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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 301 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Her Ah Chen was already frustrated and tired enough. She couldn’t afford to have any problems. Although some things couldn’t be stopped, she was still so young. How could she end up a tragedy so early?

She couldn’t help but think of what Li Yun said about the prince and princess’s campy drama. She was embarrassed.

‘Forget it. The results aren’t out yet. Let’s not think too much.’

Besides, MBS International was in such a tense situation now. He seemed really relaxed.

“Whatever. I’ll go back and ask our son.” Third Young Master Ye did not force her to give an answer and what Cheng Anya said was reasonable. Anyway, no matter where the family went, they would have a good time. He didn’t mind at all. Otherwise, he could also take Ning Ning and Anya to the beach to hang out with Wei Wei.

That girl happened to be taking a rest due to her injuries, but she could protect the mother and son. There was no one more reassuring than Wei Wei and Eleven.

As long as the mother and son were safe, he had nothing to fear.

He couldn’t help but hug Cheng Anya and look at the rolling numbers on the screen. He laughed. Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin were definitely masters at manipulating the stock market. They had grasped the timing just right and had sped up their actions as soon as the meeting was over. Very good.

Let him see what Louis can do.

“It’s time to pack up and go. Are you sure you can let it go?” Cheng Anya pushed his head lightly with a smile. This position would belong to Louis after a while, although Cheng Anya was extremely reluctant to let Louis take over him.

But it was just temporary. Like what he said, bear with Louis for a while and he would make a comeback soon.

She believed in Ye Chen. What belonged to him would still be his in the end.

Louis had long been disqualified from fighting with him.

“Well, go out and pack up, too.” Third Young Master Ye clasped Cheng Anya’s head and kissed her several times before he let go. “Go.”

Cheng Anya walked a few steps and something came to her mind. She came back and smiled. “It’s almost the end of the month now. How about I finish my work until the end of the month? My salary…”

Third Young Master Ye’s eyes twitched fiercely and the fire in his heart was as if smothered with a wet blanket, not to mention how sad and frustrated he was. Third Young Master Ye angrily grabbed Miss Cheng and kissed her aggressively like how a hungry wolf would attack a sheep.

When can Miss Cheng get rid of her damn money-face personality?

“My kiss is worth a thousand gold. It’s enough for a month’s salary. Hurry and pack up, or I’ll beat you up.” Third Young Master threatened her. His eyes were narrowed lovingly with a certain gangster-like vibe.

Miss Cheng took a half step back with her face red. She gave her signature smile. “Only a thousand? How cheap. My salary and bonus added up this month might have already exceeded 100,000 yuan.”

Miss Cheng never gave up what was hers. Why would she work for a month without getting paid?

Third Young Master Ye’s face turned black and white, then green. He gritted his teeth. “A thousand gold is more than enough for me to buy you.”

Miss Cheng, “…All right!”

This time, she went out of the room obediently. Third Young Master Ye shook his head. After all her antics, his mood had gotten better all of a sudden. This girl was really sweet. She definitely knew how to make him happy.

At least, he was distracted from those sad broken memories for a moment.

When Cheng Anya left the president’s office, the other four secretaries had come back. Liu Xiaotian grabbed Cheng Anya’s hand anxiously and asked, “What is President Ye doing in there?”

“Packing up to leave,” Cheng Anya said with a smile, looking at them one by one. Everyone’s expression didn’t look well. She smiled. Yeah, who would be in a good mood when something like this had happened?

Even if she was an optimistic person, she was in a bad mood.

The mood of the one in there was even worse.

She had tried her best to get rid of his depression as there were many things for him to do next. Only when he is in a good mood could he keep a cheerful and calm mind to work.

He had to focus with all his heart in order to fight with Ye Zhenhua and Louis.

One was an old fox and the other was his descendant who was better than him. Both were not easy to deal with.

“Anya, have you heard? The team working on the Repulse Bay project resigned as a whole. Many directors and managers of various departments and almost all employees of the jewelry design department had resigned too,” Liu Xiaotian said nervously. “Even Li Yang has resigned. No, he was the one who took the lead in resigning.”

From designing to building, the Repulse Bay project had always been managed by a team that was brought up by Third Young Master Ye. Once Third Young Master Ye left, they had no reason to stay. Third Young Master Ye did not even have to tell them what to do.

