Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 293 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 293 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Seeing that Third Young Master Ye was unconscious, Cheng Anya’s heart ached uncontrollably. With Eleven’s help, Cheng Anya lifted Third Young Master Ye onto the couch. Third Young Master Ye’s face was extremely pale and his body was still trembling gently. Cheng Anya had Ning Ning get a blanket to wrap him in.

Ning Ning looked solemn, and Ye Wei did not expect her brother to react so adversely to the revelation. In her shock, she secretly wondered what Ye Yukun had done.

Whatever happened in the Ye Mansion more than ten years ago remained a secret. Cheng Anya wiped away the cold sweat on Third Young Master Ye’s forehead again and again.

“Third sister-in-law, I’m sorry,” Ye Wei said.

“It’s okay. He has to eventually know it. Rather than let Louis tell him in person, it might be better for him to have that bit of mental preparation. It wouldn’t be nice if he guns Louis down in broad daylight,” Cheng Anya shook her head and said plainly.

Cheng Anya still musing despite these circumstances left Ye Wei feeling quite distasteful. As Eleven tidied up the cedar table in the living room, she stopped and turned to ask Ye Wei, “Wei Wei, can you destroy that table with a single kick?”

“When confronted with extremes, men are able to exert extremely explosive strength.” Ye Wei’s eyes twitched as she saw the debris on the ground.

“Makes sense to me!” Eleven carried on tidying up the table. As Cheng Anya took care of Third Young Master Ye, Ye Wei took the opportunity to lead Ning Ning to the study room. “Did you look up what happened to third brother?”

As his father’s privacy was at stake, Ning Ning would not look it up. Plus, it was not a given that he could be able to find any information. Apart from the few involved, it was feared that no others were privy to the incident.

“For something like this to happen, a police report would definitely be lodged. Let’s check that out,” Ye Wei said.

As Ning Ning frowned, his delicate face became a few hints colder. “Auntie, is Louis really Ye Yukun?”

“That I am sure!” Ye Wei said. “Mom’s death might have inflicted psychological trauma upon third brother as she had died in plain sight of him. Without Mom, he would not have had a good time in the Ye family.”

“I am afraid it does not end there!” Ning Ning said coldly but didn’t ask any more questions as he decisively started to search for records from more than ten years ago.

The young kid’s character was not as lovely and elegant as he seemed. His decisiveness and coldness in decision-making surpassed that of his father, and it did not help that he had seen the darker side of men in the past two years.

He, in his strong and domineering ways, could not be swayed.

While he did not want to look up Third Young Master Ye’s affairs however curious he was, he was determined to look them up and would not be fazed.

Ye Wei was secretly awed at how immaculately he got down to work. Although they were family, how could they be that different?

She was jealous!

“Auntie, who beat you up?” Ning Ning took time out to ask Ye Wei as his eyes were glued to the rolling figures on the screen. As Ye Wei thought about Mo Jue, her lips twitched and agitated her wounds, causing her to gasp in pain. “Once I’ve looked up third brother, I’ll help you look him up.”

‘Mo Jue, my revenge is never too late!’

“There were no police records,” Ning Ning said calmly. This was expected as Ye Zhenhua had pulled strings back then, so destroying the records were expected. “If there were records, I would be able to find them,” Ning Ning said as he plugged his chip into the computer.

Three minutes later, Ning Ning found a top-secret report about the murder in the Ye family from another police station.

The one who reported to the police was Ye Yutang. Ye Yukun was the deceased and Yang Xing was the suspect. Apart from the three of them at that scene years back, there was also Ye Chen. However, according to the records, little Ye Chen was locked in the corner and did not murmur a word. He seemed stoic.

Ye Yutang claimed that he opened the door when he heard screams and saw an unkempt Ye Chen hiding scornfully behind Yang Xing, who plunged a knife into Ye Yukun’s chest.

Ye Yukun died on the spot.

The police report recorded it as manslaughter where Ye Yukun was stabbed to death by Yang Xing when he violated her.

Yang Xing’s testimony was… empty!

“F***!” Ye Wei landed a punch on the computer desk as rage burned in her gaze. “Damn you, Ye Yukun! Damn you!!”

Ning Ning tried to search for other related records to no avail.

Ye Wei could not control her rage. Would her third brother murder Ye Yukun because he saw her violate his mom? And, where was that damned Ye Zhenhua who allowed his son to have his way with his wife?

She was barely able to contain her rage. Her third brother…

Ye Wei was secretly wondering. Not only did her third brother witness this terrible scene, but he even witnessed his mother’s tragic death. These led to the trauma in his heart, no?

