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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 313 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Anyway, I am not going anywhere!” Cheng Anya replied decisively to the point she squinted at Third Young Master Ye. Her eyes seemed to carry a certainty that shouted, ‘Tell me to go away, and I will sever all ties with you.’

Miss Cheng was always badass and was extremely tough to sway when she had made up her mind. Given how tense the situation in City A was at the moment, a fierce battle would almost certainly ensue. Besides, Louis was the wild card that Third Young Master Ye and company might not be able to keep up with. Although her staying here was not the most helpful, she could help out with the smaller things and accompany him as he tied through the difficulties.

To that end, Cheng Anya would not leave.

Cheng Anya, especially after she knew about Third Young Master Ye’s sad childhood, was full of love and pity for him. She would not forsake him.

“Anya, I am afraid that Louis would use you as leverage against me. Only once you are safe will I not worry,” Third Young Master Ye said calmly and reached for Cheng Anya’s hand. “Listen to me just this one. Go stay with Wei Wei and Eleven for a while. Once the dust has settled, I will immediately come and pick you up.”

“Nope.” Cheng Anya, although emotionless, had a uniquely-hers determination in her gaze that could not be shaken. “These plans do not keep up with the changes. Since nobody knows what will happen next, I will never budge. If Louis wants to make a move against us, nowhere else will make a difference.”

“I’m supporting Mommy on this. Daddy, don’t send us away, okay?” the young kid said. “Given how resourceful Louis is, he will definitely be able to find us wherever we go, so we might as well stay at home. If Daddy is really that worried, auntie and Eleven can stay with us.”

With such a capable Mo Jue whose death remained unknown, even Mommy would be no match against his skills. In that case, it would be better for them to wait it out in response to the enemy.

Third Young Master Ye’s cold gaze swept past the mother and son. He really wanted to snap the young kid’s neck.

How could this child be so stubborn?

“Good darling son, at least your upbringing was not in vain.” Cheng Anya gave her son a thumbs-up and ignored Third Young Master Ye’s fierce look. In response, the young kid smiled elegantly and obediently.

‘Mommy, that is what I should do!’

“Wei Wei and Eleven, any thoughts?” Third Young Master Ye understood the temperament of both mother and son very well. Third Young Master Ye had to turn to Ye Wei and Eleven as the mother and son being in agreement meant no room for discussion.

Ye Wei and Eleven looked each other in the eye. The young kid’s idea was not a bad idea. However, as Interpol was still in City A, it was not too convenient for Eleven and her to linger. The young kid smiled and blinked playfully. “Commander can pull some strings and send them away.”

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. “But what’s the price to be paid? Commander is not the nicest person to talk to, and he will not help us if the price is not right.”

“Let me look up the latest case he is working on and feed him some information.”

“To think you already have a plan, you sly fox.” Ye Wei smiled.

He was too scheming, too cunning.

In response to the praise, the young kid broke into an elegant smile. To call him scheming couldn’t be even more apt.

With Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya having no idea what mimes they were up to, they then agreed to Ye Wei and Eleven staying with them first. After dinner, the three of them mysteriously entered the room and were most likely communicating with the terrorists.

In the study room, the young kid looked up the cases that Commander was recently working on and liaise with Chu Li. Once he was certain that no losses or suspicions resulted from the information release, he revealed the information to Commander and had the latter pull strings to pull away the Interpol agents.

Although Interpol was not under the jurisdiction of the anti-terrorist group, Commander was still a senior figure who had a massive network. To pull strings to have the Interpol agents deployed was child’s play.

The deal quickly went through and Commander reminded Ye Wei and Eleven to maintain a low profile or there would be no second chance. Ye Wei got the young kid to share her recent pitiful encounter in the group and the group broke out into laughter.

This instant messaging (IM) system, which was developed by the young kid, was powerful and feature-packed. As the information in the IM system was carried through the First Terrorist Organization’s satellite, there were no fears of their communications being intercepted. It was hence extremely reliable and secure.

As Chu Li and Black J got down to investigating the Mo brothers, a lack of information on the internet and Mo Jue’s excellent internet skills made any further digging challenging. Even if any information was discovered, its authenticity was questionable. The young kid could only have Chu Li send his best agent into the Italian Mafia to uncover more information.

To know one’s enemy and oneself was the key to victory. Apart from knowing they were against the two brothers, they knew nothing else, which left the young kid quite defeated. With Mo Jue seriously wounded, the young kid should be able to penetrate Mo Jue’s systems.

But his repeated failures left the young kid even more certain that somebody on the other end was intercepting his attacks. He was extremely certain that Mo Jue could not remain in a coma as the automated protection protocols were only as good as they could get.

