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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 306 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Cheng Anya smiled. “I’m glad that it helped. This was a piece of information given by Xiao Yun. I thought that it might be useful for you as you may have neglected Ye Zhenhua while focusing too much on Louis. His influence in City A can’t be underestimated. Many big families nowadays in the south and north cities are of the same generation as Ye Zhenhua. Friendships were formed in the early years when they had competition in the business world. Many people will support him if he asks.”

What Cheng Anya said was very true. If Ye Zhenhua could get so many people to come to the party, although he hadn’t returned to the business world for a long time, it meant that he was still influential.

Being a secretary for such a long time had trained her to have the same memory storage level as a journalist. Very impressive. She glanced at the list of the party guests that day and memorized it. Every family with a high reputation in the east, west, south, and north of City A had sent representatives.

Moreover, some of the popular, high-ranking authorities were also there. Even some of the low-key figures who were very popular and very professional in a certain field came.

They had shown due respect for Ye Zhenhua.

It was the kind of connection that Third Young Master Ye couldn’t possibly have after just four or five years of being in the industry. To have such connections, one must possess the power of such a powerful person like Ye Zhenhua. Although he hated to admit it, he knew that he was inferior to him.

There was a better chance to win if one was clear of one’s own weaknesses. Although Cheng Anya trusted him, she never dared to underestimate Ye Zhenhua and Louis.

One had great influence and great connections in City A and the other was from the Italian Mafia. People were fearful of him and he could even mobilize foreign forces, which made him someone not to be underestimated. She hadn’t seen anyone who was so arrogant and powerful that they could completely ignore the Italian Mafia.

Except for those lawless and unruly lunatics of the terrorist organization.

She was so confident up until now because her young kid was a black-bellied, powerful, and tough character who would not let Third Young Master Ye suffer.

In the worst-case scenario, even if Third Young Master Ye couldn’t make it anymore, there was her son to back him up. What was there to fear? They had plenty of talented helpers.

However, taking into account Third Young Master Ye’s high self-esteem and his pride being a father, she still hoped that he could handle it by himself and did not need the help of his son. After all, his son was a low-key person.

Louis didn’t know about it yet.

His current attention was all on her and Third Young Master Ye and he had not noticed Ning Ning at all, which was a good thing. In case Louis got grumpy, he would only go against her and Third Young Master Ye instead of their son.

So to some extent, Cheng Anya was very reluctant for her son to be known to the public.

Third Young Master Ye was busy fighting with Louis and all his strategies were directed to dealing with Louis, which distracted him from Old Master Ye. This old guy was a sly old fox. He would not be worse than Third Young Master Ye if he made use of his connections well. This was why he dared to get rid of Third Young Master Ye from his position.

It was rare to see father and sons fight with one another like this.

Third Young Master Ye’s cold eyes flashed a light of warmth. It was nice to have someone with him wholeheartedly. He did not need to worry that she might suddenly betray him or stab him in the back. With her whole heart, she wished the best for him.

Third Young Master Ye enjoyed this feeling, so he wanted to finish all these things as soon as possible and marry her within this year. Little Anya had promised to marry him once these things were over. Third Young Master Ye had kept her words in mind.

“If you hadn’t mentioned it, we might really have overlooked it,” Third Young Master Ye said. With an evil smile, he pulled Cheng Anya over and kissed her aggressively. “My wife, I have really married a virtuous wife. Congratulations to me.”

Cheng Anya poked him on the shoulder with a funny expression as if Third Young Master Ye was an ineducable person. Looking at Third Young Master Ye, she was reminded of the dry and dead branches in winter. She was speechless. “No wonder your academic achievements in school were so bad. What kind of grammatically wrong sentence was that?”

Third Young Master Ye pretended to pinch her face. She needed to be taught a lesson for being uncooperative with him and his son.

“I’m telling the truth. Why are you pinching me?” Cheng Anya slapped his hand off with a smile. She had used quite an amount of strength. He had pinched her cheek slightly and hurt her. This girl must have become a sadist after being abused. The strength in her hand was no joke.

Cheng Anya vindictively pinched his face. His skin texture was very good, very smooth and very comfortable to touch. Cheng Anya couldn’t help but touch longer. Third Young Master Ye was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh. “Molest.”

“This is normal flirting, not molesting. It’s only called molesting when your clothes are ripped off.” Cheng Anya smiled. She asked in a gossipy way, “Ah Chen, to be honest, do you use skincare products? What delicate skin you have.”

Third Young Master Ye, “…Don’t you have anything nice to say?”

Listen, what was that all about?

“I was complimenting your skin, wasn’t I?” Cheng Anya said with a smile, ignoring his shriveled face. She suddenly thought of something and paused. “Well, if the Gu family has offended you in any way this time, please let them off.”

“The Gu family?” Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrow, looked at her with a smile, and touched his chin with a flirtatious expression. He smiled treacherously like a fox. “You’ll have to pay the price if you ask me. Are you sure?”

Cheng Anya felt that something bad might happen. She was about to step back when she fell on Third Young Master Ye, who held her by her waist. She fell on his legs and Cheng Anya was embarrassed. She could not help but be glad that Little Ye Chen was not standing up at that moment. If not, if she would have sat on it …


Miss Cheng’s brain was full of dirty thoughts. She was really getting more and more perverted after being together with Third Young Master Ye.