As though he had something on his mind, Ning Ning frowned and secretly felt that all these were the tip of the iceberg. The truth might not have been so as he recalled his daddy’s years in America where he had been led away by an old pervert and sexually groomed…

On top of that, there was an overnight annihilation of a triad.

His gaze sunk at that moment…

They might not be able to guess what Ye Chen had experienced. While Ye Wei had heard much more information, she extremely hated Ye Zhenhua, Yang Yun, and everybody else in the Ye family. Her third brother’s tragedy began when he returned to the Ye family.

“That damn Ye Zhenhua. It was all Ye Yukun’s fault. Why is it all third brother’s to bear?” Ye Wei was unable to hold back the rage because of her mother and also because of Ye Chen.

After that incident, Ye Chen suffered a mental illness and Ye Zhenhua sent him to an asylum in America. It was a brutal asylum and he contemplated escape several times but was confined in a tight space until he calmed down. He eventually escaped but was sold into the black market.

“I feel that somebody behind the scenes is deliberately pulling the strings.”

Such contrived coincidences.

Ye Wei agreed. She gritted her teeth extremely hard as she recalled the years Ye Chen had spent in America. “Just who could be this vicious?”

Ye Zhenhua?

Or somebody else?

Louis? Ye Yukun with a new look?

All that happened after that would have tortured any normal person to death. Not anybody could survive all that and call the shots at the top of the world.

“Are you able to find out who did it?” Ye Wei asked coldly with a frigid gaze. If she knew who did all that, that person would live in perpetual misery.

Ning Ning’s face became stern as his gaze darkened. If he knew who was behind it, that person would regret being born.

If only his daddy was willing to tell him.

He would set the score straight.

“It has been too long ago and I can’t find anything else.” Ning Ning shook his head.

Ning Ning turned his head to see his daddy outside. “You saw through Louis’ disguise and he will expect you to tell my daddy that. What do you think is his next step?”

“You cannot use reason to make sense of a pervert. Damn it, we are related by blood. Shit, I need a total blood transfusion.” Ye Wei raged. Ning Ning smiled and praised her.

That was such an utter humiliation!

After rounds and rounds, to think they were family!

“I want to kill somebody!” Ye Wei gritted her teeth as her bloodlust ran amok in her. What should have been an assassination for show with Ning Ning actually turned on her bloodlust.

Once Ye Wei was intent on killing, not even God could stop her.

“Auntie, you might want to take it easy. You were almost killed tonight.” Ning Ning coolly reminded Ye Wei from the side. As she recalled the battle that almost ruined her image, she was secretly screaming, stifled.

“Yes, darling. Please look up this Mo Jue, who is with Louis.” Ye Wei’s anger leaped out of her gaze. “Your auntie almost lost it to him.”

“Mo Jue, huh… Understood.” Ning Ning entered the Mafia’s database and searched for Mo Jue. There were, however, no records…

With a change of a positioning system and search algorithm, he entered a command and found Mo Jue.

It still remained blank…

“Are you sure he is somebody real?”

“Look at the injuries on my face. Do you think that I was beaten out of nothing?”

Ning Ning tucked his lips. There was no information, and even the most advanced search method yielded no results. There was nothing he could do.

“If even you can’t find the person, could it be a phantom?” Ye Wei murmured to herself.

Ning Ning smiled and shook his finger. “It’s either a dead person or a person who has a system that is able to go toe-to-toe against mine and block me from finding him.”

“You mean that… he’s stronger than you?” Ye Wei was perplexed and felt the world becoming cryptic. “Darling, so you are not the strongest… Ahh…”

Ning Ning’s eyes twitched. Surely she didn’t have to sound that disappointed?

Isn’t it normal for somebody to always be better than oneself?

“Auntie, didn’t you boast that you are the best killer? Yet, you still ended up being walloped and in bruises.” Ning Ning rebutted.

“Darling, don’t you know that jabbing someone’s wounds is not the most generous thing to do?” Ye Wei smiled as she replied gently and hugged him.

“Same, same!” Ning Ning smiled.

Ye Wei could not help but pinch his cheeks. That rascal who exacted revenge on even the smallest thing would be one hell of a person in the future, but she liked that. There were no saints in the family, and since Miss Cheng was no good girl, her child would not be too far off from the tree either.

Ye Wei could not help but sigh emotionally. “We used to have two of the most badass people in the family, but how could Mo Jue’s appearance push us down the rankings?”

