Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 297 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 297 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Eleven frowned as she found it weird that even Mo Jue adopted the trend of wearing colored contacts from his hirer. Did the trend backfire? She felt extremely weird and turned to see Ye Wei focus down a pair of binoculars.

She could not help but sigh with emotion. She could not tell whether Ye Wei was looking at hunks or studying Mo Jue.

She took a quick glance and that man’s gaze collided with hers. It was a restrained distance that was calm, yet strong. It was as though he stood at the top of the world and looked down on everything else.

It was a tempered arrogance.

This temperament was more shocking than his looks, and he disappeared under the sewers before she could take another look at him. This person was not quite as what Wei Wei had described him to be.

Especially the eyes, they were not purple irises. Thinking about it, Louis’ irises were not green either.

Ye Wei was studying Mo Jue in a judging manner. How could he be different from what she saw that day? There were a few hints of coldness, but the alluring and cryptic side was lacking. It was just a face…

“Good looks explain why you can’t seem to have enough of him. This guy looks way better than Su Man.” Eleven mused. She was much clearer about Ye Wei’s personality than anybody else, and it was more likely she took a liking to his looks. That maneater.

“Eleven, if we are friends enough, please don’t snatch him from me. I have taken a liking to him. His face, or even his life, is mine. Please don’t thirst after him.” Ye Wei teasingly winked as she spoke arrogantly.

“Be honest. You like his looks, huh?”

“Isn’t that a good thing? Who said the saying ‘sex is part and parcel of life’?” Ye Wei laughed in chuckles. Her gaze then turned cold as she showed a hint of murderous intent. “I like his face, and if he gets in my way or can’t be used by me, I will still waste him. No mercy.”

“How vicious!”

“It’s a must.” Ye Wei smiled as she took the binoculars and took a look. He looked good with those colored contacts. “Ah, purple contacts that almost wasted me.”

“Stop going almost. You were already honey-trapped.”

“Why is he part of the Mafia?” Ye Wei looked up to the blue sky to see a few clouds drift past. She was aghast, as her wishes were indeed built on clouds.

“You should find it weird that such a person would call someone else master.” Eleven reminded.

“What does that have to do with us? Aren’t we still protecting the same few of them?” Ye Wei sighed and chided herself for the thousandth and one time for her naiveté. How could she simply not see people for who they were and instead knew a bunch of bloodsuckers?

Eleven agreed.

“If the scheming Chu Li knows of this Mo Jue, he will want us to take him down together,” Ye Wei said with certainty. She knew Chu Li too well. He would definitely remove a potential complication. Such an able person could not coexist with the scheming Chu Li as he was too much of a threat.

After Louis left, Third Young Master Ye pondered for a moment and then went on a teleconference with Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin. “I’ll need you to work together to strike at MBS International, the faster the better. I have sent you my company’s client base. Grab as much as you can, and the same goes for the stocks.”

“Boss, this is illegal, you know?” Fourth Young Master Tang exclaimed in shock. Third Young Master Ye had met them the night before to discuss how they should go about taking down MBS International. They did not expect Third Young Master Ye to play the most expedient hand.

“You two did not break the law before?” Third Young Master Ye asked as a matter-of-factly.

Fourth Young Master Tang was at a loss for words.

Lin Yixuan was also at a loss for words.

“I am at it now. I am confident in taking 30%. Let me seek my inner circle’s approval in a moment. The remainder goes to Fourth Young Master Tang. Let’s not waste time.”

“Why this 30%-70% arrangement?” Fourth Young Master Tang protested.

“Because you are the master of the Dragon Gate and carry more influence.” Lin Yixuan smiled as he arranged for his secretary to call for a meeting and prepare to take down MBS International.

“Once the shareholder’s meeting has ended, you guys get down to work. That would be about ten in the morning,” Ye Chen said deeply. MBS International was the fruit of three generations’ of the Ye family and Ye Zhenhua’s pride. He was going to destroy it.

And drive it into the grave, like his mother in hers!

“Third Young Master Ye, are you sure?” Fourth Young Master Tang asked with a sunken voice. “You have invested your time and blood into MBS International. Wouldn’t it be a pity to simply run it into the ground?”

It was only with Third Young Master Ye that MBS International reached a whole new high. Ye Zhenhua’s time had passed, and Third Young Master Ye helmed MBS International. He was inseparable from MBS International.

“I also feel that such an extreme isn’t necessary. MBS International is not just Ye Zhenhua’s pride, but Third Young Master Ye’s pride as well. It will be a pity to run it into the ground,” Lin Yixuan said. As friends, they were unaware of what had happened to Third Young Master Ye.

To suddenly want to run MBS International into the ground was one thing, but to ruin Third Young Master Ye’s good work was another.

“I’ve done my sums!” Third Young Master Ye said.

Once they heard him say so, they said nothing else and got off the phone and down to preparing to strike once news about MBS International was released.

Ye Zhenhua called for an impromptu shareholders’ meeting to do their work and relieve Third Young Master Ye of his responsibility. Since Third Young Master Ye’s sudden appearance sent all the effort down the drain, he was brimming with hatred. To suddenly receive a call from Third Young Master Ye was what he wished for.

