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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 303 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei was packing up to attack Mo Jue secretly. She hesitated after hearing her third brother’s words.

“Third brother, I still want to flirt with that beautiful man.” Ye Wei felt that it was a great pity. When Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya left, Ye Wei would not need to worry about anyone anymore in MBS International. She wanted to go over to flirt with the cute Mo Jue.

A villain could take revenge just in a night. She really wanted to take her revenge.

What a good chance. It was daytime and she had Eleven together with her. They would definitely win.

“Come back, your injury is still not healed yet. Are our two beautiful men here not enough for you to flirt with?”

Cheng Anya was relieved that she wasn’t drinking water. Otherwise, she would have spurted the water out. The young kid wasn’t considered a man. Third Young Master Ye? That’s incest.


Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

The way her third brother gave advice was really one of a kind. ‘Okay, then, I’ll flirt with the beautiful little man at home.’

“Got it. We’ll go back soon.”

She said in a regretful tone. The gorgeous man over there looked at Ye Wei and Eleven coldly. His face was expressionless and absolutely cold. Ye Wei put up her middle finger nonchalantly before she turned away and left.

MBS International replaced its staff very quickly. One elite team had formed right after one left. Another jewelry design director came right after one left. This jewelry design director was of top-notch level in both skill and design. Even his fame was bigger than Li Yang’s.

The department heads who had resigned were quickly replaced as well. On the surface, it seemed like the empty MBS international now had greater and better staff overall.

Ye Zhenhua was relieved to see how capable Louis was.

Third Young Master Ye had taken nearly a hundred engineers, designers, and elite core talents from all departments and finding people to replace them in one day was not easy. Louis had really shown his connections.

He had replaced the emptiness in MBS International in the fastest speed he could.

But this was only how it looked to outsiders.

Third Young Master Ye had already expected him to have done this. Hence, he had erased all the data related to the main project as soon as he left. Even if Louis found a large number of engineers to help, they would not be able to sort out and restore the data in a short time.

Furthermore, he had made a deadly mistake by hiring famous engineers and designers as they were popular and bad-tempered, which made them uncooperative. They would be tough to deal with.

There was no one more passionate, energetic, and cooperative than the people Third Young Master Ye had trained.

Moreover, many people had realized that MBS International was going to undergo a big change and that it might be the world of Mafia in the future. These people who stayed in MBS international just wanted to make a profit before they left. They had never thought of working at all.

The three multinational enterprises, GK International, Tang family, and Lin family, had divided the market share of MBS International in their respective fields, seizing its customers maliciously and working together to suppress the stock market. The whole MBS International building was about to crumble down.

He mobilized a number of people to conduct a market operation and joined several large multinational organizations abroad to fight against GK International, the Tang family, and the Lin family, which made them well-matched in strength within a short period of time.

However, he paid more attention to the fight and ignored the defense, which happened to give the three of them a chance to take advantage of him.

Third Young Master Ye might not know Louis well, but he knew Ye Yukun very well. That was why when he knew that Louis was Ye Yukun, he decided to destroy MBS International immediately.

‘To know yourself and the enemy is the key to winning all battles.’

This saying was passed down from ancient times. Klose, Fourth Young Master Tang, and Lin were quite like Third Young Master Ye’s gunners. They stood in front of Third Young Master Ye and fought for him. However, it was Third Young Master Ye who was actually in command in this commercial war.

According to his instructions, the three of them destroyed MBS International step by step.

It was easy for Third Young Master Ye to destroy his own kingdom as he was fully aware of the internal operations and knew the strengths and weaknesses of MBS International.

Unless Louis had Third Young Master Ye’s abilities and knew what he was going to do, MBS International was determined to lose in this war.

As soon as Louis took office, he was too busy to deal with the bombs which Third Young Master Ye had thrown to him. He would have stepped on it with just a little carelessness. It was very dangerous. MBS International was nothing to him.

But he didn’t want to disappoint Old Master Ye, let alone show that he was weaker than Third Young Master Ye.

This was not allowed by Louis’ pride.

Third Young Master Ye’s mansion.

Third Young Master Ye and Ye Wei reached home at almost the same time. Ye Wei’s face was still bruised. After a night, the bruise was more obvious. Third Young Master Ye felt sorry and helpless when he saw it. He had told her not to go but she didn’t listen to him.

“It’s okay. Just a flesh wound.” Ye Wei behaved as if nothing had happened, but Third Young Master Ye was sad. She would have to be hospitalized for that kind of injury if she were an ordinary girl. How could one be as lively as she was?

What did this mean?

It can only be said that Wei Wei was used to it. She had no one to protect her since she was young and could only rely on herself. When she was younger, she should have received more rigorous training and more serious injuries. This injury was indeed nothing to her.

Third Young Master Ye patted her head. His cold eyes were full of heartache. Wei Wei was only twenty-two. Girls of this age who were from ordinary families were still enjoying carefree days in college and the freedom and sweetness of love.

Who would be like her?

“I’ll cook lunch for you today.” Third Young Master Ye chuckled.

In a blink of an eye, Wei Wei had already grown so big. For more than ten years, he hadn’t been able to do anything for her. Now, he even had to ask Wei Wei to protect his wife and son. Third Young Master Ye felt very guilty.

“Are you kidding? I remember that you couldn’t do anything when you were a kid.” Ye Wei joked and grabbed his brother’s hands. She looked at it. It was a pair of noble, white, slender, and powerful hands. They were not meant to cook.

Third Young Master Ye looked at Miss Cheng with a fake smile. “I could only cook instant noodles two months ago.”

Miss Cheng smiled. “Your progress is drastic. What a great student.”

Her son had taught him well.

Ye Wei patted his brother’s head. ‘Third brother, I sympathize with you.’

The young kid was busy all night and he still had to make breakfast for them in the morning. Just after he fell asleep, the adults came back. He was a light sleeper. As soon as Cheng Anya opened the door, he woke up. It was noon.

“Ning Ning, you just woke up?” Cheng Anya rubbed his son’s messy hair. His hair was soft and he looked comfortable. Upon seeing that he was sleepy, she knew that he hadn’t got enough sleep. “Go back to sleep now.”

“I’m not sleeping anymore. Daddy, how did you come back together?” Ning Ning was sleeping all morning. He didn’t know what had happened outside.

Ye Wei threw herself on the sofa and laid down comfortably after trying out the elasticity of the sofa. “Baby, your daddy and mommy have lost their jobs. You have to take care of them now.”

“Oh…” The young kid smiled faintly. “That’s what I should do.”

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