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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 309 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Chapter 309: Untitled

“Looking for me?” Ye Wei touched the silver needle and the sharp end was like a reminder that this man was like a poisonous needle. He was straight to the point and she should be careful.

Mo Jue wore a big pair of sunglasses just like hers and it hid his seductive purple eyes. Ye Wei knew that he must be expressionless.

His gaze was filled with a layer of ice and it was so cold that it was scary.

“Mo Jue beauty, you need to book an appointment if you want to meet me.” Ye Wei sounded very soft and the young kid shivered. He touched his elbows and there were goose bumps.

His auntie sounded very scary like that.

Mo Jue was silent and did not move. His black coat billowed arrogantly in the air, making him look even more domineering. It was as if he was standing on the clouds and looking down at people, very egoistic.

The young kid secretly thought that this was the ultimate boss.

Strong, he was indeed strong.

His aura was too strong. The young kid had not seen how his auntie was like when she was aggressive. Her aura must be strong too, but she might be weaker as compared to Mo Jue.

“Let them go!” Mo Jue said coldly, emotionlessly.

Ye Wei looked at Eleven and the young kid before laughing seductively. “No way. My defense is so weak now and I look so pretty. What if you molest me when no one is around? I am still an innocent lady from a wealthy family.”

The young kid could not help but shiver again. Eleven patted his shoulders as she pitied him. Ye Wei was not so seductive when she was online. Poor child, he’d better get used to it.

Ye Wei smiled seductively, although it was not suitable to be so seductive now. But, Ye Wei gave people a seductive feeling, as if her wounds on her face were non-existent.

The Ye family’s Wei Wei’s single smile could overthrow the city.

Be it a fake smile or a natural smile, there was a captivating beauty to it. She would attract everyone’s attention.

“If you don’t go, die!” Mo Jue moved his hand and Eleven and Ye Wei immediately stood in front of the young kid to protect him. Mo Jue moved his body and suddenly stopped. He narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Yesterday night, you checked my system!”

His gaze was fixed on Ning Ning, as if he was very sure about it.

Ye Wei and Eleven looked at each other and were extremely shocked. The young kid maintained his elegant smile and was secretly shocked as well. It was astonishing that Mo Jue could search about him. It was impossible.

Indeed, Mo Jue was better than him.

He was trying to attack Mo Jue’s defense system the whole night but he was blocked whenever he tried to attack the server. However, his system did not show that Mo Jue had gone into his system. Usually, his computer’s alarm would alert him even before someone tried to hack into his system.

Mo Jue could enter his defense system so quietly meant that his skills were way better than him. The young kid had played for two years and had never met such a skilled competitor. Since Mo Jue had entered his system, he must have had scanned all of the young kid’s data.

In other words, Mo Jue knew who he was.

This man was really amazing!

The young kid loved his mommy and daddy the most. Due to his talent and intelligence, he could get whatever he wanted. He could do whatever he wanted in the internet world and had no competitor. Therefore, he was used to being arrogant and thought that he was conquering the internet world.

Mo Jue could easily enter and leave the world that the young kid was proud of, yet Ning Ning did not know about it at all. Ning Ning could understand at that moment how strong his competitor was. He was so strong that even Ning Ning respected him.

It was the first time that Ning Ning respected someone.

Ye Wei wanted to deny, but Ning Ning smiled elegantly and said, “You checked my system too. I lose to you in terms of skills and I admit that I lost.”

“Ning Ning!” Ye Wei reprimanded him lightly as she did not agree with what he did. Ning Ning smiled without being nervous or scared. Mo Jue knew about his identity and it was no big deal for Louis to know too. Since they were going to war, their whole family might as well join in together. Moreover, Mo Jue already knew about his identity. It would be too fake to deny it, and there was no reason to.

“Auntie, he already knows about it. It’s okay.” He comforted Ye Wei. Ye Wei and Eleven probably did not expect that there would be someone better than Ning Ning in terms of computer skills. They had been relying on Ning Ning for his computer skills for the past few years and had never been attacked. Ning Ning could hack into other defense systems in the shortest time possible and could ensure that every batch of weapons would be destroyed when it got caught so that there would be no evidence left.

Ning Ning was so capable and they were used to him being the best in the world.

But, Mo Jue appeared out of a sudden, just like how the tiger had always been the king of the jungle, but the lion suddenly appeared and wanted to conquer the jungle kingdom.

Ning Ning was so young, yet he was so mature and had the highest IQ in the world. He was very calm when doing things and reacted quickly. What he lacked now were only experiences and practices. If he went through a series of training and practices, he could deal with Jason, Chu Li, and Black J all by himself or even surpass them. Mo Jue found out that Chu Li wanted Ning Ning to be the successor. If so, Ning Ning would become the archenemy of the Mafia in the future, and he would be a tough enemy.