Ye Zhenhua was extremely puzzled. Did Third Young Master Ye have a last-minute heel-face-turn?

The MBS International shareholders’ meeting was to be held in the auditorium on the 20th floor. Since 8:30 a.m., people started streaming in. As the meeting was called at relatively short notice, many shareholders were baffled and did not know what was going on.

Everything seemed calm on the surface.

Ye Zhenhua and the few directors had no idea what Third Young Master Ye was up to and why he ordered a shareholders’ meeting at such short notice. Reporters streamed into the hall, waiting to report the news.

“Do you know what’s going on?” Ye Zhenhua asked Louis. Louis maintained his perfect smile as he pondered about whether Third Young Master Ye was really out to duke it out with them.

Regardless, he did not tell Old Master Ye what happened the night before. Ye Zhenhua did not know that Third Young Master Ye already knew Louis’ actual identity.

He did not even know that Third Young Master Ye’s hatred grew into him.

If no action was taken, so be it. Any action was sure fatal!

“Uncle, do not worry. Even if he wants MBS International, it would not be a piece of cake.” Louis assured Ye Zhenhua. He addressed Ye Zhenhua in-person as ‘uncle’.

Ye Zhenhua coldly snorted. He did not believe that Third Young Master Ye could pull of anything good.

He did not believe that Third Young Master Ye would act as he hoped.

With half an hour to go for the shareholders’ meeting, Liu Xiaotian and Guan Rutong got busy. Cheng Anya went to the pantry to prepare a cup of thick coffee for Third Young Master Ye.

Third Young Master Ye stood before the French windows and looked at the skyscrapers outside.

Cheng Anya put the coffee on the table. Her heart ached as she saw his back. Ever since she knew what he went through in America, her heart ached whenever she saw him for the suffering he had endured.

She admired his strength and resilience. It was this admiration that caused her heart to ache even more.

Ah Chen…

These years have been tough for you.

“Ah Chen, have some coffee. It’s about time you go down for the meeting.” Cheng Anya smiled.

As Third Young Master Ye turned back, the blue sky and erect skyscrapers became his backdrop. “Anya, come over here,” he smiled and said softly.

His gentle voice arose the deepest pain and love at the bottom of her heart.

As Cheng Anya went over, Third Young Master Ye embraced her. Her petite frame was like his missing rib, a perfect fit. Third Young Master Ye’s distraught heart became calm at that moment.


My dear Anya…

If he had not met her, what happened would have broken him. A Ye Chen filled with hatred and not love could have seemed strong, but was, in reality, weak.

It was because of her putting love into him that he became stronger and had the courage to face the nightmares of the past. It was time he stopped living in his past.

After more than ten years of wounding himself over and over, it was time for him to walk out of it.

If not, he was nothing short of duplicitous.

That would not be Ye Chen.

“If I become really poor, would you despise me?” Third Young Master Ye gently asked as he tightly hugged the person he loved. The winds of the world would not eat away at him.

“What silly things are you talking about?” Cheng Anya smiled. Ye Chen thought of Miss Cheng’s confession of love—together whether rich or poor—and could not help but feel emotional. “You are already poor. Isn’t the right to the family’s finances with me? Be nice and relax. I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life,” Miss Cheng replied in an unexpectedly calm tone.

Third Young Master Ye, who wanted to hear Miss Cheng confess, had his emotions frozen. What a… fantasy!

“My sister-in-law is a genius.” Ye Wei could not help but give a beautiful grin with smiling eyes and also a thumbs-up.

“Eavesdropping on others is not the most honest thing to do,” Eleven coldly replied.

“Why don’t you remove your earpiece then?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows.

“I am protecting Third Young Master Ye,” Eleven replied calmly.

“Same here! This is LEGAL eavesdropping.” Ye Wei smiled and went on listening seriously…

Third Young Master Ye pinched Cheng Anya’s waist in punishment. What kind of woman was this? “Damn it, why can’t you just say something nicer?”

“In that case, could you stop being so emotional? I am really not used to it.” Cheng Anya rebutted. Although he gently hugged her, Miss Cheng’s mouth was not at all tame.

She wanted an arrogant Third Young Master Ye, who was in high spirits and openly domineering that would waste anyone who stood in his way.

An over-the-top arrogance.

An honor that could not be tarnished.

“Just play along once a while, okay?” Third Young Master Ye tightened his grip in revenge. “What if… I cannot bear it and gun down somebody later? What to do then?” he suddenly asked.

“If you gun someone down, that’s it. What else can you do?” Miss Cheng smiled. “Worse comes to worst, you get jailed and I’ll remarry,” she said plainly.

“Don’t you dare!”

“Correction. Not remarry. I have yet to marry you.”

Third Young Master Ye was speechless, then elated. This damn lass already saw herself as his wife. Perfect, perfect. Excellent! Third Young Master Ye could not help but smile.

It was so endearing!

To think that even such a plain statement would put him on cloud nine.




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