Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 296 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 296 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Top Floor, MBS International Building

Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya were late for work today, and all the secretaries were already present when they reached. As Third Young Master Ye reached his office door, Liu Xiaotian came out to greet him. “President Ye, the vice-president is waiting for you in the office,” she softly reported.

Third Young Master Ye nodded emotionlessly and Cheng Anya felt his murderous intent surge then drop in the blink of an eye. He then walked into the office with a stoic face.

Cheng Anya, apart from worrying for him, could not do anything else.

Louis remained still in the office. He was clearly the melancholic prince whose emerald gaze was deep and gentle, the dream partner of many teenage girls.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Third Young Master Ye coldly asked with his fists clenched as he kept the ten-over years of mental burden and his fear in check. Expressionless, he tried to behave as usual.

There was no discernible difference.

Louis looked at Third Young Master Ye gently, a gaze that was judgmental yet calm. His sharp gaze, like that of a venomous snake, was about to pry out one’s emotions and feelings.

Third Young Master Ye looked at him with his eyes slightly squinted. Hmm, emerald gazes.

‘Did Ye Wei tell him anything?’ Louis secretly thought. There was a piercing vacuum around the melancholic prince that nobody could touch.

If Ye Wei had told him, Third Young Master Ye could not have looked into his eyes that calmly. What he should have done was to gun him down, which was in-line with Third Young Master Ye’s character. He understood Third Young Master Ye too well.

In order to stoke the most hatred from Third Young Master Ye, he had to know Third Young Master Ye’s weakness.

With his calm look, it was unlikely he knew the truth.

Ye Wei had no reason not to tell Third Young Master Ye unless she knew what exactly happened back then and did not dare to tell Third Young Master Ye what actually happened.

What a deep brother-sisterly love that was going on.

“Third Young Master Ye, a thief broke into my room last night. Any guesses?” A cryptic look flashed across Louis’s emerald gaze as he smiled.

While Louis had always thought he understood Ye Chen, but little did he know that today’s Third Young Master Ye was not the Third Young Master Ye from before. Had Louis suddenly told him that he was Ye Yukun, he could have turned even more berserk than last night and suffered a breakdown.

After a night of consolidating those feelings, he banished that fear into the deepest parts of his heart.

What arose instead was a deep hatred.

His hatred for Ye Yukun and Ye Zhenhua surpassed his fear for the past. It would be impossible for Louis to want to see him break down.

“Vice-president, I am a busy man. If you are here for the idle chatter, get out,” Third Young Master Ye said coldly. He knew that Louis was here to probe him but it was a pity as he did not want to discuss what happened yesterday with him.

What he wanted to do now was to run MBS International into the ground.

As for Louis, he would slowly bide his time.

Between Ye Zhenhua and Louis, the former was the easiest to take care of. Since Ye Zhenhua put his utmost attention on MBS International, he called Louis back to manage MBS International, knowing well the risk of people discovering Louis’ identity.

As for Louis, he had spent ten-over years overseas and belonged to the Mafia. Returning to City A was for two reasons: Firstly, for Ye Zhenhua. Secondly, for…

He gritted his teeth to the point of breaking it. Louis had asked him whether he wanted MBS International. His response was negative as he was there for something else.

Some time ago, Ye Chen had guessed that Louis, being the godfather of the Mafia, had no need to fight for MBS International with him. After all, MBS International and the Mafia dealt in different things.

Even if he had it, he had no use for it.

Since Louis said he was here for something else, Third Young Master Ye did not quite have any idea what he wanted. For the whole of last night, he stood by the window side and recalled everything once—from Louis arriving in City A to what happened. He connected the dots.

The more he thought about it, the more disgusted he felt.

Louis was even more disgusting, depraved, and damned than the old pervert he crossed paths with years ago.

He did not see how he had tortured that old pervert. If he did, he was sure he would regret what he did that day.

‘Ye Yukun, we will see!’

“Third Young Master Ye, I am about to convey my regards to your sister. So, how is that small talk? Besides, she almost died yesterday.” Louis smiled. “Third Young Master Ye, it may be best you remind your sister not to get too… lively, lest she die without knowing why.”

Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows cryptically whilst maintaining a poker face. “So your men walloped Wei Wei up. Very well then. I didn’t expect Mister Louis to surround himself with such capable people.”

He coldly smiled and secretly wondered how much of Louis’ actual prowess was hidden.

If Wei Wei had not gone to Dongfang Hotel yesterday, he would not even have known that Louis secretly had such people around him. No tom, dick, or harry could mess Wei Wei up.


For now, he will first run MBS International into the ground as that was what Ye Zhenhua cared about the most. If he wanted to see the fruits of his lifetime still stay around, fat hope!

Based on how Ye Yukun had not died, how he deliberately concealed that fact and maneuvered it to cause his mommy to die for nothing…

He hated Ye Zhenhua’s guts out for that.

The truth, at times, is exceptionally cruel.

