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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 291 - Ye Wei And Mo Jue
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei felt like cursing. Damn it, he should look at who he was taking advantage of. He actually did it without changing his expressions.

But, she did not dare to move. Her hands and legs were controlled by him and her gown dropped.

‘Damn it, since when have I been humiliated like this before?’

Ye Wei was in a dilemma.

She was almost naked now.

This was the nth time that Ye Wei was whining. Why, why, why…

Thinking about it in another way, under the circumstance that she was safe, she would not reject the idea of dating Mo Jue if he was interested in her. After all, Mo Jue fit Ye Wei’s standard in terms of figure and looks.

No, he had exceeded her standard.

Therefore, Ye beauty was deciding between whether or not she should make out with Mo Jue or run away naked. Actually, given Ye Wei’s logic, she did not seem to lose anything.

After all, this man was a beauty, even more beautiful than Su Man.

Mo Jue stared at her chest as it was beautiful. Ye Wei looked at him closely but she could see no trace of passion in his eyes. There was only a little loss, and… curiosity.

Therefore, Ye Wei was twisted.

Because not only did Mo Jue see her chest, but his slender fingers even poked Ye Wei’s soft chest. Ye beauty had a very good figure. She had big breasts, a slender waist, and long legs. Mo Jue poked her chest a few times and felt that the feeling was good and his slender fingers skimmed over her soft nipple.

Ye Wei shivered and restrained herself from making any noise. Ye Wei gritted her teeth and tried to calm down. However, she was still a woman and could not stop the natural reaction from her body. She had flirted with many men but she was always the one taking the initiative. There was no one that dared to be so rude to her.

But what made her twisted was that Mo Jue did not look lustful, only curious. It was as if her body was just like a toy to him.

Ye Wei was always very charismatic, but he had ignored it.


What was he doing? Had he not seen any woman before?

Ye Wei was about to move when Mo Jue hit the acupuncture point on her hand and her whole hand went numb. Ye Wei was angry and Mo Jue looked at her. His purple eyes had become more seductive, as if blaming her for not cooperating.

She had interrupted his interest.

Ye Wei took a deep breath. This was her first time being so angered by a man that she wanted to bang against the wall. F***, you should see if you had the capital even if you wanted to act like you were innocent.

Because of her deep breath, her soft chest moved up and down…

More tremendously.

Mo Jue raised his eyebrows. He was a cold and scary man, but a trace of surprise flashed past his seductive purple eyes. Ye Wei whispered in her heart ten times.

‘I am not a pervert.’

‘But, Mo Jue beauty, you are having such a fun time poking. Shouldn’t you at least show that you were enjoying it? Are you questioning my female charisma by looking so cold?’

Mo Jue poked her chest again and looked as if he was very cool and whoever went against him would die.

Ye Wei wanted to… punch someone.

But, she was smiling happily. “Mo Jue beauty, don’t you know what is called see no evil?”

His male instinct!

Both of them were embarrassed, but one was fascinating while the other evil. It was a clash between ice and fire.

They were very passionate…

Mo Jue curled his lips as if he was smiling. His forced smile looked even more seductive.

Ye Wei’s heart skipped a beat, but it quickly became normal again.

Her numbed wrist finally became better. Ye Wei raised her leg and pressed her back against the wall as she kicked little Mo Jue. ‘This old man shall paralyze you!’ (Note: Wei Wei and Eleven grew up with a lot of men, so they always addressed themselves as ‘old man’ whenever they cursed.)

Although Mo Jue had a fun time playing, he was still very alert. He held on to Ye Wei’s knee as if he wanted to break her leg. Ye Wei was shocked and pushed away his hand. She turned her body and could not bother about her gown. It was better to escape naked than losing her leg.

She twisted Mo Jue’s hand and both their bodies rubbed against each other. They punched each other a few times in the small sewage. Ye Wei’s gown happened to be stuck to the special button on Mo Jue’s chest. Once she backed away, Mo Jue followed her.

Her back had once again slammed ruthlessly on the wall. Ye Wei felt dizzy.

Really ruthless!

She vomited out blood and there was a bright red pool on the floor.

Her gown dropped and showed her chest. Mo Jue’s eyes darkened and there was a bloodsucking passion in the air. Mo Jue did not like such a weird feeling. He opened his hand and strangled Ye Wei’s throat with a lot of strength.

Ye Wei had to stretch her throat and it became difficult for her to breathe.

Would she die at such a young age?

Ye Wei was also stubborn. Mo Jue did not end her life quickly and she did not ask for forgiveness either. Instead, she looked firm and fearless. People like her did not care about life and death. Therefore, she did not care about her life too.

She wanted to die standing even if she had to die.

Mo Jue suddenly increased the strength of his hands and Ye Wei felt like she was about to die. She had already been beaten by Mo Jue until she felt that her organs had shifted. She could not withstand his strength.

She was waiting for a chance to beat him.

She was Ye Wei, someone that would never give up as long as she was still alive.

He could twist her neck with one more twist. Mo Jue was expressionless. Why did he hesitate?