It was clear that somebody else was on the other end.

“Wei Wei, could he still be alive?”

“I am very certain that I nailed him in the heart. Even if he is not dead, he is substantially weakened and won’t be awake now,” Ye Wei replied decisively.

When she heard that Mo Jue had not died, she was indeed elated. However, she was still clear that Mo Jue, even if alive, would be out of the fight for three to five days.

“Then, there is only one explanation. His brother is as formidable as he is.”

Everyone fell silent.

Cheng Anya followed Third Young Master Ye into the bedroom. Once the door was locked, Cheng Anya grabbed Third Young Master Ye’s collar. “The next time you decide on your own that I will be chased out, I will waste you,” she said with smiling eyes.

“How overbearing.” Third Young Master Ye hugged her. His heart was gentle, warm, and a little excited. He took pity on her. This woman was doing all these for his good.

He liked and was moved by how overbearing she was.

Apart from Cheng Anya, nobody could invoke such a strong feeling in him. He would go to the ends of the world for her.

“I do not want our darling child and you to encounter any mishaps,” Third Young Master Ye said as he fondled Cheng Anya’s long hair. The embracing lovers, bathed in the warm afternoon sun, cast two long shadows on the redwood floor of the study room.

As the gentle wind blew, it rustled the loose hairs and made the gentleness a tad bit more passionate.

Whoever saw them would know that they were deeply in love with each other.

“Ah Chen, please do not make decisions on my behalf. How do you know what’s best for me?” Cheng Anya smiled as she fondled his face. “I want to be with you and go through this hurdle with you. While I can’t do much, I can at least make you a cup of coffee when you are tired, and you could always talk to me when you are troubled. These little things satisfy me.”


“Listen to me first.” Cheng Anya smiled as she looked into Ye Chen’s eyes with deep love. “If you are going to push me that far away, then I can only hear from the internet what you are doing, and from the telephone whether you are having an okay time. Spare a thought for how I would feel. If you are really doing this for my good, let me stay. When you told me about your past that night, I swore that I, Cheng Anya, will be your guardian angel. I will support you, whether right or wrong. I will protect you and be with you. Since you are going up against Louis, there is no given victory. Don’t bottle up all those feelings no matter how much you have endured. I can share your burdens with you, no? Ning Ning and I are a family, and if a family does not stick together through thick or thin, is it still a family? ‘Our hearts are connected despite differences in time and space’ is an utter load of bull. I want a family whose hearts are not only connected, but are together in person. I want to be able to feel and touch you two. If not, I will feel upset, distraught, and lost. When would you send me off like this? Are you still doing it for my good?”

As Cheng Anya’s every word hit home, Ye Chen deeply looked at his woman. While his heart arose, Cheng Anya seemed callous but was as concerned and thoughtful. Her every word was filled with warmth.

His dear Anya was sure caring.

Ye Chen had never encountered such a woman in the world who loved him wholeheartedly and without reservation. He was so touched that even words could not express how much he treasured her.

“While Louis may have hidden depths, you are no slouch either. He may be perverted and cunning, but doesn’t the same go for you? People aren’t afraid of you, so why are you in such a hurry to concede defeat and send your wife and child away? Geez, how silly could you get? You are smart, proud, and will not concede defeat. Step up to the fight and let us be the least of your concerns. Since the battle has just begun, Louis won’t lay a finger on us that quickly. Don’t worry about us. Ning Ning and I want you to send Louis and Ye Zhenhua running away with their tails between them. I don’t believe in a smile resolving all those misgivings. Hit them hard, and without reservation.”

“Even if we backtrack and assume that Louis really makes a move on me, I will be willing to bear it all for you. So, why worry? I’d rather brave the danger with you than shy away from you whilst you endure Louis’s torture. He knows that you have psychological trauma and will leverage on that. With me around, the least I can do is to help you overcome that psychological trauma.”

“Anya…” Third Young Master Ye’s heart was shocked and his heart ached. He swore that he would not allow her or the young kid to encounter any mishaps.

He would never forget her good intentions.

“Wait for me. I will make your wishes come true. Louis and Ye Zhenhua will end up with nothing and live the rest of their lives scorned.” Third Young Master Ye promised in a deep voice. With her trust, his courage increased.

Cheng Anya smiled as she touched his face. There was a fine glint in her eyes that was gentle yet beautiful.

Third Young Master Ye’s heart was slowly moved by its beauty.

He was certain that he would not forget her smile at that moment in his lifetime.

“Okay, then. You shall stay back and accompany me!” Third Young Master Ye leaned forward and kissed Cheng Anya. As he kissed her, he completely conveyed his love and feelings for her.

‘Dear Anya, the same goes for me!’

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