Mo Jue narrowed his eyes dangerously. It was hard to see his expression as he was wearing sunglasses, but that coldness coming from him was so scary that even Eleven and Ye Wei felt uneasy.

Since he already knew about Ning Ning’s identity and his relationship with First Terrorist Organization, then if he wanted to kill Ning Ning… The young kid was in a more dangerous position than his daddy and mommy.

The situation seemed to turn out in a different way from what they expected. Because nobody would have expected that Mo Jue would be so capable. He was the strongest competitor that they had met.

Ye Wei smiled seductively and lowered her voice. “Bring Ning Ning back first.”

She smiled and walked toward Mo Jue in a seductive manner. “Mo Jue beauty, I’m here to give you a hug since you are looking for me. I will play with you no matter what you want to play.”

The only choice was to let Eleven and Ning Ning go back first. She would not lose to Mo Jue if she teamed up with Eleven, but it was on the basis that Ning Ning was not here before they could kill him.

Although Ning Ning was capable, he was, after all, a child without any fighting skills. He was not suitable to be at such places, so they could only let him leave first. Eleven could come back after that, provided that she could deal with Mo Jue until then.

Mo Jue looked at Eleven and Ning Ning. Although he was wearing glasses, they knew what he meant, that Eleven and Ning Ning should go away and not stay there and be a distraction. Mo Jue was a man with few words, but he could always explain himself with actions.

Accurate and simple.

Ye Wei put her hand on Mo Jue’s shoulders and turned around leisurely. “Eleven, bring Ning Ning back. I’ll be back later.”

She then poked Mo Jue’s wound with her slender fingers and teased him. “Mo Jue beauty, could it be that you want my life?”

“I will!” Mo Jue replied and Eleven frowned. The young kid thought to himself that Mo Jue was too straightforward. However, it also showed this man’s firm attitude and honest character.

Ye Wei smiled as she increased her strength to take revenge on him. Although she knew that it would not hurt him, she was happy. Damn it, he was too ruthless. Ye Wei had not said that she wanted his life, but he said it first. Who gave him the courage?

“But not now.” Mo Jue stopped looking at Eleven and Ning Ning and turned to look at Ye Wei. He looked at her hand that was placed on his shoulder and coldly said, “Take away your hand!”

He hated Ye Wei’s attitude and the seductive smile on her face.

“It is embarrassing for me if I take away my hand just because you said so.” Ye Wei teased as she purposely leaned forward. Her body leaned against him and she raised her eyebrows in a provoking manner.

Eleven heard his reply and knew that Ye Wei would temporarily be safe. He did not seem to be here to kill Ye Wei. If so, Wei Wei could play with him for a while. She quickly stuffed the thing in the car as Ning Ning got in the car. Eleven started the car and Ye Wei pulled Mo Jue to a side to make way for them.

Eleven immediately brought Ning Ning away.

Ye Wei curled the corners of her lips. She felt that the two of them were in an interesting situation now. He wanted to kill him, yet she flirted around with him in broad daylight. If Louis saw this, he might think that she was together with Mo Jue and he might suspect Mo Jue.

“If you are not going to kill me now, why are you looking for me? Just one night has passed and you are missing me already?” Ye Wei smiled as she brushed her slender fingers against his chest. Her tone sounded flirtatious and her glasses hid her cold gaze.

Mo Jue was still like a mountain as he slapped her hand away. “Of course I have something on. Therefore, I came to find you.”

He suddenly dragged Ye Wei’s hand and walked forward. Mo Jue’s strength was big and Ye Wei had slender arms. It was painful to be dragged by him, but she just laughed and teased him. “Mo Jue beauty, are you bringing me to meet my parents-in-law? Don’t be in such a hurry. I’m shy.”

F***, what a ruthless man. His punches were so heavy when he fought and his strength was even bigger now. Ye Wei tried to pull her hand out but failed.

“You are too talkative,” Mo Jue said as he could no longer stand her. He turned back and looked at her ruthlessly. Although she could not see his eyes, Ye Wei knew that the purple eyes must be staring at her ruthlessly right now. “Don’t be noisy.”

She was not any woman that he could just ask to be quiet! She held on to Mo Jue’s hand and said, “Mo Jue beauty, only my husband has the authority to order me. Who are you? Be good, or do you want to continue what we were doing that day?”

Mo Jue frowned and was silent. Ye Wei smiled seductively. “Just tell me why are you looking for me? Are you going to drag me to some random place so that we can XXOO again?”




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