Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 310 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 310 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and she could not believe what she had just heard. Mo Jue’s eyes looked cold. Collaboration? What was there for them to collaborate?

She secretly thought about it. He was from the Mafia. Eleven and herself were not considered to be from the First Terrorist Organization and were free to do what they wanted. But, both of them were serving First Terrorist Organization for free now. Therefore, nobody knew that the top two female killers on the international ranking were very close with the First Terrorist Organization.

If not, Third Young Master Ye would have guessed that everything was Ning Ning’s idea.

Mo Jue pushed Ye Wei into the car as she was thinking and he pressed a button to lock the door. He started the car and left the supermarket. Ye Wei was startled. “Where are we going?”

“Somewhere we can talk,” Mo Jue said coldly as he was driving at the fastest speed. Luckily, Ye Wei was someone that was used to such exciting things. Otherwise, she would not be able to stand the speed. She could not help but roll her eyes.

“We can talk here. Why do we have to find a place?”

“Don’t think I don’t know what you are up to,” Mo Jue said without emotions. Ye Wei smiled coldly. Damn it, he knew what she was thinking and it was not a good thing. She originally wanted to distract him so that Eleven could come back.


Would Eleven not be able to find her just because they left the place?

In your dreams!

Mo Jue turned his head and looked at her coldly. His cold tone sounded like he was mocking her. “Why? Are you afraid I would find a place and kill you?”

“You?” Ye Wei looked at him in disdain, although she knew that what he said was true as she was the one that was more seriously injured yesterday. If they really fought each other, she would definitely lose.

Ye Wei suddenly smiled seductively and took off her glasses. There was a wound at the corner of her eyes and it was quite obvious. She inched closer to Mo Jue, who was driving, and took off his glasses. Ye Wei punched his face like mad yesterday.

She was jealous of his beautiful face and was not satisfied if she did not injure his face. Therefore, the wounds on Mo Jue’s face were more serious than hers.

She did not like to talk to someone that was wearing glasses as she would not be able to see his expression. Although she could not tell his emotions from his eyes, her mood was better after looking at his purple eyes.

It was a rare purple color and it looked very noble.

“Mo Jue beauty, to be honest, I am so stunningly beautiful. Do you really bear to kill me?” Ye Wei threw Mo Jue’s glasses behind and inched toward him.

It was very obvious that she was trying to seduce him.

“Kill!” Mo Jue’s tone was very cold and heartless, without a trace of emotion. He did not care about Ye Wei’s hand which was brushing against his throat.

Ye Wei smiled seductively as her slender fingers seemed to be seducing him along his neck. She was actually trying to find the best way to kill him. Ye Wei learned the oldest Chinese kung fu and was skilled in using all kinds of secret weapons. She was also clear about the various parts of the body. Usually, she just had to find the right spot to injure the person and the person would be killed.

“You’re so heartless. Are you not afraid that I will kill you?” Ye Wei smiled seductively. She clenched the five fingers on his neck and increased her strength. Her index finger could feel the protruding area on his neck…

“You can try to see whose hands are faster.” Mo Jue laughed coldly and did not care about her. He would not be Mo Jue if he cared. Ye Wei had seen his speed before and did not dare to act recklessly. If not, it would be too embarrassing if she tried to gain an advantage only to be worse off.

She was simply trying.

“You are really too confident. What makes you think that I am slower than you?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and narrowed her eyes dangerously.

Mo Jue suddenly turned his head. His purple gaze was very cold, but very pretty. His eyes must have made a lot of people fall in love with him, provided that they met him.

Ye Wei secretly thought that even someone as tough as she had fallen for him.

“You are so rowdy.” Mo Jue sneered and slapped Ye Wei’s hands away to focus on driving. Ye Wei did not expect that he would reprimand her about her manners and even slap her hands when she was stunned.

F***, you were too daring!

“So what if I am rowdy? Are you gentle? Look at my wrist!” Ye Wei showed him her wrist and it was red with an obvious scratch.

He was not any better and still dared to reprimand her.

Mo Jue did not look at her and even despised her for blocking his view. He used his hand to clear away her hand that obstructed his view. He blurted out three words coldly. “You won’t die.”

