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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 312 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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While time seemed to have stopped, Mo Jue’s blood loss seemed to worsen, staining his shirt. As Mo Ye supported Mo Jue’s waist and propped him up, there was a shred of warmness on his cold face. “Jue, hang in there!”

Ye Wei was emotionless as she struggled between taking the shot and letting them go. While it was impossible for Mo Ye to leave Mo Jue alone, it was the best time to waste the both of them. There would be no second chance.

But Mo Jue…

As Ye Wei looked at that pair of beautiful eyes, the pallor from Mo Jue’s face due to exsanguination was terrifying. He was no more terrifying but peaceful instead.

She felt her heart knot. Mo Jue might not make it.

To put it more cruelly, she was delaying their death and it would be better for her to send them to their maker and liberate them from their agony.

She slightly curled her finger.

But the image of Mo Jue roaring ‘do not shoot’ flashed in her mind. Ye Wei held her breath. She could not pull the trigger.

Mo Ye was unable to confront them for long. He had to move, lest Mo Jue really die. As he moved, Eleven’s wrist moved. With a thud, Mo Jue collapsed onto the sand.

His tall body, unable to move, quietly lay on the sand.

Ye Wei’s breathing paused whilst Mo Ye dropped his gun and carried him up. “Jue, Jue…”

There was no response.

The beach was dyed red.

This was the best opportunity for Eleven to pull the trigger. Since Mo Ye had dropped his gun, this was an opportunity for Eleven.

Ye Wei raised her hand and blocked the gun as she shook her head slowly.

“Wei Wei?” Eleven raised her eyebrows.

“Go. You won’t be as lucky the next time,” Ye Wei said coldly.

“If anything untoward happens to my brother, expect tenfold retribution!” Mo Ye squinted as he punctuated his words.

It sounded extremely cold.

Mo Ye, ignoring Eleven and Ye Wei’s guns directed at him, quickly grabbed Mo Jue and got into Mo Jue’s car and sped away. Their speeding car kicked up a dust cloud that blurred their vision.

It also blurred Ye Wei’s heart.

Eleven tilted her head and looked at Ye Wei. She frowned and turned away. She saw traces of blood on the beach that belonged to him and her, but sand carried by the sea wind soon covered them.

They only saw each other twice, each one wanting to kill the other. Their every encounter ended in a bloody fight and in a spectacular clash. But why did her feelings change?

He was surely dumbed by his desires or even his thoughts?

To actually disregard himself and save her… Ye Wei remembered the warmth around her chest. That was his blood that warmed her heart…

‘I’m mad!’ That was what Mo Jue said.

“I am mad too.” Ye Wei shook her head. What was she thinking?

If one went mad, that was still okay. If both of them went mad, the world would be mad too. This was what Ye Wei’s reasoning would not allow her to do. They were the Mafia. She committed that fact to her memory.

Whether they belonged to the Dragon Gate or the First Organization, they were her rivals.

As she kept her silver gun, Ye Wei picked up the gun on the ground. She immediately recognized it as the ‘Persian Death’ whose firepower was comparable to hers.

“Wei Wei, over here!” Eleven brought the first aid kit from the car over and grabbed her right hand. They always carried surgical scalpels and first aid kits around with them. Having learned several emergency medicine techniques from Bai Ye by shadowing him, extracting bullets was child’s play for them.

At first glance, Eleven knew that Ye Wei’s right wrist was shot.

“Bear with it.” She checked and realized that the steel lotus had embedded itself deep in the bone. Ye Wei had never suffered such a serious injury in these many years, and removing that steel lotus from her would be excruciatingly painful.

“It’s okay. Do it!” Removing it hurt way more than when it had hit. To have that steel knife embedded in her bone forcefully removed twice sent Ye Wei sweating from the pain. As huge beads of sweat trickled down her forehead, her face was even paler than Mo Jue and she broke her lip from the pain.

Her extraordinary tolerance was even better than steel. Even so, Ye Wei did not protest in pain.

After the medicine was applied and the wound dressed, Eleven frowned. “I estimate it will take more than a month.”

“It’s okay. I’m left-handed, you know?” Ye Wei smiled as though nothing had happened and picked up a steel lotus. The steel lotus was a specially designed concealable weapon with razor-sharp edges in its petals that could be used to impale or slash.

“This concealable weapon is not bad. I’m gonna copy it.” Ye Wei smiled. Such a concealable weapon was better for use as the silver needles were too niche and lacked effective range that had to be made up with excessive throwing force.

