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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 308 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Chapter 308: Untitled

Eleven picked some of the snacks that she liked and said, “You know that we will stay in the forest for three days during our training and there are traps everywhere. We have to analyze the surroundings to get past the stages and don’t have time to eat. Everyone will bring along chocolates and snacks with them so that they can eat it on the go.”

Thinking about those days, it was really a very miserable experience.

Ye Wei smiled. “Speaking of this, I remember there was once when Black J dropped his chocolate and he came to snatch mine. I kicked him into the trap and he almost died. Since then, he did not dare to snatch people’s food.”

Eleven said, “Ning Ning, you should learn to be more obedient next time. This is a lesson learned from experience. You have to bring chocolate with you and it should be able to last for three days. Sometimes, you might be chatting with others and suddenly there is an announcement and you won’t have time to pack before danger comes. It is normal for us to get past one stage in three or four days.”

“Haha, I heard that when I reached the island, Chu Li had already been there for five years. He used to be quite fat, but he became skinny like bamboo after staying for less than a year.”

“Really scary!” The young kid acted like he was afraid and shivered, while he whispered to himself.

Was this counted as killing his passion, or igniting his desire to challenge difficulties?

Suddenly, Ye Wei narrowed her eyes and Eleven frowned. Ning Ning could sense that the surrounding atmosphere had become tense. Both of them could sense that there was a cold and strange aura surrounding them.

Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other. They stood by both sides of Ning Ning as they continued to shop.

Ning Ning asked softly. “Auntie, who is it?”

“Mo Jue.” Ye Wei smiled seductively. “He is someone that is better than us. Are you excited now?”

Eleven added stuff into the cart as if nothing had happened, but, she was trying her best to find out the source of that aura and feeling the changes on Mo Jue so that she could be prepared to face any situation.

Mo Jue dared to do something to them, but they were not easily bullied.

Ning Ning thinned his lips and smiled slightly in a domineering way. “There’s nothing to be excited about. He will no longer be my opponent after half a year.”

The young kid said it in a very unscrupulous manner, but he had the capital to be like this. He had been really bored for the past few years as he did not have any competitors. It was time someone emerged to compete with him so that he could improve.

He should thank Mo Jue for appearing.


“He really does not know how to treat a lady.” Look at how his auntie had been beaten up. His sharp eyes saw the wounds on her stomach when she was applying medication.

It was very serious.

This man was too ruthless. After all, his auntie was a first-class beauty. No matter how badass she might be, she looked weak.

But, the young kid did not know that when his auntie got angry, nobody would treat her as a human. Only the blind would treat her as a woman and dumb ones would take it easy on her. Mo Jue gave in his all and Ye Wei could not endure it. But, she had punched him a lot too.

“It’s okay. Who knows? I might be the one that has compassion for women.” Ye Wei smiled seductively.

Weird. This guy looked so handsome. Why did he not cause a sensation in the supermarket?

Ye Wei did not look toward the source of the murderous aura as he would not choose to kill them in a supermarket where there were many people. What was more important was for her to protect Ning Ning. He was not just her third brother’s life, but also the First Terrorist Organization’s life and might be the next successor. He could not take any risk.

Ye Wei smiled after she secretly hid a gun in his pocket. “Baby, you have fired a gun before, right? You can try how powerful auntie’s baby is. Once you encounter a dangerous situation, just aim it at the person and shoot.”

Ning Ning touched the cold thing. It was so light!

Ye Wei pushed the cart to the cashier. They bought a lot of stuff and carried five big bags. Ye Wei gave Ning Ning the lightest one and carried the rest with Eleven. Mo Jue was near them.

He followed closely behind them but kept a distance that was not too near or far away.

Ye Wei and Eleven acted as if they were very relaxed and did not seem nervous at all. But, once people got near them, they could feel the cold and murderous aura coming from them. No one could ignore this sense of coldness and toughness.

They were very alert.

They went toward the parking lot once they came out of the supermarket and there were not many people. Ye Wei and Eleven were very alert, yet they still did not see Mo Jue taking any action. Ye Wei secretly thought about what he was trying to do.

Was he here to kill or tour around?

There were three demands of a killer: fast, ruthless, accurate. They had to act fast, have ruthless strength and an accurate angle. The supermarket was not a good place to kill as there were many people walking around. It was easy to scare the crowd once they missed a shot.

But, there were not many people in the parking lot, so why did he not take any action?

They were all killers and Mo Jue should know that Ye Wei and Eleven were not easy to deal with. The longer he dragged on, the more difficult it would be for him. Was there something wrong with his mind?