“Of course I won’t die. You will not die too even if I stab you eight or ten times.” Ye Wei rebutted. She was not very clear about City A’s map. Ye Wei’s eyes swept past the GPS and saw that they were going to a beach. It happened to be the opposite direction from the location that they were staying at for their vacation.

Why did they have to travel so far just to talk?

If she had remembered correctly, the place was not a harbor but mostly private beaches. Therefore, the place was very quiet and this season had even fewer people. City A was bustling with people and nobody would choose to enjoy the sea breeze at the beach.

Mo Jue sneered coldly and Ye Wei looked at him with a confused look. What exactly was this man trying to say? Weren’t they considered enemies?

She was still waiting to use her silver needle.

She might find a time to kill him and was secretly thinking about it, but she felt that it would be her loss if the world lost such a man to flirt with. Therefore, Ye Wei was conflicted.

Kill or not to kill, it was just a matter of how she thought.

Ye Wei thought of that night when Mo Jue pointed somewhere and said that it had swelled. He was so cold but cute. Ye Wei’s conflicted mind was gone and her mood became good. She inched toward him in a flirtatious manner. “Mo Jue, aren’t you looking for me for collaboration? Can you answer a few of my questions?”

“Speak!” Mo Jue replied coldly and his body was still like a mountain. He acted calmly despite Ye Wei trying to seduce him. He was calm and had no reaction at all.

If Miss Cheng teased Third Young Master Ye like this, Third Young Master Ye would not care about the location and would eat her up.

Ye Wei blinked and could not help but look at an area on someone. She smiled in a flirtatious manner. “Where are you from? Are you from earth?”

She dared to bet that if a man older than fifteen years old did not know what that reaction meant, she would hit herself against tofu. Mo Jue looked like he was twenty-five years old and was considered a grown man. How could he not know what that meant?

How outlandish!

“Lonely island,” Mo Jue said coldly as he ignored Ye Wei’s tease.

Ye Wei replied with an ‘oh’ and said, “One person?”

Mo Jue was silent and it was obvious that he did not want to answer. Ye Wei knew what he meant and took it that he had acknowledged in silence. No wonder he didn’t know anything and had no emotions.

She suddenly wanted to know what he did when he went back yesterday night!


After thinking about it, Ye Wei was in a good mood and did not ask anymore. Both of them kept quiet as they drove to the beach.

As she had expected, the place was very quiet and there was no one in sight. Mo Jue turned off the engine and got out of the car. Ye Wei followed him and got out of the car too. She smiled and said, “The simplest collaboration between a man and woman is to form a family. Mo Jue, do you want to marry me?”

Mo Jue’s eyes darkened and looked at Ye Wei coldly. Ye Wei looked at him and smiled brightly, but Mo Jue sneered. “Humph, I don’t like you.”

Ye Wei was shocked. It was indeed Mo Jue’s style to be so straightforward. She paused and suddenly laughed. “Mo Jue beauty, your body is more honest than your mouth.”

She suddenly felt that they had exchanged roles. Weren’t these words said by the male lead in campy TV dramas to the female lead? Also, it was something that would be said in specific scenes…

Most of them were flirting scenes.

Mo Jue seemed to not understand what she meant and did not react. Ye Wei was embarrassed.

This wooden block was really innocent.

“You are not interested in the collaboration between the First Terrorist Organization and the Mafia?” Mo Jue asked coldly and his purple eyes were like ice.

Ye Wei was not surprised. Ever since she knew that his computer skills were better than Ning Ning, she guessed that Mo Jue knew everything. Or maybe this guy knew everything since the start. The First Terrorist Organization, including herself and Eleven, all used the products developed by Ning Ning. If Mo Jue could hack into Ning Ning’s computer, it was natural that he could look at all their data.

“Not bad.” Ye Wei curled her lips and she did not pretend to be seductive. It was as if she had changed her face. She looked domineering and her aura was as if she wanted to kill someone.

“Louis, the godfather of the Mafia, is under him. You are only his subordinate. What right do you have to talk to me?” Ye Wei smiled coldly and was not polite at all.

“He asked me to come here.”

He sneered and did not speak. Ye Wei suddenly felt that things might not be what she had thought. Mo Jue was not someone that would listen to others and she felt that Louis would not be able to control him from the start.