Ning Ning also sighed emotionally. Like the good student who always came in first in class, the pride and self-confidence that accompanied it was self-explanatory. However, that transfer student who suddenly appeared took away the No.1 position.

It was extraordinarily… distasteful.

It, however, stirred his will to fight.

“Mo Jue, huh?” Ning Ning’s lips curled into a cold smile. He did not believe that he would lose to him on the internet.

“Wait, something is off.” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. “Since Mo Jue is Louis’ own, why were you able to enter the Mafia’s network if he were indeed able to beat you?”

“That I don’t know for now,” Ning Ning replied. “I am more worried about something else. If Louis has somebody this powerful by his side, won’t that mean that my daddy is in danger?”

“Darling, if we do the calculus this way, we will definitely lose a one-on-one. However, we have me, third brother, and Eleven. If three of the best in concert cannot defeat Mo Jue, what a terrible joke would that be?” Ye Wei coldly smiled, her arrogance overpowering. “Let’s count third brother out. Eleven and I will suffice.”

To really talk about it, Mo Jue’s skill was about the same as hers and her disadvantage lay in her relatively weaker strength. Besides, her dress for the evening was somewhat problematic. She was underdressed and was not armed. Underestimating her opponent was the Achilles’ heel. Apart from gunplay, she was exceptionally vicious with concealed weaponry. The physical conditions going amok tonight was the reason for her defeat.

Besides, Eleven truly excelled at close combat. With each of their strengths, the duo would be able to defeat Mo Jue.

“A person who requires Eleven and me to work together to defeat has shown himself. We are… not too far from 2012.” The end-times were nearing…

What damn arrogance!

Ning Ning secretly thought that she had the bragging rights as she had been arrogant for more than ten years.

“That said, I am starting to get excited.” Ning Ning smiled elegantly and extremely shrewdly. “What kind of person are you to gloat at my misfortune, eh?” Ye Wei hit him.

“How narrow-minded of you.” Ning Ning could not help but complain. “Somebody being able to go toe-to-toe against me on internet skills makes me excited.”

In this world, strength was determined by whether one could triumph against thousands of others. It was different from their theorized world where fists counted. He would definitely not lose out to Mo Jue.

“A life without opponents is tragic,” Ning Ning said deeply. “I feel that I have reached a whole new level as my interest to explore has waned due to the lack of challenges. While I have worked on something else instead, it seems that I need to get back to deepening my interests.”

“Darling, you are an ambitious person!” Ye Wei praised him. Ning Ning was being realistic, and she, too, agreed that a life without opponents was indeed tragic. Like her, her only true opponent was her friend. Those who came to challenge her were too weak to be called worthy opponents. In the past few years, she almost forgot that martial arts knew no boundaries.

Besides, to reach a level where nobody was your equal was indeed a boring affair.

Mo Jue…

This damn person was in her sights.

“Darling, you are definitely stronger than him. You are just seven while he is in his twenties, old enough to be your daddy. All the best, and waste him.” Ye Wei showed her strong support for him.

“Same, same.”

“He’s awake.” Eleven knocked on the door to remind the auntie-nephew pair in cahoots.

Ning Ning and Ye Wei came out of the study room to see Third Young Master Ye sitting on the sofa. He seemed numb and he trembled as he crossed his hands on his knees.

From aside, Cheng Anya looked at Third Young Master Ye worriedly. She wanted to touch him but felt that he would break her hand had she tried.

Cheng Anya hence sat next to him and accompanied him.

“Daddy, are you okay?”

“Third brother, are you okay?’

Ning Ning and Ye Wei asked in unison after some time as they were worried. Eleven, at a corner, was there to make sure that he did not go berserk.

As though he did not hear them speak, Third Young Master Ye did not speak a word.

After a full twenty minutes of not speaking, Third Young Master Ye was trembling nonstop like a wounded child. Cheng Anya squinted and suddenly stood up. She grabbed Third Young Master Ye by his collar to lift his head up.

And slapped him!

A crisp slap followed.

“Mommy?” Ning Ning raised his eyebrows as he saw five fingermarks on his daddy’s pale face. He was stunned.

That was extremely mean!

“Third sister-in-law?” Ye Wei was shocked and heartbroken.

“It’s okay. I often wallop him, so get used to it.” Cheng Anya smiled easily at Ye Wei.

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

She was sure very calm!

Third Young Master Ye’s gaze, which was like that of a hurt and wounded young beast, became clear. Cheng Anya was at ease whilst Third Young Master Ye remained emotionless. His trembling hands became steady.

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