound of something breaking. Ye Wei’s low-cut gown had…

Split open!

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