She was silent for a moment. “Say!”

Mo Jue took out a set of documents from his coat and threw it at Ye Wei. Ye Wei caught it and looked at him coldly before opening the document. She curled her lips as she read it. “Louis is really interesting. What makes him think that I will help him?”

Ye Wei sneered as she closed the document. Louis had a big appetite. He wanted to destroy the Dragon Gate and conquer the whole of North America.


North America was Dragon Gate’s territory, her third brother’s world. Louis wanted to kill people using the First Terrorist Organization’s hands. Damn it, did he think he was the king and could do as he wished?

“Does Louis know about my nephew?”

“I have no reason to tell him,” Mo Jue said coldly. “This is what he wants. I’m only helping transfer the message.”

“You’ve worked hard. It’s just a document and you had to come all the way here. I’m sorry, but tell him to stop dreaming.” Ye Wei smiled coldly and rejected him. Louis wanted to team up with First Terrorist Organization to destroy Dragon Gate and wanted Ye Wei to be the middle person. In other words, to betray Third Young Master Ye.

In return, Louis would give up MBS International and never appear in front of Third Young Master Ye again.

Damn it, his head must have been kicked by a donkey.

What made him think that she would help him? Ye Wei was angry, but she felt that it was weird that Louis dared to bring up such a condition. He must have some evidence with him.

“What else did he say?”

Mo Jue was expressionless. “If you don’t agree with regard to your third brother’s matter, he will publicize everything that happened to your brother when he was in America. Also, he will publicize the evidence of how Third Young Master Ye destroyed Rose Hall and killed the big bosses of the underground market. Moreover, your third brother is the one that did not want to see Louis the most.” Mo Jue repeated what Louis said.

It was the first time that Ye Wei had such an urge to kill someone. Damn it, Louis actually had all that data?

Ning Ning had said before that there was only one archive file.

Mo Jue…

Ye Wei narrowed her eyes and suddenly took out her silver gun. Mo Jue reacted quickly and a few secret weapons shot at Ye Wei’s wrist. Ye Wei did not escape…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three consecutive shots were fired.

At the same time, two chains hit her arms, right into her flesh.

It was a matter of life and death when two skilled people fought.

Ye Wei shot three times and two missed. One shot hit Mo Jue’s shoulder. Mo Jue was indeed very fast and could dodge Ye Wei’s bullets. But, Ye Wei was a marksman. It was such a close distance and coupled with the power of her silver gun, the bullet went through the bones.

There was an even darker color appearing on the black coat and the pain penetrated the bones. Mo Jue did not move and was expressionless, as if this shot did not affect him. But, his pale lips and sweat on his forehead betrayed the pain he suffered.

Ye Wei was nowhere better. She was wearing short sleeves and the iron chain shot her wrist without any obstruction. It was stapled on her bones and she felt excruciating pain.

Fresh blood dripped on the white sandy beach and it was very eye-catching.

The woman’s face was covered with hatred and coldness. The Ye Wei that flirted with Mo Jue was gone. The woman in front of him was like an agent from hell. They had chosen the worst kind of way to fight.

She wanted to kill him even if she lost an arm.

Mo Jue was shocked for three seconds. The two chains were meant to be defensive. He shot it at her wrist to force Ye Wei to keep her silver gun. If not, her arms would be destroyed. Who knew that Ye Wei did not dodge and used this self-destructive method to shoot him.

The way she shot was very special and it calculated the dodging angle. It was a dynamic curve and all three shots were aimed at his important areas. If not for his quick reaction, he would have died.

What a ruthless woman and ruthless skills.

It was the first time that he saw someone fighting like this.

Ye Wei was like Mo Jue. She did not seem to feel the pain on her wrist and the blood on the beach. Ye Wei sneered. “Mo Jue, you must be the one that dug out those data. You should die!”


Mo Jue thought to himself. Louis knew everything about Third Young Master Ye.

But Mo Jue did not explain. Ye Wei sneered and endured the pain. She held the gun with her left hand as if nothing had happened and looked very stern. “But nobody has told you before that Ye Wei is known as a marksman because of her left hand. It is useless if you shoot my right hand.”

The silver gun was pointed at Mo Jue!

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