“What is he trying to do?” Eleven asked. Ye Wei and Mo Jue had fought before and knew him better. He had followed them for so long. Could it be that he wanted to wait for them to get in the car so that he could bomb them?

“I don’t know either.” Ye Wei shook her head. As Ning Ning was by her side, she had more to consider. She definitely did not want to hurt Ning Ning. If they were only her and Eleven around, she would have shot Mo Jue.

Ye Wei never considered before shooting as Eleven was by her side and did not need her protection.

But Ning Ning was different.

“Auntie, you can ignore me.” The young kid seemed to realize what Ye Wei was thinking and smiled elegantly. Although he was small, he was skilled at protecting himself. Moreover, Mo Jue was not after him.

There was basically not much danger.

“Baby, I know about your past achievements, but Mo Jue is on another level as compared to those killers. It only takes a second for him to kill. No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with admitting that we are worse off than others.” Ye Wei smiled seductively as she touched the young kid’s head.

Her words sounded a little solemn. Ye Wei suffered a lot when she had just become a killer as she did not know her own abilities well. This was considered as giving the young kid a reminder.

There were many strong people in this world.

“We’re going to have a red rain. Wei Wei actually knows how to say such things.” Eleven’s cold voice sounded like she was laughing.

Ye Wei, who was usually unscrupulous, would actually say things like there was someone out there that was better. It was astonishing. Ye Wei always seemed to be daring and egoistic.

Ning Ning smiled in askance and a trace of shrewdness flashed past his delicate face. “I can take it as auntie has become stupid after she was beaten up by Mo Jue yesterday.”

Ye Wei slapped Ning Ning’s head. “Young brat, do you not want to live?”

Ning Ning covered his head and thinned his lips. Why did all the women like to slap his head? His mommy was like this, so was his auntie. They must be jealous of his intelligence.

They had a sinister heart.

Ye Wei and Eleven brought Ning Ning to the car and they suddenly stopped.

The murderous aura behind their back was closer and closer to them. Ye Wei frowned and looked at Eleven. One was holding the silver needle and one was holding a knife. It was in the broad daylight and it would be too obvious to bring out a gun. Interpol was also in City A and they did not want to create more trouble.

The man behind them was wearing a black shirt and pants. The black coat made his figure even taller and straighter. He put both his hands in his pockets and stood in front of them. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and there were wounds on his chin.

The cold and fierce aura was very domineering. It was different from the mysteriousness at night. He had a golden-like brightness in the day and a dark aura. His appearance made the big parking lot seem like a quiet backdrop.

Ye Wei was certain that it was Mo Jue.

The treacherous aura was too familiar for her to recognize wrongly.

The young kid sighed secretly. He was just standing there as if he was the dark god of the whole world, controlling everyone. He was like an arrogant man that could beat everyone.

It was rare to see such a domineering and arrogant aura.

He was like a thousand-year-old sword with no sheath and did not know how to restrain itself.

It was the first time the young kid witnessed what was considered as a strong player in the dark world. He had never met Jason, Black J, and Chu Li before. Even if they met, they would dote on him and not have Mo Jue’s aura.

Bai Ye was considered as a dominant person that knew how to restrain himself. Ye Wei was flamboyant but she was good at pretending. She would only have that treacherous aura when she was aggressive. Eleven was cold and it was totally different from Mo Jue’s aura.

Even the young kid was shocked by the domineering aura of this man.

The young kid secretly thought to himself that it was no wonder that his auntie was beaten up so badly. Mo Jue did not look like someone that could be provoked. He had an aura that made people afraid of him naturally.

It was weird that he would be a killer.

It was even weirder that he would listen to Louis.

This kind of man was not someone that would listen to others. It was more like people listening to him.

“What’s up, Mo Jue?” Ye Wei asked coldly. “Did your master send you here to kill people again?”

Mo Jue stood there coldly and did not move. Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other and did not understand what Mo Jue meant. He just stood there without saying anything, blocking the path of the car.

They could not leave, but they could feel that murderous aura if they stayed.

“Mo Jue beauty, be quick if you have something to say. Don’t be shy. I am listening. If you want to fight, the beauty beside could fight with you. What do you think?” Ye Wei smiled seductively.

His injuries from yesterday had not recovered. Was he so brave to challenge them today?

Mo Jue was silent and suddenly moved his arm. The young kid thought of the scenes in movies where there would be people like him who took out a gun from his coat.

It was especially a slow action like this—as if it was a slow-motion scene—that made people feel scared.

It was as if he was purposely trying to make people fear longer.

Ye Wei and Eleven did not move. They were not easily scared and waited quietly to see what Mo Jue was up to. Who knew that Mo Jue did not take out a gun. He pointed his finger at Ye Wei. “I am looking for you!”




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