There was a storm in his purple eyes. Mo Jue suddenly let go of Ye Wei and Ye Wei thought that he had changed his mind. Who knew that the next moment, Mo Jue smashed her head ruthlessly against the wall and it was so painful…

What surprised her was that Mo Jue did not intend to kill her. Instead…

He pressed onto her and kissed her lips… Ye Wei was startled. What was happening?

She was feeling dizzy and her brain could not react quickly. She let Mo Jue kiss her lips with no skills at all. Mo Jue blinked and wanted to give her a French kiss, but she did not allow him to do so. Mo Jue punched Ye Wei’s stomach ruthlessly…

“Ah…” Ye Wei cried and Mo Jue kissed her crazily. Just like him, his kiss had a strange passion. It was hot, bloodsucking, and it made Ye Wei’s pool of spring water rippled.

So ruthless.

Ye Wei might seem seductive, but it was actually her first kiss.

She felt that she had made a loss as her first kiss was taken away by Mo Jue. But, what happened next made her felt like she had won.

This man was strange and cold, but his lips were very hot. Ye Wei was not someone that was chaste. She would not be Ye Wei if she did not retaliate. Therefore, she held onto his collar and kissed him back.

The handsome face which was beaten up had a shocking beauty to it. When they ended the kiss, Ye Wei hugged his neck and smiled seductively. “Mo Jue beauty, shall we change a place, or do you want to do it here?”

The woman was very seductive and acted like she was the unsurpassed beauty of the generation. The wound on her face did not affect her beauty at all and her voice was very soothing.

Mo Jue looked at her and his purple eyes darkened. He looked down unintentionally and saw her beautiful chest. He looked further down and saw that his hands were at Ye Wei’s legs and he wanted to move up. Mo Jue frowned.

‘Not bad, I’ve finally seen some expression on his face,’ Ye Wei thought. She would not act recklessly before she was sure that she could take him down. It was alright for her to suffer some loss right now as the last man standing was the winner.

“It swelled!” Ye Wei did not understand what the two short and cold words meant.

Mo Jue seemed to despise her for being too stupid. He pulled her hand and placed it on little Mo Jue.

This man’s style had always been ruthless and quick. He did not waste any time and seemed to not like to speak. He always expressed himself in the simplest way.

Ye Wei…


“Painful!” Mo Jue said again coldly. He then frowned and said, “Comfortable.”

Ye Wei’s smart brain for the past decades seemed to stop working.

Mo Jue beauty, were you sure that you were not acting pure?

If he did not play with her chest just now and seemed curious or so ruthless, Ye Wei would really have thought that he was acting pure. Weren’t his flirting skills too bad?

But… but…

Oh, god, he seemed to be really clueless about why it had swelled, why it was painful, and why it was comfortable…


“Where are you from?” Ye Wei could not help but ask. She had met a good catch, although she should not have such thought at such a time.

But Ye Wei was happy. The pain that she suffered after he beat her up seemed to be not so painful anymore.

Mo Jue frowned and his strange aura became even stronger. Ye Wei secretly repeated a hundred times in her heart that he was an enemy, an enemy, an enemy!!

But, he was a really cute enemy.

A good catch.

“What happened to it?” Mo Jue pointed at little Mo Jue and asked Ye Wei seriously.

The intestines in Ye Wei’s stomach were about to be tied together, but she showed a really kind smile and the standard pure look. “You feel like peeing.”

Mo Jue frowned and opened his hand, as if wanting to twist her neck. He was not an idiot.

Ye Wei leaned forward and kissed Mo Jue and he instantly became nice and let Ye Wei kiss him. He was not satisfied and wanted more, but Ye Wei back away quickly. The gown was stuck to the button again and the two of them were tangled together.

Mo Jue was so in pain and he ruthlessly pressed against Ye Wei. Nevertheless, he was in even more pain and did not know what to do. Cold sweat started dripping down his forehead.

Ye Wei laughed loudly.

Serves you right for being arrogant and ruthless.

“How do I make it not painful?” Mo Jue asked solemnly.

Ye Wei felt weird but her mind was clear. She did not dare to ignore who he was. “You can chop it off!”

Mo Jue’s face darkened and looked like he wanted to kill her.

Ye Wei felt that he was not so dangerous at that moment. Although he was not controlled by his desires, he was not dangerous either. She asked, “Is this your first time in pain?”

Mo Jue narrowed his eyes in a dangerous way, and Ye Wei smiled in a seductive manner. He sneered coldly and it was considered as admitting silently.

“Nice!” Ye Wei smiled. “Have you met a woman before?”


“Haha… Good.” She did not have to suspect her charisma. Ye Wei smiled and pushed Mo Jue against the wall. She brushed against that button as if nothing had happened.

“Mo Jue beauty, have you considered dating me? Although you are rigid, boring, and heartless, you are a man and can be taught. If you be nice and follow me, I can help you relieve your pain. What do you think?” Ye Wei made use of his innocence without any guilt.

‘Louis, you were such a genius. How did you find such a good catch? Where was he from…’

Moreover, this man had a stronger aura than Louis and was colder than Louis. He looked like a domineering person. Why would he listen to Louis?

