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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 300 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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With Ye Zhenhua nominating Louis as the next president, Louis received a 100% vote. Things were developing as Third Young Master Ye expected.

While not all the shareholders were willing to allow Louis to run MBS International, the major shareholders had agreed and the former’s opposition was meaningless. Besides, with Third Young Master Ye and the CEO had voted in favor of Louis, who else could still disagree? In the eyes of many, even the strong Third Young Master Ye had no choice but to step down.

So, those who were against Louis or pissed him off were due to be wasted?

With such a mindset, MBS International received its next president. It was afraid that this was the neatest and most cryptic voting in MBS International’s history. Murmurs which reverberated around the conference eventually quieted down.

Some of the smarter shareholders decided to observe developments as they were out for the profits after all. If Louis was able to rake in the profits, whoever became president of MBS International did not quite matter.

After all, even if Louis had the intention to absorb MBS International, it was the Ye family that stood to lose the most instead of the Mafia. Ye Zhenhua had publicly sworn to support Louis and openly expressed his trust in Louis.

Everybody in the marketplace ten years ago knew who the enigmatic Ye Zhenhua was. Many people thought that the people whom he trusted should not go wrong.

Third Young Master Ye coldly curled his lips into a smile. This shareholders’ meeting was going way better than expected. He wanted to see how Ye Zhenhua and Louis, that father-son duo, would stand up against the coordinated offensive by three MNCs.

Without him, how would MBS International survive?

It was time for him to prepare some popcorn. ‘Ye Zhenhua, I will slowly chip away at your pride…’



Crush them all!

A sinister and vicious coldness flashed past Third Young Master Ye’s half-closed eyes.

Louis was next to speak. As he spoke, Third Young Master Ye coldly smiled, seemingly listened on.

This sudden development left Yang Zekun, who was watching the news on Channel GK in the manager’s office, frowning. Why did this happen? The Third Young Master Ye he knew would not so obediently surrender his rights to run MBS International.

He had a premonition that another brutal commercial war was about to befall City A and more enterprises would be implicated than before. Should he watch the developments or strike when they were down?

Yang Zekun groaned as Yang Yun called. It was more likely the latter had received the news, and Yang Zekun heard from him to strike when the iron was hot. If chaos were to indeed ensue, Yao Hua would leverage on this opportunity to deliver a crippling blow to MBS International. With a greenhorn like Louis at the helm, he would not stand up to what Third Young Master Ye had to deliver.

Yao Hua would add fuel to the fire and viciously destroy MBS International.

Yang Zekun acknowledged the call. He was filial but did not understand something. While his grandfather had indeed done some very vicious things in the past, his hate for Ye Zhenhua had taken root in him and nobody could convince him out of it.

Yang Zekun felt… extremely tired. He had no intention of following Yang Yun’s plans. He did not understand how Yang Yun hated Third Young Master Ye. It was a family feud, but was it necessary?

To hit them when they were down was not necessary. With Third Young Master Ye’s resigning as MBS International’s president, he was definitely about to make a move against MBS International. While he did not know the reasons behind the sudden development, hearsay about the Ye family had it quite related to his auntie.

Since he had made up his mind to deal with MBS International…


‘Grandfather, shouldn’t you be worried that Yao Hua will be his next target?’

While he did not tell Yang Yun that, the latter was indulging in his dreams of destroying MBS International that he did not realize the impending crisis.

While Third Young Master Ye hated Ye Zhenhua, he hated Yang Yun too. Since he was going to drive MBS International into the ground, he would definitely not spare Yao Hua as well. Preparing for the impending storm was much wiser than kicking the dog.

Third Young Master Ye would first act against MBS International as he had prepared over the past few years. With the rights to run MBS International in his hands, he was privy to all of MBS International’s operations and almost started a new era in MBS International.

Like an architect who destroyed his own design, destroying the kingdom that one single-handedly built up was child’s play as the designer knew each nook and cranny of the house.

With a deep knowledge of every bolt and nut in the house made its destruction extremely simple.

Third Young Master Ye was MBS International’s chief architect.

Yang Zekun knew that a chaotic battle would unfold after today, and he had to prepare as much as he could to minimize losses instead of thinking about how to deal with MBS International.

Grandfather was indeed old and could not understand something as simple as that. However one thought of it, Yao Hua could not crash and burn as a result of MBS International’s destruction. Perishing together with one’s opponent was not the intended outcome.

After a few polite acknowledgments, Yang Zekun ended the call and kneaded his eyebrows. Deep fatigue rose in him and he felt somewhat helpless. His gentle face seemed somewhat dispirited.

This hatred…

Who would put an end to it?

“Secretary Lin, gather the department heads for a meeting.” Managing the ensuing chaos was what really mattered.

As the MBS International shareholders’ meeting was about to end, a large group of reporters rushed toward Third Young Master Ye as he exited the meeting.

