Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 292 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 292 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The ink-dark night sky was cold.

Third Young Master Ye and Ning Ning were playing games when Ye Wei and Ning Ning visited.

It was almost 11 p.m. and most were in deep sleep. As the Ye family typically slept late, Miss Cheng was always attentive and sharp at night despite how tired she was in the day. She, however, would not sleep before midnight.

She was on the internet reading gossip, chatting, and arguing online. She was having one whale of a time.

Ning Ning was also a late sleeper thanks to the summer break because he did not need to go to school and could wake up late. He would be on an alcohol-high at night and pull Third Young Master Ye to bash through levels in the latest video games with him.

Upstairs, Miss Cheng heard father and son bellowing and having a good time. “Men!” She pouted.

When Ye Wei pressed the bell, father and son were at the last level. As the sound from the video game room was deafening, Ye Wei and Eleven took a glance at each other. Since sneakily opening someone else’s door was not the most polite thing to do, Ye Wei took out her silver gun and fired at the crystal lamp in the mansion.

The crisp sound of crystal shattering, accompanied by the gunshot, quieted the mansion.

“Third brother, so you are finally willing to come out, huh?” Ye Wei smiled alluringly. Her smile agitated the wound on her face and the pain from it distorted her alluring smile.

Ye Chen, Ning Ning, and Cheng Anya came out. Cheng Anya heard Ye Wei’s voice at the staircase landing and could not help but raise her thumb. Ye Wei was outstanding enough to shush that father-son duo who had been creating a racket for more than an hour.

While it was one hell of a doorbell, Cheng Anya was aghast when she saw Ye Wei. Who would have the guts to wallop the top international hitman into such a shape? Ning Ning whistled and Ye Wei threw a stare across. Her stare sent the young kid into a tender and elegant laughter.

It was really…

Something one would never get to see in a long time.

He suddenly turned around and returned to his study room to get his camera to share the photograph in the chat group.

“Wei Wei, what happened to you?” Ye Chen was very surprised. Ye Wei and Eleven had tidied themselves up before coming over, and while Eleven was not wounded, Ye Wei’s injuries were very obvious. Mo Jue did not go easy on them and the strangulation marks on Ye Wei’s neck were clearly visible. Ye Wei also had visible bruises on her forehead and face, all of which were unbearable to see.

“I got beaten!” Ye Wei downplayed it. As she recalled what happened that evening, she was exceptionally troubled and even wondered whether Mo Jue would point at his little brother and ask Louis why it swelled.

Or that adulterous image of him toying with his tool in the bathroom… Ye Wei found herself awed by her scattered thoughts.

Cheng Anya went into the kitchen to prepare a glass of fruit juice each for Ye Wei and Eleven.

As she put down the glass of fruit juice, Ye Wei saw a weird look in her eyes. As Miss Cheng was quick-thinking and wise-cracking she saw the coldness and judging look in Ye Wei’s gaze then slowly backed away.

“Thanks, third sister-in-law.” Ye Wei smiled as she supported her face and lamented in pain a few times. Ning Ning took a few photographs with the camera and smiled slyly. To think that his auntie would even have such a day.

Failing miserably at an easy task was a definite possibility.

Cheng Anya secretly wondered why Ye Wei looked at her in such a manner. It seemed to be a… questioning gaze as though she had done something unpardonable.

With that glance, Ye Wei dispelled the idea that Cheng Anya would betray her third brother. Although she did not know what Louis’ statement meant, she was, however, extremely certain that Cheng Anya would not be unfaithful toward her brother.

Her gaze was too innocent, and honestly, one with a guilty conscience would not look at her with such a gaze.

Maybe Louis knew she was in the room and deliberately put up a good act.

“Auntie, aren’t you very good? How did you get beaten into a pulp?” Ning Ning asked, laughing as he snuggled up next to his mother. He secretly wondered who would have been able to mess Ye Wei up this badly.

And he really could not think of anyone else.

Chu Li was equally skilled, and hearsay had it that… three Chu Li’s were not enough to take on Ye Wei. And to think such a badass woman lost…

Could it be Louis?

His heart grew cold.

“Darling, the title of ‘No.1 killer’ really is a fluff.” Ye Wei was clearly in a mood to joke about. Cheng Anya tucked her lips and thought how terrible Ye Wei looked as her beautiful face was all messed up.

“Who was it?” Ye Chen asked with a sunken face, his gaze burning with rage, knuckles cracking and brimming with murderous intent. Whoever did this to his sister was tired of living.

“Third brother, how can you beat whoever I couldn’t? I’m not telling you lest you commit suicide.” Ye Wei laughed alluringly. She had taken care of Mo Jue single-handedly, and thinking about encountering him again left her blood boiling.

If she did not take revenge when presented the opportunity, she was not Ye Wei.

Third Young Master Ye was aghast and Ning Ning, seeing Third Young Master Ye’s face, laughed and collapsed into Cheng Anya’s embrace.

“Daddy, you are being looked down upon. If you are to exchange blows with auntie, you are definitely not her match.”

“That is not a given,” Ye Wei laughed heartily. Despite being injured, Ye Wei was still an aggressive fighter and not anybody could keep her at bay.

A smile brushed past Cheng Anya’s lips. Very good, now Third Young Master Ye was at a loss for words.