Ye Wei secretly thought to herself once she thought of Louis’ interest. He had such a good catch by his side, yet he did not do anything to Mo Jue. It must be because Mo Jue was too ruthless and Louis could not deal with him. If not, given how perverted Louis was, how would he let go of such a good catch?

“You can make it not painful?” Mo Jue ignored her other words and only caught the main point.

‘Please, Mo Jue beauty, could you not use such a cool expression to say such innocent words?’

It was weird!


“Help me. Otherwise, you will die.” The cold words came out of his beautiful lips. The atmosphere in the small area instantly became eerier.

Ye Wei believed that if she dared to say anything else, Mo Jue would definitely kill her.

Although she was not particular about the location or person, she did not like his master.

Let me die!

Humph, it was still not sure who would die.

Ye Wei raised her leg slowly and rubbed against him, but she took out the silver gun from her long sleeve…

Although half his mind was filled with his desire, Mo Jue reacted quickly. After all, Ye Wei had lost half of her strength after being beaten up by him and both of their skills had weakened. Ye Wei just took out her gun and Mo Jue took out his gun too.

He pointed at her neck and she pointed at his head!

They became equal in power immediately.

Ye Wei smiled in a seductive manner as she pulled out his button and buttoned up her gown. F***, she must destroy this gown after she got out. She almost lost her chastity because of it.

“Do you want to try whose hand is faster?” Ye Wei smiled as a beam of light flashed past her beautiful eyes.

Mo Jue’s eyes darkened. They had clearly been intimately entangled a moment before. Who would have expected that the two of them would be fighting now. Moreover, their change was really quick. Mo Jue reacted naturally while Ye Wei was acting.

“You are called Ye Wei?”

“Do you have an issue with that? Are you trying to remember the woman that sends you off before you die?” Ye Wei smiled seductively. Mo Jue narrowed his eyes in a dangerous manner and his purple eyes darkened.

“Very good!”

There was an eerie glow in his eyes, and suddenly, there was a loud explosion. Both of them were startled as thick smoke engulfed them. At that instance, Mo Jue held onto Ye Wei’s wrist and Ye Wei also immediately held onto Mo Jue’s wrist. Mo Jue kicked Ye Wei’s stomach and Ye Wei returned him a punch and both of them fell.

“Wei Wei, lie down!” Eleven rushed through the thick smoke and Ye Wei immediately lied down. Eleven pulled the trigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang! A few gunshots were fired.

Thick smoke emerged and made the originally dark underground sewage even more obscure. Ye Wei only heard a few gunshots.

Mo Jue was already gone when the thick smoke dispersed.

Ye Wei was heavily injured and vomited out blood. Eleven helped her up once there was no danger and she could not help but say, “Wei Wei, how many years has it been since you last cut such a sorry figure?”

“It is not how many years. I have never cut such a sorry figure.” Ye Wei smiled lightly and stood up with the help of Eleven.

Eleven did not mind the smell on Ye Wei and checked her wounds. There were no fatal wounds. Ye Wei smiled bitterly. “My dear, I have an internal injury…”

“It will get better.” Eleven coldly raised her eyebrows and narrowed her eyes as she looked in the direction of the sewage. “If I meet him, I would probably be even more miserable. He is really quick. He disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

“Of course.” Ye Wei adjusted her look as she felt really uncomfortable to be so dirty. “You have no idea how I have used all my flirting techniques. If it was you, you would have used all your force and be killed by him. He is a really strong man.”

But… once Ye Wei thought of Mo Jue’s cute sexual reaction, she felt that this man was exceptionally cute.

“Eleven, I will tell you about something later. You will definitely laugh so madly.” Ye Wei leaned against the wall to breathe. Mo Jue used too much force and his tactics were powerful. Ye Wei was really internally injured and only caught her breath after a while.

“Take care of yourself first,” Eleven said in an unpleasant tone.

“Really, you will really laugh when I tell you about it later. By the way, Brown left?”

“He left. He thought that you had left since a long time had passed. Who knew that you were stuck in the sewage fighting Mo Jue. Let’s go. If not, we won’t be able to leave later.”

Ye Wei nodded. She endured the pain and pressed on her stomach. Eleven supported her and they quickly left the sewage. There was just an explosion, so it would have alarmed the security. Their car was parked somewhere near the hotel. Eleven helped Ye Wei get in the car, and suddenly, Ye Wei looked up as if there was telepathy. She looked at the skyscraper, but it was too far so she could not see anything. Meanwhile, Mo Jue was on the ninety-third floor, looking at her with a pair of binoculars without any expression.

His purple eyes were dark.

Ye Wei…

It was the first time that he met such a unique woman.

“Why didn’t you kill her?” Louis walked over and questioned in a cold manner. Mo Jue put down the binoculars and his purple eyes were cold. He did not say anything and did not even care about Louis.

“Mo Jue, this is my order!” Louis was angry. There was a storm in his eyes.

“I like!” Mo Jue said a sentence with unclear context and went back to his room. Louis was shocked. He could not understand if Mo Jue meant that he liked Ye Wei or he wanted to follow his heart and not listen to Louis’ order.

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