Hence, the silver needles were never an option until the shit hit the fan. The steel lotuses were much easier to use. They were small and made up for the lack of weight of the silver needles. It was a perfect concealable weapon.

“Do you have any other wounds on you?” Eleven asked coldly. She was not in the mood to bother about Ye Wei taking a leaf from somebody’s concealable weapon.

She was covered in blood, and there was a large patch of blood on her chest. As Ye Wei glanced to her side, her gaze darkened and her back faced Eleven. “There’s a flesh wound here.”

As Eleven carefully lifted her shirt, she was shocked by her pale skin being dyed red by the blood. As she hardened her heart and removed the small stones, Ye Wei made a soft eek. As their weight combined was still considerable, the stones had indeed hurt.

It kind of seemed that Mo Jue did not quite choose where to pounce. That, on account of him saving her life, had to slide. She was still pondering whether Mo Jue would live. This wound depended on whether his brother would come after her tonight.

That brother of his was no saint and was clearly somebody formidable. The brothers were of comparable ability. While the elder brother was typically stronger than the younger brother, one wondered whether it stood true for them.

She, after all, never had a chance to spar again Mo Ye.

It was just those few moments of contact and she knew he was not somebody to be trifled with.

Eleven applied some medicine and had Ye Wei change her clothes. As there was nobody else on the beach, Ye Wei changed out of her clothes and threw them away. The clothes were soaked in blood.

“Why didn’t you kill them?” Eleven asked in her typical coldness. She wasn’t questioning, simply curious. She had always yielded to Ye Wei’s decisions, even if it meant letting two—or rather, one, dangerous person get away.

Mo Jue’s wounds were too severe. As he took Wei Wei’s shot to the chest, his chances of surviving were not high.

“We are the famous Ye Wei and Eleven, so how could we take advantage of people at their weakest?” Ye Wei smiled with little effort. “This will severely damage our reputation. No honorable person takes out their enemies at their weakest.”

After experiencing bouts of excruciating pain, Ye Wei quickly came about. Although her spine and wrist still burned with pain, they felt better without things lodged in them.

“If nobody sees it, what reputation is there to protect?” Eleven coldly humped as she scanned Ye Wei with squinted eyes. “Are you even an honorable person?”

After being friends with her for so many years, how could she forget who Ye Wei was? The latter even preached honor? What weight could honor carry when it was expedient to strike somebody in their weakness?

“Don’t call me out on this, okay? Let’s head back. Third brother will be worried.” Ye Wei smiled heartily and passed Mo Ye’s gun to Eleven. “Go test his gun out. I’m not saying that your gun is of no use. Just try it.”

Eleven took the gun and fired at the coconut tree. A coconut quickly fell to the ground.

“Beautiful!” Ye Wei exclaimed. Eleven was not a bad shot either.

“The Persian Death, eh… Hmm, it’s a pretty decent gun. But that said, there are only ten of them in the world, no?” Eleven coldly smiled as she kept the gun. “Have you taken a liking toward Mo Jue?” Eleven seriously asked Ye Wei.

“Hey, do I look like I do?” Ye Wei could not be bothered about her pale face and posed gorgeously in response.

“Very!” If this had been business as usual, Mo Jue would have been wasted. To hesitate was not Ye Wei’s style. That was unless she had taken a liking to Mo Jue.

“He saved me, and I did not kill his brother. That makes us quits. And that said, if I had taken a fancy to him, would I have aimed at his heart?” Ye Wei smiled gorgeously. Eleven felt that Ye Wei’s typical style, due to her pallor, became much darker.

That was true too. If she had taken a liking to him, she would not have aimed at his vitals.

“Let’s go. As long as you do not make any more silly mistakes, I am fine.” With Mo Jue’s death unknown, nobody could tell how things would go. As killers, falling in love meant counting down to their deaths.

Nobody could afford such a silly mistake.

“That’s a given. Do I look like I can’t let go of such a pretty face?” Ye Wei blinked teasingly as she followed Eleven to the car.

Ye Wei, don’t make a silly mistake. Whatever you do, do not make a silly mistake.

When they returned to the mansion, Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya were waiting for them urgently. Third Young Master Ye almost went out to look for them.

“Wei Wei, you’re injured?” Third Young Master Ye looked at her wrist and was about to check it when Ye Wei deftly avoided the question. “Third Young Master Ye, it’s okay. It’s just a flesh wound that won’t get in the way of business.”