Eleven remained silent at a corner as she thought, ‘To downplay the seriousness of what is to come was undoubtedly Ye Wei.’

“Damn girl, how do you know that I cannot beat you before we have even fought?” Third Young Master Ye coldly harrumphed. Having not gotten dirty in years did not mean that his skills had deteriorated.

“Third Brother, don’t be taken aback. Admit the facts.”

Third Young Master Ye kept silent.

“Wei Wei, what exactly is going on?” Cheng Anya could not help but ask. As people who were equal to Ye Wei were few and far in the world, it did not make sense that she would end up being beaten in City A.

“Third brother, I went to GK Eastern Hotel today.” Ye Wei told Third Young Master Ye flatly with a slightly distant gaze that had an aggressive coldness to it. “This Louis… is not Louis.”

As he saw the coldness on Ye Wei’s face, Third Young Master Ye frowned. He had a bad premonition whilst Ning Ning was deep in thought. Auntie would not visit in the dead of the night unless it was something important.

“What’s going on?”

“His irises were black—pure black, just like ours,” Ye Wei said seriously despite the bruises on her face. “What I saw with my own eyes in his room was the reason he sent people after me. We had Louis’ background thoroughly checked out a long time ago. The emerald eyes are inherited. Young Louis was also a piano prodigy who rocked Vienna. The music sphere was once rife with rumors that a beautiful and talented musician had been born. As for the Louis that we know, he is clearly a fraud.”


Third Young Master Ye’s heart jolted as Cheng Anya gathered her thoughts. As she recalled Louis’ emerald green gaze, the melancholy, the depth of his feelings and sadness, she shuddered. Could all these be a false impression?

What was the truth then?

Black irises… and to think the truth would seem so detached…

She had a bad feeling.

“Who is he?” Third Young Master Ye asked sternly, his gaze growing colder and his fists clenching uncontrollably.

“Third brother, a question for you. Did Ye Zhenhua look you up earlier today with the intention of letting Louis take over you in managing MBS International?” Ye Wei asked without emotion. Her impressive ability to pick up the subtleties were put to good use at the Ye family gate.

“That’s correct. The old man wants to pull me down and raise Louis.” Third Young Master Ye was expressionless, to the point of distantly cold.

“Indeed. Given Ye Zhenhua’s character, wouldn’t you be extremely curious why he trusted Louis so easily? Why would he side with an outside rather than you?” Ye Wei coldly smiled.

Ye Wei’s question hit home with Third Young Master Ye’s doubts. He smiled, and his gaze grew even colder.

“Because Louis is no outsider. He is our own!” Ye Wei said deeply.

Third Young Master Ye, seeming to have remembered something, trembled as his face paled.

Cheng Anya wanted to comfort him only to hear him suddenly burst out, “Leave me alone!”

Cheng Anya frowned and did not say anything more.

“I have been to the Ye mansion earlier and saw Louis and Ye Yutang at the gate. Third brother, please do not get agitated when you hear this… I heard Ye Yutang call Louis… brother!” Ye Wei punctuated each word.

Ning Ning and Cheng Anya looked at each other in the eye as Third Young Master Ye’s eyes suddenly grew wide. At that moment, there was a thousand-yard stare in Third Young Master Ye’s eyes.

A sweeping fear and hatred, like an avalanche, immediately followed. As it closed in on him, the roiling memories surged into Third Young Master Ye’s mind and his body trembled.

“Ah Chen…”



As the three of them gasped softly, Third Young Master Ye did not seem to have heard them. Cheng Anya, who was nearest to him, wanted to comfort him. Who would expect Third Young Master Ye to suddenly grab Cheng Anya’s hand and twist it. “Ahh…”

With her wrist almost broken by him, Cheng Anya’s face paled from the pain. She couldn’t help but slap Third Young Master Ye across the cheek.

There was a light slap.

Eleven, who had been staying alert, broke his grip loose with a move and saved Cheng Anya’s hand.

Had he used any more force, Cheng Anya’s hand would have been lost.

All happened too quickly and Cheng Anya was caught off guard. Ye Wei stood up and pulled Cheng Anya away. Cheng Anya, holding her swollen wrist, was almost tearing from the pain.

Third Young Master Ye, in a state of extreme madness, smashed the cedar table as he clutched his head and screamed nonstop in rage like a deranged person…


He sounded as though he was wailing.

“Ah Chen…” Cheng Anya kept looking at the deranged Third Young Master Ye until the pain from her wrist sobered her up.

It was a madness that she had yet to see.

It was extremely terrifying.

The roars of sadness carried a few hoarse hints of its repression.

Cheng Anya’s heart was bleeding to the point she did not know what to do.

Ning Ning’s tender face paled.

Ye Wei was shocked and gave Eleven a glance. Eleven quickly got to work and knocked Third Young Master Ye out without him noticing.

“Ah Chen!”


Cheng Anya quickly grabbed his collapsed form. Even though he had fainted, Third Young Master Ye’s body was still trembling. With his brows locked in a frown, cold sweat trickled down Third Young Master Ye’s forehead.

Her heart ached terribly.

“What’s with Daddy?” Ning Ning seriously asked as he suddenly turned up to look at Ye Wei. “Louis is Ye Yukun!” Ye Wei said deeply.

Cheng Anya let out a gasp.

She was beyond shock.

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