If MBS International lost such a team, the Repulse Bay project had to shut down. It would be difficult for Louis to find such a professional team in a short time. It was no surprise to Cheng Anya that they would leave.

The media company and real estates under MBS International were properties of MBS International since the start while the jewelry department was newly developed by Third Young Master Ye. Li Yang was the talent that he hired after convincing him for a long time. He was eccentric and rebellious. Since he was willing to work for Third Young Master Ye, he would follow him wherever he went and not stay.

As for the other people?

From what she knew, many important figures in MBS International were the people of Dragon Gate. When their master left, they would not stay either. The number of people who resigned would be significant. What a maleficent sight!

There weren’t many leaders like Third Young Master Ye. All the people he hired were loyal to him.

Cheng Anya admired him for that.

Once these people leave, she’s afraid that it would weaken MBS International’s fighting strength by 70%. Almost all projects would have to stop operating. Then, it would be up to Louis to solve this problem.

An enterprise’s survival couldn’t only depend on a president.

Cheng Anya smiled and drew a piece of paper from the document. “My resignation letter is ready.”

Although what she just said to Third Young Master Ye earlier sounded like she was holding a grudge about her salary, her aim was to make him happy and relieve his worries. If he left, she wouldn’t stay either.

She wouldn’t do such a stupid thing as throwing herself into the trap and falling under the control of Louis.

At the general meeting of shareholders, there was a wave of resignations across MBS International. Media reporters soon reported this news. No matter how Ye Zhenhua tried to suppress it, the media still reported it.

This was called the MBS International Resignation Wave.

Who could stop the news that Third Young Master Ye wanted to spread?

GK International made a lot of reports on this matter, which once again caused the public to panic, leading to a serious decline in public confidence in MBS International. It affected the stock market the most as there was mass selling of the stocks.

Klose, Fourth Young Master Tang, and Lin Kai were buying the stocks purposely with the aim to suppress and further deepen the crisis of MBS International.

As soon as the media revealed that all the people who resigned were elites of MBS International, especially the engineers of the Repulse Bay project, the government might call to ‘express their sympathy’ immediately.

“Anya, are you going to quit?” Chen Juan asked. She and Lin Yali looked at each other. Even Anya was going to leave. So many people left that MBS International was almost empty. Third Young Master Ye might not even be merciful in terms of funds.

Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “There’s no point in staying here. Everyone, do whatever you like. I won’t stay. I would go anywhere President Ye goes. I don’t want to work for Louis. I might be killed when I go out if I do.”

Liu Xiaotian knew her relationship with Third Young Master Ye and therefore, knew that what Cheng Anya said wasn’t her true feelings. Guan Rudong bit her lips and asked, “Xiaotian, how about you?”

“Let’s leave too!” Liu Xiaotian said. Chen Juan and Lin Yali hesitated and nodded. They went back to their seats and typed their resignation letter. Only the sound of the keyboard could be heard.

“I’ve been working here for years, and I can’t bear the thought of leaving.” Chen Juan typed the fastest and she felt a bit reluctant to leave while typing. However, because so many people had left, it was really meaningless for her to stay.

It was not the MBS International that she was familiar with anymore.

“This is still not the main point. It’s hard to find a job now. I hope President Ye won’t abandon us.” Lin Yali pretended to cry and several people laughed at the same time. Cheng Anya didn’t have a lot of things and she was done packing just with a small box.

As soon as Third Young Master Ye came out, several beauties went up to him. Usually, Third Young Master Ye always seemed distant from them, but since this concerned their future job, the beauties showed their utmost loyalty as well as the unique gentleness that only women have at the same time, begging Third Young Master Ye not to forget to bring them along even if he left.

That scene reminded Cheng Anya of the husband under ancient polygamy system and his… concubines.


What a genius!

How did she even think of associating that with what she saw? Third Young Master Ye gave them his elegant smile and said, “Take a rest for a while and Miss Cheng will inform you when it’s time. Take a paid leave!”

All the beauties cheered and shouted their love for President Ye.

Paid vacation, what a good treatment! All of their salaries were not low, and no one would reject the chance to skip work and relax.

“How long will it take?” Lin Yali was the calmest. “If President Ye has a long holiday, we can plan to go abroad for a while. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.”

“A month.”