“Third Young Master Ye, did you voluntarily step down from the position of president at MBS International?”

“Third Young Master Ye, could you share with us some of your deep-set grievances?”

“Third Young Master Ye, are you indignant at the fact that MBS International, being a family-run business once-run by the Ye family, is now run by an outsider?”

“What are your plans after leaving MBS International?”

“Firstly, I voluntarily stepped down from running MBS International. Mister Louis may be a more suitable candidate for running MBS International, so please do not be misunderstood.” The once arrogant and impolite Third Young Master Ye before the media was now an elegant, gentlemanly person who willingly gave up MBS International and urged all not to be misunderstood. His countenance was over the top.

And he still resembled the rich man’s son he always was.

“As for myself, I will take a break after leaving MBS International. The focus should be on Mister Louis, the current president of MBS International. He is more news-worthy than I am.”

After a few short words, Third Young Master Ye, accompanied by security, took the lift to the top floor.

A large group of reporters also surrounded Louis and Ye Zhenhua and incessantly peppered them with questions about the shareholders’ meeting.

As the few other secretaries had yet to arrive, the top floor was exceptionally quiet.

The wide room was missing the typical rustling of documents flipped and ringing telephones. It was silent beyond belief.

“Don’t you kind of miss this?” Cheng Anya made him a cup of coffee. While she was getting rusty with the chores at home, her coffee-making skills had improved. All credit was due to Third Young Master Ye.

This gentleman was extremely picky with his coffee. While Liu Xiaotian used to make coffee that satisfied his taste buds, Cheng Anya learned from Liu Xiaotian how to make coffee that suited his taste buds. The more she made the coffee, the more skilled she got at it.

She was not as thorough when serving Klose those years ago.

In the MBS International president’s office, Third Young Master Ye watched the roiling stock market on the huge wall-mounted LCD screen as he tasted the coffee that Cheng Anya made. He was happy, and all the unhappiness in his heart had disappeared.

He knew that what he was hoping for would soon happen. The stock market was already roiling, and people would panic very quickly.

Third Young Master Ye broke into a smile.

“I won’t say that I miss it as this place will be mine in time to come.” Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled confidently. He beckoned for Cheng Anya to enter. As Cheng Anya entered, she recalled Third Young Master Ye’s ‘I’ll molest you every time you enter’ and felt a little trepidation.

However, she still obeyed and entered the room. Third Young Master Ye hugged her as she sat on his thighs, both watching the rolling figures on the LCD screen. To Cheng Anya, she was a little dazzled by the numbers and how Third Young Master Ye was able to analyze them so quickly.

“What plans do you have?” Cheng Anya allowed him to hug her. “Don’t become a poor man, okay? I don’t mind a pretty face living off me, but I am afraid that your ego will be bruised.”

“Relax. I’m sure I will get used to you living off me. My son can take care of me, so you wouldn’t need to take care of me.” Third Young Master Ye broke into a smile which Cheng Anya loved to see. He rarely smiled and often seemed cold as though people owed him a lot of money. His hard-to-come-by smile was indeed charming and was miles apart from the coldness he emanated during the meeting earlier. His calm smile, that was not quite exaggerated, was enough to charm Cheng Anya.

“How shameless of you.” Cheng Anya broke into a smile.

“It is a given for a child to take care of their parents, a virtue of the Chinese race. If you do not even understand that, how do you even teach your son?” Third Young Master Ye rebutted calmly. How could he forsake his face? He still needed his face to maintain a good public impression.

“Your son is just seven years old and needs you to take care of him.”

“Got it. I have never treated him as a seven-year-old.” Third Young Master Ye smiled as she pinched Cheng Anya’s face and wanted to have his way with her. It had been a long time since he made out with her, and he was dying at the thought of it.

To Third Young Master Ye, being unable to take advantage of her was torture.

As he held Cheng Anya’s lips, he got down to kissing her without restraint. This woman sure tasted sweet.

When he was satisfied, Cheng Anya’s lips were slightly swollen and her cheeks flushed. Third Young Master Ye smiled cunningly and seemed satisfied. “Anya, how about we go for a trip in the next few days since I will be free?”

“Free?” Cheng Anya raised her eyebrows. Wasn’t he about to run MBS International into the ground? Now he’s saying he’s walking away from it all?

“I won’t have to pull the trigger. A few enthusiastic people will help out, so a vacation would be timely.” Third Young Master Ye smiled. “Since our son is on vacation, it would be nice to bring him for a vacation too. What do you say?”

“Any places in mind?”

“Japan, Europe, anywhere. We’ll go wherever you want to.” Third Young Master Ye smiled.

“Don’t travel too far as you won’t be able to respond to any developments in City A. If you really want to go for a vacation, there are plenty of places around City A that we could go to.” Cheng Anya smiled. Her report from the hospital was due tomorrow.

As she had no idea what had happened to her, would she be in the mood to travel?

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