“What happened?” Third Young Master Ye asked in a slightly deep voice. “Did Louis look you up?”

As the final battle loomed, Third Young Master Ye could not quite figure out why Louis was looking for Wei Wei. Threaten her? Or… Nevertheless, he was a little uneasy.

“Brother, there is really nothing going on. Don’t be worried.” Ye Wei smiled.

Ye Wei described what happened earlier once, but removing the portion about Mo Jue threatening her. She only mentioned that there was a conflict and did not mention the rest. She could not afford to betray her third brother as he could not afford to know that the document existed. Besides, there was no need to tell him.

Nobody wanted to dredge up the unpleasant past.

Cheng Anya had Ye Wei sit down and then passed her a glass of warm water. “It’s good that you are fine. All else can wait.”

For Louis to have such capable people in his employ was unexpected. It seemed like these brothers were his trump cards. Ye Wei had another idea.

With corporations encircling and suppressing one another, Klose, the Tang family, and the Lin family took the lead in pressing on against MBS International. With the other corporations expected to choose a side in the next few days, Louis had also contacted quite a few corporations. The local corporations were the weaker link, and what really mattered was Third Young Master Ye, who was familiar with everything.

If he was driven against the wall and revealed the document, her brother’s character would be wiped.

As a result, the corporations which rallied against MBS International would be aghast if it was revealed that her Third Brother was calling the shots in this commercial war. By then, much fewer people would rally with Third Master Ye.

For all one knew, allegiances could change overnight.

Ye Wei coldly smiled, knowing that Louis was perfectly capable of that. Him allowing Mo Jue to pass her the document meant that Louis was not a straightforward threat.

He was ambitious enough to want North America!

North American had long been the Dragon Gate’s stronghold. If the Mafia took over, even the top terrorists would dare not go toe to toe against the Mafia. Nothing was that simple.

In your dreams!

As Ye Wei’s heart raged, she could only observe for a few days.

Third Young Master Ye groaned and tapped Ye Wei’s shoulder. “Let’s put that aside for now. Time to tuck in. Dinner’s ready.”

The young kid wanted to ask about Mo Jue, but things did not allow. Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya, out of their worry for Ye Wei, did not have time to settle the score with the young kid. “Wei Wei, did you know Ning Ning since long ago?” Third Young Master Ye suddenly asked over dinner.

Ning Ning and Ye Wei looked at each other in the eye before looking away. Cheng Anya seemingly laughed as she looked at the young kid, whereas he calmly put down his chopsticks. “When I knew her, I did not know she was my auntie.”

“Darling, you are sure filial!” Miss Cheng seemingly smiled as he pinched his ears. “How dare you scheme against us. Asking for trouble.”

“Mommy, be gentle, be gentle. I have not even said anything.” The young kid protested his innocence as he looked at his daddy innocently. “Daddy, please discipline your wife.”

Third Young Master Ye drank his soup emotionlessly as he forsook his own son and left the latter to his own demise.

Ning Ning broke down in tears.

After behaving like a spoiled brat for a while, Cheng Anya then let the young kid go. The young kid then looked at Ye Wei in protest, but Ye Wei shrugged her hands in innocence. “I did not say anything.”

“I saw through it. Do I look like an idiot?” Cheng Anya snorted as the young kid gave an expressionless face. Damn! He stared at Ye Wei. She was too expressive! If not, his mommy would not be able to tell anything.

Ye Wei broke into a smile. It was her brother’s good taste to marry somebody so smart!

After a hearty dinner, Third Young Master Ye said, “Wei Wei, third brother has a favor to ask of you. Could you and Eleven, in a few days’ time, bring Anya and Ning Ning to the seaside mansion to stay for a few days? Bring them out of City A.”



Cheng Anya and the young kid protested in unison. As there was no room for negotiation, their firmness meant that anybody who went against them was asking for trouble. “Ah Chen, we are one family. Shouldn’t a family stay together during challenges?”

“Yes, Daddy. How could you chase people away?”

Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and seemingly smiled. “Miss Cheng, I remember you said that we aren’t married and aren’t family yet. Darling baby, you also mentioned today that your daddy and mommy aren’t married yet, so you just need to take care of your mommy. Or have you forgotten what you said earlier and need a refresher?”

Cheng Anya was stunned into silence.

Baby Cheng…

Both mother and son fell silent and recalled what Third Young Master Ye had said. They only recalled the jokes.

Ye Wei remained silent as she ate whilst looking at this family in interest. If that was how a family should be, it was not too bad.

How touching!

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