“Wow, so long? We can relax for a long time. “All the beauties were happy.

When Ye Zhenhua and Louis came up, they witnessed the harmonious and happy scene. Third Young Master Ye’s face sank and there were no smiles on the faces of all the beauties. Everyone was quiet.

After greeting them respectfully, the beauties planned to return to their seats. Third Young Master Ye said in a low voice, “You guys go in and move my things downstairs.”

“Yes!” Cheng Anya took them in to move Third Young Master Ye’s things.

He had only packed three light boxes within a short time. There was no need for five people, but they all understood what was going on, so they went ahead to make room for them.

Ye Zhenhua was furious and said in a deep voice, “Did you spread the news of the resignation?”

Third Young Master Ye spread his arms. With the most perfect smile, he leaned on the desk, looking arrogant. “What can you do to me? Didn’t you expect the resignation?”

Not only did he expect the resignation, but he was prepared for it as well. Perhaps, there would be people coming in to replace them in the afternoon. With money, one could do anything they liked. What else could Ye Zhenhua and Louis not do?

However, it was unknown if the people could have the work quality of the original team.

All the information would be brought away along with their resignation. Even if there were talents, they might not be able to stabilize the situation in such a short time. It was expected for Ye Zhenhua to be this angry.

‘Be angry, be angry…’

‘The angrier and more embarrassed you are, the more ruthless I am.’

Third Young Master Ye felt the joy in revenge. The greater storm had not come yet.

A business enterprise was like an army.

If the army is stable, they would be invincible and win all battles.

If the army is unstable, the building will collapse.

MBS International now was chaotic. The people were confused and unstable, which made their fall a matter of time.

“You, very well, Ye Chen. Let me see what you can do without MBS International. Don’t think that MBS International will collapse without you. You want to see my whole life’s hard work go down the drain like that? Dream on!” Ye Zhenhua said angrily. He had expected Third Young Master Ye to take action, but he did not expect that he would do it so thoroughly, so horribly…

The important talents were half gone. Some of them were top talents who couldn’t be hired even with a huge amount of money. He hated Third Young Master Ye.

“Don’t mention it. I’m really waiting to see how the pride of your life collapses in your own hands. This is just a prelude. Do you really think that I’m this obedient these years? Wait and see what I can do with you,” Third Young Master Ye said with an extremely cold and cruel tone. His deep eyes were overflowing with pure sinister and a type of ruthlessness that could destroy the sky and the earth.

He looked at Louis. He was very calm. He didn’t change his expression at all even at this time. He was really impressed. Ordinary people wouldn’t have this kind of determination. It seemed that Italy had honed him a lot in these ten years.

When Ye Chen first knew Ye Yukun, he was just a teenager. He remembered that he was very excited when he first went to the Ye mansion. When he looked at the two brothers standing beside Yang Xing, although his face was calm, he was very excited.

He was very envious of the children who had siblings in the school. Once he was bullied, his brother would come to protect him like a god. In young Ye Chen’s heart, family was very valuable.

An elder brother had an image of being big and tall to him. At that time, Ye Yukun was in his teens, studying in high school. He was born handsome and tall. As compared to the thin and small Third Young Master Ye, he was undoubtedly strong and tall.

Unfortunately, a series of things happened later, which utterly broke the strong and tall image of an elder brother in young Ye Chen’s heart.

In his impression, Ye Yukun was rebellious, similar to that of Ye Zhenhua when he was young. He was smart, violent, and easily irritated. Third Young Master Ye once saw him beat a nanny who accidentally scalded him until she was half disabled.

But the Louis now? Hehe, the saying that a scholar who has been away three days must be looked at with new eyes was true. He can’t be blamed for poor eyesight for not recognizing Louis as Ye Yukun all these years as he had changed too much.

Only the level of pervert was the same.

It was really true that the leopard can’t change its spots.

At first, he thought that Louis’ gazes were disgusting and as cold as a viper. Now, he finally understood that no matter how much his appearance had changed, he was still the man in essence.

It felt the same.

He was glad that he didn’t recognize him earlier. Now, he had Anya and Ning Ning baby, which eliminated a lot of grumpiness in his heart. If he had recognized him earlier, he would have destroyed everyone, including himself, with his temper.

He had learned to cherish his life now as there were people he wanted to protect forever with all his heart.

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