“What’s a Mo Jue?” Louis smiled as he could not keep his arrogance. It was as though Mo Jue was just somebody else and he had countless such Mo Jues around him.

Third Young Master Ye was secretly surprised before breaking into a cold smile.

Who wouldn’t know how to play mind games?

He was telling him, through such arrogance, that Mo Jue was ‘nobody’ that Third Young Master Ye should not be wary about.

How would he know that these tricks did not work out after Third Young Master Ye’s years in America?

How many in the world could beat Wei Wei?

If the number of fingers on a hand were more than enough, what was he arrogant about?

“I am busy, and if you’ve nothing else, please scram,” Third Young Master Ye said coldly. Louis stood up with a hand on the table, his stunning face suddenly appearing before him. Third Young Master Ye was about to subconsciously duck, but his body responded faster than his heart and he sat there not moving as he coldly squinted.

How disgusting…

He struggled to keep himself from vomiting as he looked at him coldly and aggressively.

Louis smiled and raised his eyebrows. “Third Master Ye, what are you nervous about?”

“F*** off!” Third Young Master Ye broke into a cold smile.

A smile flashed through Louis’ gaze, and then a few hints of sadness followed. “How do you go about by keeping people at arms’ length this often?”

Third Young Master Ye’s breathing paused as he held his fountain pen. He almost broke it and had a burning urge to jab it into Louis’ eye.

He seemed to see a cold snake licking his neck…

How disgusting!

With his propensity for violence acting up, Third Young Master Ye suddenly swung his fist and hit Louis in the chest. Louis was knocked back a few steps as Third Young Master Ye stood up, his hands on the table. His gaze was bloodshot as a murderous intent emanated…

His breathing became deeper as primal rage overtook his countenance.

Ye Chen, calm down. Calm down, it’s still not time…

Calm down…

After reminding himself several times, Third Young Master Ye’s anger started to wean. “Louis, keep some distance from me next time. Why didn’t you learn from me punching you before?”

Louis smiled as he did not mind being walloped by Third Young Master Ye. “Since you have mentioned this, then I shall not disturb you at work.” Louis even smiled.

As he said that, he waltzed out of the office.

Third Young Master Ye suddenly broke the fountain pen, and its ink squirted all around.

Louis exited the office and saw Cheng Anya. “Miss Cheng, you look good today,” he said as he got close to her.

That pervert.

“Thank you for your praise, vice-president.” Cheng Anya broke into a very big grin.

As Louis left smiling, Cheng Anya’s face sunk. She could not help but look toward the office. How was Third Young Master Ye?

She did not hear any killing or the sound of tables and computers smashed. It was indeed a miracle…

Miss Cheng was stunned.

Third Young Master Ye, in her impression, was such a violent person.

Ye Wei, who was in an office in an opposite building, eavesdropping, was deeply impressed by her third brother’s tolerance. It was not a typical tolerance, and she would have shot him had she been in his shoes.

Taking a mirror and rubbing her wounds, Ye Wei suddenly asked, “Do you think Mo Jue would be nearby?”

Eleven took her binoculars and scanned the surroundings, methodically checking out every dead corner. She shook her head to indicate that he was not around. Ye Wei was puzzled. “Darling Ning Ning said he could not locate Mo Jue, and I only bumped into him at the hotel that day. Wouldn’t it be weird for Louis to appear at MBS International in broad daylight without Mo Jue to protect him? He is well aware that his identity is exposed, and that my third brother might just waste him.”

“Agreed.” Eleven scanned the surroundings again, but she really did not notice where he was.

“Louis is very likely out to kill me to cover his tracks.” Ye Wei coldly smiled as she continued to appreciate her atypical look.

“You can’t touch him,” Eleven said coldly. Since the two of them always stuck together, Mo Jue killing them both was fool’s talk.

Third Young Master Ye’s office was above Louis’ office, and Ye Wei, who was opposite them, could clearly see Louis’ actions.

Ye Wei had bugged Louis’ office earlier and since Louis returned to his office, he merely pondered and did not speak. Ye Wei coldly smiled as she thought of wasting him.

However, the death of a mafia member in MBS International Building would bring her third brother substantial trouble. Humph!

Eleven suddenly squinted and tightened her voice. “Wei Wei, over here!”

Ye Wei came over and took the binoculars. She looked toward Louis’ office, and Louis, who seemingly knew they were opposite him, smiled at them gently and waved at them. “Wei Wei, call me big brother, will you?”

“Damn it, who are you to call me Wei Wei?” Wei Wei broke into a cold smile. It was a pity Louis did not get to hear that.

And big brother too. He should just fall aside and die, as Ye Wei only had one brother.

Although she called him third brother out of habit, she had no big brother or second brother.

“What? You didn’t tell your third brother about what happened?” Louis smiled gently. “That isn’t you.”

If only Louis was present, Louis would not have felt weird. There was, however, somebody else in the office.

Mo Jue, the stunning yet mysterious Mo Jue…

But he had purple eyes instead of black eyes…

Ye Wei frowned. “When did the Mafia become such chameleons?”




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