“What’s your relationship with the Gu family?” Third Young Master Ye asked with a smile while holding her steadily. However, Cheng Anya was worried that the chair was not strong enough, and it must hurt a lot to fall. Upon hearing Third Young Master Ye’s question, she casually replied, “I have no relationship with the Gu family. It’s just that Li Yun and Gu Zhensheng have something on. She gave you a piece of information. Isn’t it natural for you to return her a favor?”

Although Li Yun said that she was going to be happy if the Gu family went bankrupt, Cheng Anya really didn’t know how sad her friend would be if that really happened.

“Aren’t you the one who has to return her the favor?”

“Oh, so my business ain’t yours? It seems like I’ll have to reconsider the marriage. I’d better listen to Li Yun and observe you more,” Cheng Anya said coolly, her consistent smile had a hint of sarcasm.

To see if he would panic.

In college, when a person in a dorm falls in love, her boyfriend would invite all the girls in the dorm to have dinner. It was something which Third Young Master Ye would not ever understand.

What was the purpose of a best friend? If they were still friends, then they were used to please her. Sometimes, it was more effective for a best friend to say one word than one to say a hundred words. Third Young Master Ye, you fool.

Third Young Master Ye was a wise man. He understood what happened after hearing what she said. He secretly held a grudge against Li Yun and was planning on how to take revenge. Manipulating his woman? Did she want to seek her own death!

They quarreled for a while and Cheng Anya suddenly asked, “Are you really going to make drastic changes to MBS International?”

Cheng Anya had been thinking about that in her mind for the longest time. It was the most logical reason she could think of. After all, Third Young Master Ye wasn’t someone easy to deal with. If he could let his employees take a paid vacation for a month calmly, he must have planned ahead.

“Guess?” Third Young Master Ye didn’t give her a direct answer. He gave a smile unfathomably, leaving Cheng Anya to guess.

Miss Cheng didn’t spend a long time in the business world, but because of the environment, she had experienced a lot. She had seen mergers to earn profits and hostile takeovers, but such a large-scale action was the first time.

She was a little uncertain. One month later, the three multinational enterprises had almost destroyed MBS International. At this time, MBS International had almost become an empty box. Would it be too difficult to take over again?

But it was Third Young Master Ye. Maybe what she thought was difficult was very simple for him.

“Don’t be too proud!” Cheng Anya pushed him with a smile and did not plan to probe further. Sometimes, women don’t really have room to interfere in men’s war. Ye Chen had a deep and careful mind, which made his plans perfect. Cheng Anya stopped asking for details as he looked confident.

“I’ll take care of the matters regarding the Gu family. The head of the family is not Gu Zhensheng anyway. You can remind Li Yun that if he’s smart enough, he can take this opportunity in the midst of the chaos and kick his cousin out of power. He might be the new leader then. Gu Pengda can’t even handle small things, let alone manage such a big company. The Gu family is considered a big family in the south of the city. They have many descendants, but more than half of them are useless. In my opinion, if there’s anyone that is competent, it would be Gu Zhensheng. If he is smart, he would seize this opportunity. There might not be other chances in the future,” Third Young Master Ye said with a faint smile while playing with Cheng Anya’s fingers.

Cheng Anya didn’t dare to say that she knew Third Young Master Ye exactly 100%, but she knew at least 80% of him. She knew what was going on after hearing what Third Young Master Ye said. She imitated his faint laugh. “Are you planning something evil against my best friend?”

“What evil plan?” Third Young Master Ye acted innocent. “I’m just offering a reasonable and logical suggestion based on my experience. Look at Fourth Young Master Tang and Lin. Which of them didn’t kick out others to be the master themselves? I don’t believe that Gu Zhensheng has no ambition. In this world, power is the only truth. I’ll address the man who doesn’t want power as my grandpa.”

Cheng Anya smiled. “Continue explaining. Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking. Trying to get the Gu family to your side? I remember that you have no relationship with big families in the south of the city. You must be thinking to get them to your side so that you can fight with Yao Hua better in the future.”

“Little Anya, you are too evil.” Third Young Master Ye made this conclusion while holding her chin and looking at her from left to right.

How could this damn girl be so intelligent? She could see through his thoughts at a glance. How embarrassing…

At the thought of having such a powerful wife, his future days might be tough and absolutely miserable to get by. He could only blame himself for getting involved with Cheng Anya.

It was not a good thing for a husband to have such a powerful and intelligent wife.

“Who is the more evil one? I might even be a little kinder than you.” Cheng Anya laughed and shook her head. After all, Yao Hua was involved in this matter. She was still considering whether she wanted to do it or not. She just wanted to see Ye Zhenhua in a state of distress.

And after Ah Chen settled Ye Zhenhua, it seemed that he would not let Yang Yun off.

Teach the two old men a lesson at the same time together.

The plan was really far ahead, and even small details were planned. The mind of this person was really deep and unfathomable.

“Let’s not talk about this first. Do you feel that baby and Wei Wei might have already known each other for a long time?”

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